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by igor tomych

Looking to deepen your understanding of the payment card landscape? This webinar is the perfect resource for fintech professionals, fintech companies owners, and enthusiasts.

Led by fintech expert Igor Tomych, this webinar covers various topics, including the different types of cards available in the market, issuing banks and fintech institutions, neobanks, card networks, security features, and card processing solutions. Participants will also learn about risk management strategies and best practices for mitigating fraud and other potential threats to keep the customer loyal.

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge or make informed decisions in the rapidly evolving fintech industry, this recorded webinar is a valuable resource.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the card issuing process and stay ahead in the payment card industry. Visit our blog for more information on the topic and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our upcoming events.

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