Personalization through AI and Data Analytics in Digital Banks

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by igor tomych

You acquired access to a speech recording of our Founder and CEO, Igor Tomych, on the topic  “Personalization through AI and Data Analytics in Digital Banks.” This video is particularly beneficial for professionals in the fintech sector, focusing on digital banking and customer-centric services.

In this webinar, you will explore:

  • Understanding personalization in digital products. An introduction to what personalization means in the context of digital banking and how it’s reshaping customer experiences.
  • Demystifying data lakes. Delve into the concept of data lakes, their role in storing and managing vast amounts of data, and how they are crucial in the context of AI and data analytics.
  • Navigating legal requirements. A comprehensive overview of the legal frameworks and compliance issues surrounding the use of data in digital banking.
  • Case studies — practical applications for our clients. Get insights from our real-life case studies demonstrating how we’ve successfully implemented data lakes and personalization strategies for our clients.

This webinar is more than just an informative session. It’s a strategic tool for those in the fintech sector. By integrating AI, data analytics, and data lakes, digital banking is not only advancing technologically but also paving the way for a future where personalized services and robust data management connect, setting new standards in the industry. 

As we progress, the adoption of these technologies in banking promises an exciting and transformative journey for businesses and their customers.

Enjoy watching!