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VP of Business Development

Inna has over ten years of experience in the information technology field, with her expertise helped numerous customers achieve their business goals. She’s empowering clients to bring their innovative products to life, turning dreams into reality. And with such extensive experience, Inna has an immense track record of building and scaling high-performing teams and cultivating long-lasting relationships with clients and partners. Her strong knowledge and honed skills work like magic in helping customers achieve their business goals.Inna Abolikhina is a Vice President of the Business Development department whose impact in the information technology field spans over a decade. Inna's expertise has been instrumental in helping numerous clients realize their business objectives. Inna is a visionary, empowering clients to transform innovative concepts into tangible, real-world products. Her unique ability to bridge the gap between dreams and reality has been pivotal in achieving exceptional results. With her extensive experience, Inna boasts a remarkable track record of building and scaling high-performing teams. Her knack for cultivating enduring relationships with clients and partners sets her apart. Inna's profound knowledge and finely honed skills work like magic, propelling clients toward their business goals. Inna's journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to Business Development, especially in the fintech and outsourcing sectors. Her contributions to software development and product realization are genuinely transformative. Inna Abolikhina is more than just a VP of Business Development; she's a visionary, a relationship builder, and a catalyst for turning ideas into reality. With her wealth of experience and expertise, Inna is your trusted partner in achieving success in the information technology arena, whether you're focused on software development, product realization, or business growth. Launching a fintech business requires more than just innovative solutions; it demands a strategic sales approach, and Inna, as the Head of Business Development, is poised to bring unparalleled expertise to your venture. Inna's role extends beyond traditional sales—her strategic insights and comprehensive understanding of the fintech landscape position her as a key architect in shaping the success of your business launch. Inna's approach is centered on aligning the sales strategy with the unique value propositions of your fintech solutions. She can craft a compelling narrative that not only communicates the technical prowess of your offerings but also resonates with the needs and challenges of your target audience. This strategic storytelling is crucial in capturing the attention of potential clients and investors alike. As the head of business development, Inna excels in building and nurturing relationships. Her networking skills can open doors to strategic partnerships, alliances, and collaborations that can significantly amplify your market presence. Inna understands that in the fintech sector, where trust is paramount, cultivating strong, long-lasting relationships is a linchpin to success. Moreover, Inna's insights into market trends and customer behaviors allow her to tailor sales strategies dynamically. She can adapt the approach to capitalize on emerging opportunities and stay ahead of industry shifts. Inna's proactive and data-driven methodology ensures that your fintech business not only launches successfully but continues to thrive in the ever-evolving financial technology landscape. In essence, Inna's role as the Head of Business Development goes beyond conventional sales; it's about sculpting a sales strategy that is as innovative and agile as your fintech solutions. With her at the helm, your business can navigate the complexities of the market with finesse, establishing a strong foundation for sustained growth and success.