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VP of Engineering at DashDevs

Ruslan is an engineering expert with 10+ years of experience. He built architecture for numerous products in finance, healthcare, media, entertainment & hospitality. Ruslan launched fintech products in the UK, US and MENA region. He integrated 250+ payment methods, worked with 5 financial institutions over the world and integrated more than 50 fintech vendors.Ruslan Valis, currently serving as the Vice President of Engineering at DashDevs, boasts an impressive career spanning over a decade in engineering. His expertise is not confined to a single industry; rather, Ruslan has left an indelible mark on diverse sectors such as finance, healthcare, media, entertainment, and hospitality. His wealth of experience has been instrumental in elevating the engineering standards of numerous products, showcasing a commitment to excellence. One of Ruslan's notable achievements lies in the successful launch of fintech products across global regions, including the UK, US, and MENA. This global perspective underscores his ability to navigate and adapt to varying market landscapes, ensuring the success of projects on an international scale. Ruslan's portfolio stands as a testament to his versatility, with a particular highlight being the seamless integration of 250+ payment methods, reflecting his adeptness in handling complex technological challenges. Moreover, Ruslan's collaborative efforts extend to partnerships with five financial institutions worldwide, and he has adeptly integrated over 50 fintech vendors into various projects. This collaborative approach not only demonstrates his ability to work across organizational boundaries but also emphasizes his commitment to creating comprehensive and integrated solutions. For those in search of a reliable engineering expert, Ruslan's 10+ years of experience building architectural solutions across diverse industries make him the ideal choice. His visionary approach and meticulous attention to detail set him apart in the field. In essence, Ruslan Valis is more than just a VP of Engineering; he is a visionary leader, a problem solver, and a catalyst for engineering excellence. With his profound expertise and a knack for seamless integration, Ruslan stands as a trusted partner for achieving architectural brilliance, regardless of the industry—be it finance, healthcare, media, entertainment, or hospitality.