Exploring the Future of Distributed Ledger Technology: From Centralized Systems to Blockchain Innovations

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by ruslan valis

Welcome to our insightful webinar on the exciting journey from centralized information systems to the revolutionary landscape of blockchain technology. In today’s rapidly evolving world, how we handle financial information and transactions are undergoing a paradigm shift driven by the emergence of decentralized solutions.

We will talk about:

  • The distinction between Blockchain and distributed ledger
  • How does blockchain transaction work?
  • Why blocks aren’t necessary?
  • Distributed ledger Technology
  • Use Cases of Blockchain
    • cross-border payments
    • smart contracts
    • blockchain bonds
    • NFTs

Join us in this immersive webinar with real-life examples and get the information tailored for business owners interested in blockchain and decentralized ledger technology. You’ll open up insight you didn’t know before and will learn how to improve your business with financial innovation.

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