Open Banking: Transforming Finance in the Digital Age

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by viacheslav orlov

Looking to enhance your fintech product and provide better fintech services? Open banking can help you achieve this.

With open banking, you can access customer data (with their consent) held by official banks and improve your digital payment solutions.

There are many open banking providers, but one of the most prominent ones is Plaid.

In this webinar, we will discuss the key products and capabilities of Plaid.

You will learn:

  • How to integrate with Plaid
  • What transactions Plaid supports
  • How to initiate payments using Plaid
  • How to track and log customers
  • What kind of customer support you can expect from Plaid

About the speaker:

Vladyslav Slipchenko is a senior .NET Developer at Dashdevs. With over 4 years of industry experience, he has implemented numerous fintech projects, including those based on open banking. Vladyslav has extensive experience in working with Plaid and other open banking providers. He can help you understand the pros and cons of Plaid and explain how to seamlessly integrate it into your product.