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Business Analyst Team Lead at DashDevs

Yurii is an experienced professional with 8+ years of experience and deep technical background. He has worked in fintech, media, e-commerce, retail and healthcare. He took part in the development of 30+ products, creation from scratch 10+ business processes, helped define product scope and go-to-market strategy according to the existing market state for 10+ companies. Yurii successfully re-engineered the business process for established products, which allowed those products to grow the user base by 2 times.Yurii Honcharuk, serving as the Business Analyst Team Lead at DashDevs, brings a wealth of experience that spans over 8+ years, making him a seasoned professional in the field. His background is not just broad but exceptionally versatile, leaving an indelible mark across various industries, including fintech, media, e-commerce, retail, and healthcare. Yurii's career is characterized by active involvement in the development of over 30 products and the creation of more than 10 business processes from scratch. His strategic insight shines through in his role, where he has played a pivotal part in aiding over 10 companies in defining product scope and devising go-to-market strategies tailored to the ever-evolving market landscape. One of Yurii's standout achievements lies in his ability to re-engineer established business processes. His innovative approach has yielded remarkable outcomes, with products experiencing a notable two-fold increase in user base. This ability to transform and optimize processes showcases Yurii's knack for identifying opportunities for improvement and driving tangible results. If you are in search of an experienced professional with a profound technical background to drive the development of your products and streamline your business processes, Yurii is the expert you need. His extensive expertise and strategic vision make him the ideal partner for your journey to success. In summary, Yurii Honcharuk transcends the role of a Business Analyst Team Lead; he is a visionary, an innovator, and a catalyst for success. With his profound technical background and strategic prowess, Yurii emerges as your trusted ally in achieving product excellence and business optimization, regardless of the industry you operate in.