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2018 annual figures, thrilled to have tripled | Dashdevs


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The year 2018 is over. This period was a full plate of great projects and prospective products for our sci-tech crew. Some projects were a challenge for us but the results we’ve got are colossal. Dashdevs has developed and released a digital bank, several messengers, loyalty programs, e-commerce, retail and news applications.

When you working hard it is difficult to get a sense of your true-life progress. Thuswise some time is needed to realize company annual results. As a developer, I love a scientific approach and refutability theory. I believe only in statistic data that confirm rock-solid truth. Last week I’ve completed the final yearly report and crunched some numbers. They showed an impressive step ahead for the entire company. I would like to focus on 3 main results:

  • revenue has increased 3 times,
  • our team has increased 2.2 times,
  • projects number has increased 2 times.

I want to emphasize the most valuable result of the previous year. It is the improvement of the quality and steps up on another level of software development in reference to complicated architectural implementations, machine learning modules, financial operations security assurance, etc. The input of every member of the Dashdevs company is really massive.

But let’s get a little bit deeper into the numbers:

Product results:

  • 72 products we have been designing, developing, and releasing throughout the year. This number contains 39 products that run in from 2017 and 33 totally new products. Some of the new ones we have already completed. Each application differed at the complexity level from the point of app architecture, tech-stack and the approach of product development. We always put our hearts into every product.
  • 30 products were the maximal number that was in the development simultaneously. We had to keep all hands on deck to achieve this result in December.
  • 18 enterprise companies entrust us with the future of their digital assets. The largest account has 6 different applications in active development at the moment.
  • 6 in-house products that have been released and maintained in 2018. Comparing to 2017 this number increase 2 times. These are ambitious projects with a significant future.
  • 21 232 hours have been spent only on one of our key products in 2018. It was a native mobile development for both platforms — IOS and Android.

Employees results:

  • From 58 to 128 production resources — a scale-up for the past year. We have become 2.2 bigger. This is not just a quantitative growth but qualitative. During the year we had to say goodbye to a number of our teammates because their results were lower than the established bar. But I really appreciate the input from every person who was in my team during this intensive period of time.
  • 16 new employees in a month — the biggest jump up in hiring. It was a really intensive August for our Recruitment department. But they did it. They close all vacancies in time thus new experts joined the team to keep up the proper tempo of production.
  • 167 185 working man/hours — have been spent during the year throughout Dashdevs company. Everybody was working side by side in order to encourage teammates and succeed together.
  • 20 685 working man/hours — the most productive monthly result. During November 2018 the office was a hive from the dawn till nightfall.

This year we created projects for the USA, UK, Benelux, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Canada, the UAE, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Israel companies, etc. Nothing is impossible when you have a team you may lean on. Every team member made a significant contribution to this progress. I would like to give my team a big hand! You are all incredible people. I’m proud to work with you, guys!

I appreciate all our clients. Your gorgeous ideas inspire us to work harder every day to create groundbreaking products.

Well, in 2019, we start with 128 hungry for result people in a team. I know that this year is going to be the period of new achievements and stratospheric success for us all.

Plans for this year are approved and we are ready to run!

Igor Tomych,

CEO, Dashdevs LLC

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