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Apple Special Event September 2019


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We are continually tacking on the wave of technological trends in the mobile and web development industry. It is essential for us as we strive to produce high-quality software for our customers.

For over nine years of DashDevs presence on the market, we have already formed a tradition of broadcasting the main events of Apple, Google, Microsoft and other global leaders of the software and hardware development arena for the whole company with our teammates and our friends.

Apple Special Event, September 2019 was no exception. More than 120 people came together to enjoy a barn burner updates of their favorite Apple products. For those who have missed this landmark event, we’ve collected a list of the hottest updates. Hurry up! Let’s review all of them together.

1. Apple TV with a new Apple TV app is available in the Apple Store. We were intrigued by movie announcements such as “See”, “Dickinson”, “For All Mankind”, “Snoopy in Space”, “The Elephant Queen”. These TV series are gaining audience attention with Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston, Jason Mamoa, Reese Witherspoon, among others. Are these guys trying to compete with Netflix?

It is rumored that we’ll get a new Apple TV with an A12 chip, but it’s not clear when Apple might roll it out.
Please mind that Apple gives a 1-year subscription bonus if purchasing a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod Touch, or Mac.

2. Subscription for Apple’s Arcade Service which offers unlimited access to the entire professional game studios catalog (like Capcom) with over 100 new exclusive games, all playable across iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV. For only $4,99 subscription per family.

3. iPad and iPad OS transform the way we perceive: 7th version, 2x faster than before, keyboard enhanced, apple pencil. By the way, made with 100% recycled aluminum now.

Keyboards breakthrough solutions.

First-ever support for the full-size Smart Keyboard comes to the most popular, most affordable iPad. Apple finally solved the problem that drove many tablet users crazy – the keyboard, which occupied most of the screen. From now we will be able to use two types of keyboards: large and small. Moreover, this keyboard can be moved around the screen. Your iPad becomes a highly convenient instrument. That is just a fabulous UX solution!

4. Apple Watch Series 5:

We are no longer surprised by the capabilities of such a small device like a watch. It is not only a time determinant but a full-time assistant which improves the quality of life and gives greater possibilities.

  • More Care For People with Apple Health, Research app, and Leading Medical Institutions, which have become a part of people’s everyday lives. Apple products are bringing together their customers with academic medical institutions such as the National Institute of Environmental Health Science, University of Michigan, Harvard University, American Heart Association, among others. The studies include Apple Women’s Health Study, Apple Heart, and Apple Movement Study. Users will be able to share their data with medical researchers and contribute to future generations of healthcare and health technology. The Research app will be available later this year. Moreover, Apple Watch continues saving people’s lives. You can check the list of saved people with Apple Watch via the link below:
  • Apple Watch Fall Detection Feature Updates: Now it is no matter which country you’re in, a long press on the Series 5’s crown will dial the local equivalent of 911. In case if the watch doesn’t detect any movement after notification, your Apple Watch will call the emergency service automatically.
  • Now enabled always-on retina display: see the time without having to move your wrist. Now you can look at the time, or whatever is on your home screen, without having to raise your wrist or tap the screen.
  • Native Compass – an excellent feature for travelers which helps to navigate their day better.

Finally, let’s talk about the thing you’ve expected the mostupdates on the iPhone.

That’s not a tremendous surprise that a smartphone is no longer just a mobile phone. The benefits we get with the smartphone make it a fundamental accessorize if not a necessity. A smartphone can do everything!

We are very gratified that with each new device, we have the opportunity to develop applications that are complex, more technologically advanced, and give almost infinite possibilities for the implementation of new ideas.

This year, at the Apple Special Event, three different phones were presented: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Let’s look closer at the announced updates:

5. Improvements in Camera and Video Recording:

  • 4K at both front and back cameras.
  • A “semantic rendering” which adjusts the lighting on photos retroactively based on the subjects.
  • Ultra-wide-angle lens which would be helpful for stunning landscape shots.
  • Slofies–or slow-motion selfies are going to be a new trend from Apple, which enables wider format video on the selfie camera.
  • Simultaneous two video recordings which combine front-facing and rear-facing with FILMIC Pro. (Videographers blew their minds already).
  • High-Quality Photos with Night Mode Enabled: Camera Adaptive Mode with Night Mode offers an improved dark shooting experience. From now we can enjoy taking photos in the most poorly lit locations.

6. A13 Bionic System-on-a-chip updates:

  • Updates in CPU: in 20% faster performance and 30% lower power requirements than previous generations. It won’t be a surprise if the A13 Bionic reaches new iPad models soon.
  • Machine Learning operations faster due to the new CPU and enable trillion operations per sec, which provide opportunities for working with highly complex AI and ML algorithms directly on a mobile device.
  • Updates in GPU: four cores, offers a 20% faster performance and requires 40% less power than its predecessor. A new eight-core Neural Engine explicitly made for machine learning complements both the CPU and GPU and is 20% faster and needs 15% less power.
  • One hour more battery life to iPhone 11 with A13 Bionic chip: compared to the iPhone XR. It means you’ll get up to 17 hours of video, 10 hours of streaming video, and 65 hours of audio.

Like all of Apple’s products, each new iPhone 11 evolves on the progress of its predecessors. What’s next? What will the iPhone look like in five years? Twelve cameras in total? Three front, three back, one on each side and two pointing inwards? Will you use all of them on diving mode? All kidding aside.

What do you think? Drop us a line!

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