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Best Mobile Banking App in 2024


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Apps for mobile banking have progressed a lot. Digital check deposit was formerly thought to be cutting-edge technology. Consumers of each best banking app in 2022 have learned to anticipate this type of capability, as well as quick transfers of money, bill pay, ATM locators, and other features. Some applications now allow you to track accounts from various banks.

What factors are most essential when it comes to selecting the best mobile banking app in the USA? You may require the maximum degree of security to guarantee that your profiles are not compromised. Basic features, such as the ability to deposit checks with the touch of a button and examine your balances in real time, are always appreciated. However, it appears that simplicity of use and excellent customer service are the most important factors.

Consider the following options if you’re looking for the best banking mobile app that’s accessible for both Android and Apple smartphones.

Capital One

Capital One is one of the biggest banks in the United States, with about $303 billion in deposits. It is financially robust and trails only financial titans such as Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America. This demonstrates the bank’s internet competence. Capital One caters to consumers of all ages as well as commercial banking users because of its reliability, product suite, and technologically advanced capabilities.

If you’ve got Capital One in your bag, you have accessibility to a little odd, but highly regarded, banking app. According to customer feedback, Android and iPhone users are nearly equally happy with the best mobile banking app features of this one. Capital One rates well in client satisfaction and offers a high-quality bank account with a highly competitive APY.

You can access and manage your other Capital One accounts, such as loans and credit cards, on the app. You may utilize your accumulated loyalty points to repay yourself with a statement credit, and if you can’t really find your bank card for whatever reason, you can restrict access immediately from the app. You may undo the transaction if you locate it, which can save you from deactivating your card just to have it reappear several days later.


  • No foreign transaction fees.
  • Two in one: online and offline banking.
  • It allows you to send money to relatives and friends.
  • Make use of mobile check deposits.
  • The option of monitoring your credit score.
  • A competitive savings interest rate.

Ally Bank

Ally Bank is one of the best mobile business banking app in the field of internet banking. As a result, it’s no surprise that the bank prioritizes providing the greatest mobile banking experience possible.

Ally Bank App, along with others on our list, provides all of the fundamentals, such as digital check deposit, free transfers of money, online payment services, transaction and balance histories, and an ATM location.

Ally is a bank which is considered to be the best digital banking app since it is available only on the internet with no physical locations, allowing them to reduce overhead expenses and pass on savings to consumers. Because of this business strategy, it is able to provide a diverse range of fundamental financial products at reasonable rates with low fees and virtually no minimum deposit requirements.

However, if you need loans, business accounts, or in-person support, you should choose another bank.


  • Savings buckets: save money for specific purposes.
  • Surprise Savings accounts automatically transfer excess funds into savings up to three times each week.
  • 24/7 live customer service.
  • Send money to friends and relatives.
  • Make use of mobile check deposits.


Chime has lately entered the banking industry as an online-only company. It also introduced a top banking app with that as well. Chime, an app for mobile banking genuinely built for the digital world, provides one of the nicest user experiences we’ve ever observed. But it’s more than simply a gorgeous interface.

Furthermore, you can easily use the app instead of your debit card to have constant access to MoneyPass. One more cool option is the ability to set up daily balance reminders and notifications about each completed transaction.

To top it all off, in some instances, Chime Bank lets you access your deposit up to two days faster. It was also well regarded by both Apple and Android clients.


  • Get your paycheck as well as other direct transfers up to two days ahead of schedule.
  • Save money APY.
  • The Chime Savings Account assists you in two distinct ways: Set up a proportion of direct deposits to be transferred to savings instantly, and then round up debit card transactions to the nearest dollar and save the change.
  • Make use of mobile check deposits.
  • You may deposit cash, which is a big plus since not all online banking services allow it.

Varo Bank

While you may login to your profile via Varo’s website, a significant number of its services are designed to operate effectively on a smartphone. Clients appear to be pleased with Varo’s best mobile banking application, since they score it quite highly.

Varo literally won the managing money area due to its user-friendly design and comprehensive account features. Users, for instance, may customize the app with messaging features when there is activity on their account or debit card. This will help you keep precise records of your expenditures and avoid financial problems.


  • Savings account with an attractive interest rate.
  • Accounts have no minimum initial deposits.
  • Early deposit into a bank account.
  • No international transaction costs.
  • Every client can get up to 15% back on their checking account.
  • Savings features.

How to Create the Best Banking Application?

After looking at some successful examples of mobile banking apps, let’s get started on creating your own.

Before we get into the specifics of how to design a mobile banking app, let’s look at the prerequisites for success. Because startups typically skip this stage, they are more likely to fail in the real world, where standards are stringent and customers are demanding.

  1. Determine the primary issue that your app will address.
  2. Determine your business strategy.
  3. Learn about bank licensing and compliance standards.
  4. Choose the technology stack to utilize.
  5. Determine your target audience.

Steps to Follow

#1 Concept Development and Analysis

By conducting market research, you will gain valuable insights about your target audience and discover the primary issues that may be addressed. It would also assist you in establishing a firm foundation for the entire banking app development cycle.

#2 Constructing a Concept

If you want to evaluate your concept before investing time and resources in it, this step is critical. Conceptual testing and evaluation can help you determine whether your app has a chance to prosper.

#3 Standards Learning

Any banking app will not be profitable unless it complies with the industry’s requirements. This is why it is critical to study all rules and standards ahead of time in order to avoid problems and complications later on.

#4 App Customization

Customers will evaluate your app before utilizing it; therefore, invest in a strong design team capable of bringing your concepts to life without sacrificing quality. You may also go back to stage one to see what design is commonly employed in these applications and what to omit when designing your own.

#5 Selecting a Technology Stack

Based on the outcomes of the first step, you may decide which platform to focus on, and therefore which tech stack to use. You may enlist the assistance of your dedicated development team in selecting the ideal technology, and don’t forget to include the previously stated trends.

#6 Begin the Development Process

Now, you may start working on your project. It is critical, however, to find an experienced software development company with suitable expertise in the area. This might save money later on for continual upgrades or issues solving.

#7 Test and Test Again

Testing is essential. It allows you to check whether the app is functioning properly and determine how to improve its effectiveness before releasing it.

#8 Launch and Maintenance

After you have designed and tested your software, it is time to launch and maintain the app. It may take a while to release your application so that the marketplace can test it for various variables.

Essential Functionality

Now we will discuss trends and features that are critical for a modern banking application.

Account Management and NotificationsChatbots Powered by AI
Various Factor VerificationMachine Learning
ATM or Branch LocatorBlockchain
Customer Support ServiceGamification
Processing of PaymentsVoice Interfaces

Summing Up

Banks and financial institutions have to keep up with technological advancements and current customer needs. This article was created to help you understand how to design a mobile banking app with outstanding features and trends.

If you’re willing to invest in a banking mobile app for your company, DahDevs would gladly assist you. We can develop the strategy and end up with an exceptional product.

Our professionals at DeshDevs can engage with mobile consumers and provide mobile-optimized touchpoints.

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