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DashDevs Acquires ITOMYCH STUDIO, Expanding Its Global Footprint in the Fintech Industry


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In a significant move that marks a new chapter in the fintech sector, DashDevs LLC, an international software development company with offices in the USA, UK, and Europe, has announced its acquisition of the Ukrainian outsourcing company ITOMYCH STUDIO. 

This strategic merger brings together two formidable forces in the technology sector, set to revolutionize fintech innovation and market presence globally.

A Synergistic Union for Broader Market Reach and Enhanced Innovation

Founded 13 years ago, DashDevs has been a pioneering force in software development for fintech startups and banking institutions across the UK, USA, EU, and the MENA region.

The merger with ITOMYCH STUDIO represents a leap forward in its growth strategy, according to Igor Tomych, CEO of DashDevs. 

“We are proud to bring together the DashDevs and ITOMYCH STUDIO teams. This merger is not just a consolidation of two companies but a fusion of visions, expertise, and aspirations,” he stated.

The integration under the DashDevs brand will see the ITOMYCH STUDIO team continuing its operations, bringing its expertise and resources to the expanded company.

Objectives and Strategic Benefits of the Acquisition

1. Expanding Market Geography 

The combined strengths of both companies will enable DashDevs to penetrate new markets, leveraging the existing customer base and reputation to serve a broader clientele.

2. Joint Development of Innovative Products 

This acquisition will accelerate the development of cutting-edge fintech solutions, fostering products that meet market needs and set new industry trends.

3. Exchange of Knowledge and Best Practices

The creation of a shared culture of knowledge exchange will enhance service quality and optimize development processes, fostering an environment of continuous learning and development.

4. Talent Development and Career Opportunities 

Employees from both companies will have access to new projects and opportunities for professional growth, benefiting from diverse cultural exchanges.

5. Increased Market Competitiveness

By joining forces, the company will strengthen its position in the fintech market, expand its customer base, and enhance brand trust even further.

6. Broadening the Spectrum of Services 

The new entity will offer an expanded range of specialized solutions for fintech startups and banking institutions, introducing innovative services to transform the market.

Gratitude to Partners and Clients

In expressing gratitude for the unwavering support and dedication of partners and clients, DashDevs emphasizes its ambitions to significantly transform the market.

The company’s leadership acknowledges the vital role that these stakeholders have played in their journey so far and underscores a commitment to making a profound impact on their clients’ businesses. 

“The synergy resulting from this merger is a catalyst for change in the market and a promise of delivering enhanced value to our clients,” said Ihor Tomych, CEO of DashDevs. 

This acquisition is seen as a strategic move, poised to redefine industry standards and provide clients with innovative solutions that will propel their businesses forward in the competitive fintech industry.

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About DashDevs

DashDevs is a leading international software development company specializing in fintech solutions. With a history spanning over a decade, it has established itself as a key player in the industry, known for its innovative approach and commitment to quality.


ITOMYCH STUDIO, now part of DashDevs, is a Ukrainian outsourcing company renowned for its technological prowess and creative potential in the IT sector.

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