Dashdevs Is Among the Top Mobile App Development Companies in the US

Dashdevs Is Among the Top App Development Companies in the US

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The Dashdevs team reaches new heights, and this year, we’ve been listed among the best mobile application development companies in the USA by SoftwareWorld.

Currently, there are over 7000 firms in the US market committed to building high-quality solutions for startups and SMEs. SoftwareWorld has analyzed the field and curated a list of the top-rated app developers, who can bring the necessary expertise and knowledge to your project. Assessing candidates, the review team pays much attention to client references and their overall satisfaction, candidate’s online presence, social media activity, media coverage, and other relevant factors. Dashdevs met all the requirements and was recognized as one of the top-notch app development firms in the USA.

Who Are SoftwareWorld?

SoftwareWorld is a US-based, leading software and service review and rating platform that helps businesses discover the most reliable solutions on the market and so get the best return on their investment (ROI). The firm analyzes and makes unbiased lists of products suitable for multiple industries and company sizes.

Moreover, the SoftwareWorld team regularly evaluates and rates companies providing iOS and Android app development services, digital marketing solutions, and custom software development capabilities. So if you’re seeking skilled app developers in the USA or globally, SoftwareWorld can navigate you through the plethora of offers and help you make the right choice.

Who Are Dashdevs?

Dashdevs is a reputed web and mobile app development company with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. We started out eleven years ago as a mobile-only team and, over the years, turned into a stable company with Web Development, QA, DevOps, Design, and Marketing departments and an excellent record of success. Only over the last three years, we delivered more than 200 powerful mobile applications with different levels of complexity for companies globally. Most of the released solutions have long roadmaps with engineering and business strategies for years to come.

Currently, the Dashdevs team offers web (.NET, Java, JavaScript), native (Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, Java), and cross-platform (Flutter, React Native) mobile app development services to the financial services, investment banking, health & wellness, real estate, consumer services & goods, entertainment, and other industries. We have in-house research & development division, to stay open for new technologies and approaches, like Kotlin for multi-platforms that is set to grow into a global trend.

In the last six years, we closely cooperate with fintech companies, supporting them with fintech consulting and engineering services. We took on the end-to-end product development for the Dozens company and released a fully-fledged fintech solution for web, iOS, and Android platforms in only nine months. As of now, we assist several industry leaders in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East with the architectural design, implementation, and launch of groundbreaking financial products. We’re proud to mention that most of our clients come from referrals.

Mobile solutions are our core focus and main passion, so we’re doubly pleased to be named among the top app development companies in the USA.

Being a founder and CEO of Dashdevs company, I’m grateful to every mobile developer, designer, quality assurance engineer, and product manager for making a valuable contribution to the creation of engaging and reliable mobile applications. It’s my privilege to work with such a talented team.

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