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Dashdevs Year in Review: The Biggest Achievements and Brightest Moments from 2019


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Snow is all over the streets, Christmas lights and New Year trees are shining across the city, making this time of the year so very special. Traditionally, in late December, I analyze the past 12 months to evaluate the results that Dashdevs — fintech consulting and outsourcing company — has achieved. If I try to compare Dashdevs three years ago and now, it would be almost two different businesses. It’s not only about the number of employees, huge 7-floor office building, and hundreds of wonderful projects that we’ve accomplished over these years. I think that the most important changes in 2019 have taken place inside the processes and approaches that we’ve come up with.

When I started this business in 2008, I realized that the mission of the Dashdevs team was to help companies grow by producing custom software products and digital ecosystems. However, the mere development of mobile and web applications, fintech platforms, and digital loyalty programs wasn’t the only way we could help our clients. This idea motivated us to look further. We’ve started to take a deeper dive into the client’s business, production issues, and corporate culture. In the last few years, we’ve built dozens of digital ecosystems that united software products for customer-facing activities (sales apps, customer solutions, loyalty programs, fintech applications) and internal process management operations (data warehouse management based on sales, personal management, fintech ops management, and others).

The analysis of the company structure, business, and digital product goals pushed us to a new achievement. We’ve started a new direction for our software product development services, namely, IT consulting services, and today we help companies build digital products and all the processes around them, thus helping to meet their goals time- and cost-efficiently. We assist clients with the establishment of business and project management structure, technical assessment of the candidates, product launch, and product improvement. It’s also worth mentioning our fintech consulting services that run like a golden thread through the whole 2019 year.

Dashdevs is not a simple software outsourcing company that develops apps based on client requirements. Our objective is to connect businesses with hi-tech solutions. That’s why in 2019, we’ve decided to transform the business structure and in such a way to improve the quality of development and consulting services. We used to have ‘Production’ and ‘Client Engagement’ departments as the core that helped clients create their applications. But this year we have transferred our business directions into:

  • Software development (web and mobile developers, QAs, DevOps, delivery managers);
  • Product development (technical product managers, designers, and BAs);
  • Business development (legal and financial counsel and advisers, biz dev managers, marketers, creative writers);
  • R&D department (R&D engineers).

Another achievement was unlocked this year, and it is Data Science engineering. It is not only one of the most promising trends in software development and fintech industries, but also an effective tool for security, product development, behavioral analysis, and user personalization. We’ve started to use data science tools to boost mitigation of financial crime risks on our fintech projects. Moreover, it has proven to be the most progressive and effective way to simplify the everyday life of the fintech ops team.

In 2019 our teams spent much time visiting our clients globally. Business trips to the UK, USA, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Arabian Gulf region have nearly become a routine for us since we could be traveling to client sites even several times a month.

In conclusion, I just want to say a sincere “thank you” to everyone who has spent this year with us. Much success has been achieved because of your skills, hard work, passion, and generous contribution that you put in our day-to-day life. Our company is so very lucky to have such ambitious co-workers here. Moreover, I want to express gratitude to our business partners. We strongly believe in your digital product ideas, and this motivates us to work even harder, helping you deliver game-changing web and mobile applications to the market.

I am proud of the team and happy that we continue delivering excellent results.

Yours truly,

Igor Tomych

CEO, Dashdevs LLC

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