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Dozens App Hits Top 10 UK Banking Apps Application for July 2019


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We love to develop mobile solutions. It’s not another marketing slogan for us. Dashdevs team has the heart set on the idea of creating top-notch digital products, and we hire people who understand our passion and share it.

Creating a mobile application starts with a recognition of the problems that we want to solve, followed by a few rounds of the design, development, re-thinking, re-designing, and re-working…

Dashdevs team is always inside of the product development process exploring ways of enhancing the product.

Dozens project is not an exception. The development of this fintech product requires a dedicated team of 45 members - developers, designers, QA, DevOps, product managers. They are spending each day crafting new features and tinkering with improvements to the existing ones. The teams are entirely engrossed with the product and ready to go the extra mile for it.

At some moment you wake up and understand that your baby-application hits 9th place in the list of the top 10 banking applications for July according to the edition.

After just 6 months after the launch, we receive so much great news from day to day:

  1. Dozens is named a gamechanger by Startups 100 Index.
  2. Dozens reached 10 000 users in our application.
  3. Dozens got on the list of the top 10 banking applications in the UK.

When we see these results, we understand that our Dozens project is on the right track. The contribution of each Dozens team member is priceless. Dozens has already become a great application, and I am sure that it will continue its improvement to become even better.

Congratulations to the Dozens and Dashdevs teams!

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