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Dozens App Is Named a Gamechanger by UK Startups 100 Index


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Dozens — a digital branchless financial institution, the technical partner of which is Dashdevs, entered the UK Startups 100 Index with the top 25th position. The entitled Dozens a game-changing product for its approach to making financial services affordable for most customers.

Hip-hip and hurray!

The fintech startup aims to help its customers with money management in the most honest and accessible way. The app teaches customers how to spend, save, increase, and invest money, and provide a unique money growing option — bonds, available for a broad audience.

Dashdevs is proud to be a part of the team who created such a good performing fintech product. Being the product development partner of Dozens, we built the microservice architecture with 25+ vendors integrations, developed the native apps for iOS and Android along with backoffice. The first public version was released in nine months from the start of our collaboration. Igor Tomych, CEO of Dashdevs, acts as a VP of Engineering for Dozens, as well as our business analysts, designers, architects, software development, and DevOps engineers, including the peak load when 80+ our experts were engaged in the development process. We continue to improve Dozens and work on the implementation of new functionality.

The achieved rank is worth respect even more because Dozens is a new player in the field and entered the UK market in 2019. However, this digital bank gets a jump on incumbents and gained the 6th position amongst the fintech startups.

The other achievement recognized by the analysts is Dozens’ high level of financial stability and technical reliability. The credits for Dozens’ financial model goes to Aritra Chakravarty and his huge experience of work for the financial giant — HSBC. The tech part is Dashdevs responsibility.

The gained top 25th rank and customers appreciation has proved, that our data-driven and result oriented approach in combination with the usage of science and technology innovations, is successful in delivering the product that makes the difference.

Congratulations to Project Imagine and Dashdevs teams!

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