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Finovate Europe 2024: Fintech Event Overview


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Finovate Europe 2024, a dynamic fintech conference London, on February 27th and 28th, brought together key financial industry players. Over two days, attendees gathered to explore the latest innovations shaping the future of finance. With its reputation as Europe’s premier fintech conference, the event attracts industry leaders, visionaries, and disruptors from around the globe. From seasoned executives to bold entrepreneurs, each attendee brings with them a passion for innovation. 

At Finovate 2024, the mission is clear: to accelerate growth through impactful connections and curated insights. Let’s see what the conference is all about and why it’s worse attending such events!

What is a Fintech Event Finovate?

Finovate Europe is a series of the biggest fintech conferences dedicated to highlighting the newest advancements and innovations in the financial services sector. It is a platform for fintech companies, startups, financial institutions, investors, and industry leaders to showcase their latest products and technologies. Attendees can expect live demonstrations of fintech solutions, insightful keynote presentations, engaging panel discussions, and ample networking opportunities.

Finovate Europe 2024 conference.

The Pulse of Finovate

One of the key pillars of fintech event Finovate 2024 is its emphasis on fostering connections that lead to growth. With decision-makers from over 600 banks and investors in attendance, the conference provides a special opportunity for collaboration and networking. 

Whether through formal meetings, informal discussions, or interactive sessions, attendees have the chance to engage with industry leaders, exchange ideas, and explore potential partnerships. By facilitating these impactful connections, Finovate Europe 2024 aims to catalyze innovation and propel the industry forward.

In addition to networking opportunities, Finovate 2024 offers curated insights and expertise from thought leaders and innovators in the financial sector. Attendees gain knowledge about trends, challenges, and technologies through:

  • keynote presentations
  • panel discussions
  • product demos

By curating a diverse lineup of speakers and topics and facilitating impactful connections, Finovate 2024 aims to catalyze innovation and propel the industry forward.

What are the Key Topics Covered at Finovate 2024?

Among the myriad of thought-provoking sessions at Finovate 2024, several stood out as pivotal discussions. 

“Finding New Opportunities Through Digital Transformation”

This panel brought together industry titans from Handelsbanken, ING, Lloyds Banking Group, ABN AMRO Bank, and CompoSecure. Their dialogue delved into strategies for leveraging digital transformation to drive growth and future-proof financial institutions. Attendees gained insights into successful digital strategy and the importance of agility in adapting to constantly changing customer needs.

“Fintech’s Impact on Customer Experience”

Another compelling discussion featuring experts from 11:FS, Raisin, NatWest, and Said Business School. This panel explored how fintech innovations reshape interactions between financial organizations and their clients, highlighting trends, best practices, and case studies. The speakers equipped the crowd with strategies to build trust, deliver personalized experiences, and stay competitive in today’s market.

“Synthetic Data Applications in Finance” 

Deepak Paramanand, Head of Synthetic Data Product Platform at J.P. Morgan, offered a glimpse into the future with his unique address on “Synthetic Data Applications in Finance.” Exploring the potential of synthetic data techniques, Paramanand discussed their role in addressing data privacy concerns, accelerating innovation, and unlocking new options for data-driven decision-making in finance.

All these sessions and many others provide theoretical insights and actionable strategies for attendees to implement in their own organizations. Finovate 2024 equips participants with the tools and tangible pathways for driving meaningful change to stay ahead in a developing sector every year. 

Fintech Event Demos on the Main Stage of Finovate 2024

Finovate 2024 provides an impressive lineup of 35+ product demos. Each of them highlights practical and relevant technologies shaping finance’s future. 

Unlike traditional pitches, these demos took a hands-on approach, allowing attendees to see the technology in action and experience its functionality firsthand. From innovative payment solutions to cutting-edge banking platforms, each demo demonstrated how these technologies can address real-world challenges and drive meaningful outcomes for financial institutions and their customers.

Fintech Core Demo Presentation

One standout presentation came from Igor Tomych. He showcased Fintech Core, a white-label modular fintech solution developed by DashDevs. Fintech Core allows businesses to create and rapidly launch digital banking and payment products. This solution provides modular components that can be customized to meet specific business needs. It offers flexibility and scalability for fintech startups and established institutions alike.

Fintech Core stands out for its user-friendly interface, robust security features, and seamless integration capabilities. With modules covering essential functions such as account management, payments, compliance, and analytics, businesses can simplify operations and deliver the best UX to their clients.

If you are interested in Fintech Core and its potential for your business, check out the website to learn more about this offer.

Fintech Core presentation at Finovate Europe, fintech event held in London.

Concluding the Finovate 2024 Conference Impact 

Considering whether to attend the next Finovate conference? The answer is a resounding yes! The DashDevs team consistently participates in various fintech conferences worldwide, and Finovate was no exception.

Fintech events and conferences offer a valuable chance to stay up-to-date on industry growth while providing excellent opportunities to promote your brand, expand your network, forge partnerships, and enhance brand visibility. Furthermore, amidst the current era of complete digitization and transition to online platforms, face-to-face interactions at conferences hold massive value for all involved.

Use these opportunities, establish new connections, and stay informed about the latest trends in fintech. The field is ever-evolving, and remaining ahead in the market is crucial. 

If you want to discuss teamwork, develop a new fintech product, or improve an existing one, don’t hesitate to contact the DashDevs team. We’re always available and eager to assist you on your journey!

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