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Hiring Developers in Ukraine: How is It a Good Idea?


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For the last 5 years, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all been hiring developers in Ukraine because of programmers’ high-level IT and English skills, similar cultures, and the time zone convenience.

The Global Sourcing Association even named Ukraine the “delivery destination of the year” in 2021. Ukraine has the third-highest number of certified IT specialists in the world, and many of them are experts in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies.

Sadly, the full-scale war between Ukraine and Russia had a short-term effect on the IT outsourcing industry. Let us show you the details of developments in Ukraine today.

Risks of Software Outsourcing to Ukraine in 2022

Millions of Ukrainians were taken aback when the war broke out in full force, and the IT community was affected as well. But the HR departments and corporate cultures of Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies are so strong that, not long after the events of February, the vast majority of workers were safe and back at work on their projects.

How Ukrainian IT-companies solve new challenges and problems due to the offensive actions:

Disrupted telecommunications. When you hire web developers in Ukraine, you may think that current events might impair the nation’s electricity, internet, and communication infrastructure. IT companies have cut down on these risks by moving to the safe regions of Ukraine and other countries.

Deadlines issues. They might occur in case of disrupted infrastructure but this problem is mostly solved as we mentioned above. The other side effect of the Russian invasion is that it might have influenced employees’ mental health. To solve this problem, many companies have created business continuity measures to assure smooth operations and on-time outcomes: they invite psychologists, run mental training, and support IT workers at every step. So you may calmly hire software developers in Ukraine.

Changes in team composition. Some business owners worry about the probable mobilization of professionals, which occurs rarely. In this case the company smoothly reorganizes the team and hires a suitable replacement.

Ukraine is Well Established Pool of Software Engineers

Over the last ten years, Ukraine has become known as one of the best places for the world’s most successful companies to send their software development work to be done. Over a hundred of the world’s Fortune 500 have established offshore development operations in Ukraine and most of them continue to hire a developer full-time in Ukraine. As Ukraine’s software outsourcing industry grows, more and more IT companies, tech startups, and full-fledged R&D centers of multinational companies are opening up there.

You may say that diligence and industriousness are two of the main Ukrainian features, but the statistics will show it better.

Statistics of Ukrainian IT Sector in 2022

  • For the first three months of 2022, the IT industry in Ukraine earned $2 billion from exports.
  • Even though there was a war, the tech industry grew its income by 28%.
  • 87% of Ukrainian IT companies have attracted new customers in 2022.
  • 72.3% of employees kept working on their projects.
  • 240k people who work in IT now live in Ukraine.
  • It is easy to find developers in Ukraine who speak English: about 87% of IT developers in Ukraine speak English.
  • About 40% of the orders for IT services in Ukraine came from the US.

Why Ukraine is So Good at Software Outsourcing

Big talent pool. By 2022, Ukraine’s IT industry has 240,000 IT professionals, the third-highest concentration of IT employees after the US and India, keep it in mind if you want to hire software development team from Ukraine.

Skills variety. JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, PHP, C++, TypeScript, Swift, Kotlin, and Ruby experts are the most common. You may also hire full stack developers in Ukraine easier than in other countries.

Cost-effectiveness. Ukraine has greater IT skills and cheaper outsourcing prices than Poland, Belarus, and the Czech Republic. If you hire IT developers from Ukraine, they charge two-four times less than developers in North America or Western Europe.

Suitable time zone. Ukraine is one to two hours ahead of Europe, and there are no essential time zone discrepancies between the clients in the US, Canada, or Australia. So you may not only hire qualified fintech developers in Ukraine, but be sure they will be there when you need them.

Advanced English speakers. Even though English isn’t Ukraine’s official language, more people can speak it. Hire software developer in Ukraine: 87% of them speak intermediate or above English.

Cultural match. Ukrainian engineers are open-minded, well-rounded, and have strong communication skills. Its central location in Europe mixes western and eastern traits, allowing for easy communication if you hire software development outsourcing company in Ukraine.

Why Consider DashDevs as Your Trusted Software Development Partner

In a nutshell, most DashDevs mobile and web developers from Ukraine relocated to safe places in the west regions or abroad, the company boosted its mental health programme, and the HR department improved its work on team stability. We support our teammates who decided to defend our country on the frontline, but we also find suitable replacements for them on projects. This is how we actively overcome them while creating mind-blowing projects and helping our country.

As a web development company in Ukraine, Dashdevs employs more than 170 experienced specialists from Ukraine, and since the full-scale invasion we have finished 150+ projects ahead of time. We all continue to work and create, raise funds for our country, and, of course, help businesses to develop solutions.

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