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How to Hire a Mobile App Developer?


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According to Statista, gross consumer mobile app expenditure reached 170 billion USD in 2021, up from 143 billion USD in 2020. The COVID-19 epidemic had a significant influence on consumer app store purchases since it forced individuals to spend more time at home and move to digital channels for many ordinary activities.

Unquestionably, the mobile app sector is one of the most rapidly developing industries in technology at this point. Customers are more likely to use a mobile application than a website, according to current trends. As a result, mobile applications developers and programmers are among the most in-demand professional workers on the market today.

DashDevs has worked tirelessly to build a thriving company with numerous delighted clients all around the world. With extensive experience in app development, we can assure you that it is far more important to find a mobile application developer than to save a few hundred or thousand dollars while developing your product. The appropriate professional may add value in areas other than programming, helping you to optimize income for your app business.

What is a Mobile App Developer?

A software professional that makes apps for smartphones and other mobile devices is known as a mobile app developer.

Mobile application developers are well-versed in the various platforms, both for phones and tablets. Furthermore, they are very skilled in the operation of computers running multiple operating systems, including Windows and Mac. Software development firms frequently seek to hire a mobile apps developer who is cross-platform and can create apps for both Android and iOS.

What Does a Mobile Application Developer Do?

An app developer’s roles and responsibilities will vary depending on their experience. The main responsibility of a mobile phone software developer is to write, manage, and implement program code to construct mobile applications and mobile platform programs that satisfy the demands and needs of customers utilizing computer programming languages.

App Mobile Developer tasks may vary depending on your job within the team. Usually, mobile app developer’s responsibilities include:

  • Meeting with senior teammates or representatives of a client to discuss the project and the needed features, timeline, and cost.
  • Participating in brainstorming meetings to discuss potential ideas for application design.
  • Making a roadmap for the application’s development, testing, and launch.
  • Creating a program code.
  • Debugging code to find and resolve issues that occur during program execution.
  • Creating and distributing fixes for a program to remedy faults.
  • Updating programs with additional features and modes to give users more value.

App developers are involved in the design and development of mobile applications. This might contain useful applications as well as mobile gaming apps. Some developers work alone, but many corporate app development projects are done by teams of developers and often involve collaboration with other departments, such as authors, illustrators, and graphic designers.

Types of Mobile App Developers

Based on the framework and mode of delivery for the applications, there are three types of app developers: web app developers, native app developers, and cross-platform/hybrid developers.

Web Mobile Application Developers

Web apps are different as soon as they’re actually websites, which are similar in function to apps but are powered by web components and written in the web programming languages.

Native Mobile App Developers

Native developers concentrate on their preferred platform, whether it’s Android, iOS, or Windows. These platforms are vastly different: Android relies heavily on Java and Kotlin, whereas iOS relies heavily on Objective C and Swift. In any case, this is a highly specialized platform that makes full use of its own devices and performs better than the web or hybrid.

Hybrid Mobile Application Developers

Hybrid applications include both web apps and native features. Hybrid developers are also known as cross-platform developers since their products are available on several platforms. Frameworks such as Cordova, PhoneGap, React Native, and Ionic are commonly used to create mobile applications.

What is a Frontend Mobile Developer?

Frontend developers are primarily concerned with the user interface and how the software appears to the client.

What is a Backend Mobile Developer?

Backend developers are responsible for server-side details for applications that need to link to a server or the network.

What is Full Stack Mobile Developer?

Full stack mobile app developers are capable of handling both frontend and backend sides of an app. They are uncommon, and often software written by the fullstack developers is highly hard to maintain.

What Skills Are Needed for a Mobile App Developer?

We will discuss some examples of essential mobile app development skills that every professional should possess.

Language skills in programming

Mobile app developers must have proficient programming skills, especially in mobile app languages such as Java, Objective-C, Swift, or Kotlin. A developer’s knowledge of programming languages may help them stand out as job candidates by showing that they know how to use the languages to make mobile apps that work.

Device performance knowledge

Mobile app developers create their applications using computer software. This demands extensive computer knowledge and hands-on expertise with software development tools. Specialists also produce software or other applications, which allows them to broaden their technical skills and improve their computer skills.

Cross-platform development expertise

Because of the expansion of platforms, mobile developers must be able to create applications for several platforms and operating systems. Diverse skill set and an understanding of cross-platform concepts such as code reuse, service support, and simple testing may also help you become more competitive in business. A skilled app developer should be able to create apps for every platform and device.

Security abilities

Understanding how to protect smartphone apps, what risks may arise, and how to solve security issues may be beneficial throughout the development stage.

Product management skills

You can assist in overseeing the project’s development by ensuring that the design team meets the client’s design specifications and other requirements. You may also be responsible for project budgeting, providing client updates, and collaborating with corporate management to match projects with business goals or values.

Internet of things (IoT) expertise

Having this knowledge isn’t necessary but might be beneficial for creating more complicated apps and systems for companies, such as corporate apps. These are frequently more focused on IoT capabilities, which generally require an in-depth understanding of certain programming principles as well as system security skills.

Education Requirements for a Mobile App Developer

Before recruiting, a mobile app developer should meet some education requirements and experience possibilities. So, let’s have a look at the most prevalent methods for becoming a mobile app developer and find out on what their average starting pay per hour will be based on in the future.

  • Bachelor’s degree. If you’re new to programming, a bachelor’s degree in computer science is a fantastic place to start. This method is successful for an entry-level job, but it requires the most time and money.
  • Online courses are an alternative if you don’t want to spend four years or a lot of money on education. It is feasible to complete it in two years and have sufficient knowledge to begin working.
  • Bootcamps are a popular alternative for aspiring app developers. They are great for people who need to get a new job quickly. They will allow you to learn at your own pace. Following this, the employer may be certain that the person has sufficient professional expertise and can be recruited.

Where to Find a Mobile App Developer?

It’s time to think about where you can discover app developers to aid you in bringing your app to life. There is no clear way to identify if you should hire a freelance developer or sign a contract with an app development firm. Each solution is appropriate in different scenarios and is dependent on the needs of your project.

Let’s go over the specifics of each employment choice.

1. Freelance

Collaborating with freelance mobile app developers is less expensive than hiring an in-house team since you don’t have to pay for office space or equipment. However, it is only useful for minor chores like program upgrades.

Due to team separation, hiring a team of freelancers for a major project might be a dangerous and costly concept. You’ll have to handle everything on your own.


  • Cheap solution
  • Increased talent pool
  • Appropriate for short-term jobs


  • Communication problems
  • More challenging to control
  • Chances for project leaving

2. In-house Team / Remote Employees

In-house teams are a typical practice among businesses that seek to maintain excellent control and improve employee engagement. There are no language hurdles or time zone differences while working with the team under the same roof. However, keep in mind that this method incurs additional costs.


  • Complete management of the project development
  • No communication concerns


  • Service that is overpriced
  • Additional costs
  • Hiring is a difficult procedure

3. Outsourcing Companies

This approach eliminates the need to rent a coworking space or incur other costs. Outsourcing firms already have a pool of professional developers available to help you build an app. They are also in charge of team management and product delivery.


  • Reliable and established process
  • No extra costs
  • Great results
  • A range of varying-value developers


  • Communication issues
  • Time differences

Hiring Platforms

Here is a list of three kinds of platforms where you can hire a mobile app developer.

  1. To find freelancers: Fiverr, Upwork, Youteam.
  2. To find full-time employees: Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor.
  3. To find IT Vendors: 99 Firms, GoodFirms, Clutch.

Places to Look for a Good App Mobile Developer

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is still one of the greatest places on the planet to work in software development. In comparison to the US market, the average pay per hour for software engineers in the region starts at $24. Ukraine, for example, has an amazing tech-savvy app ecosystem and gives a lot of opportunities to find a good mobile app developer. It’s most likely due to the country’s history of outsourcing, as well as the rise of high-tech startups like GitLabs, Grammarly, and Ajax Systems.

Latin America

Latin America is also included in the list of areas that you can outsource to the finest app development team. Its closeness to Silicon Valley in the United States, along with its low pay rates, makes it an ideal place for looking for a remote mobile app developer and save you some cost to hire a good mobile app developer. Latin America’s IT sector is growing, and the area is a fantastic outsourcing choice.


Asia is yet another popular destination for programmers. The area, particularly India, is well-known for its inexpensive talent pool. However, because it is further away from nations that outsource, it ranks lower on the list of desired regions. Communication is difficult due to major time zone disparities and various cultural mindsets.

Unless you solely consider your developer’s physical location, you should also think about the special type of developer.

  • Do you want to hire a freelance mobile app developer?
  • Do you prefer a small app agency with a small staff of developers?
  • What about a major corporation with hundreds of developers on its payroll?

Each of those solutions will have a different price tag. So, before you pursue one of these possibilities, make sure you can afford it.

Interview Questions to Ask when Hiring a Mobile App Developer

When it comes to developer expertise, it can be tough to evaluate applicants and ensure they fit your needs. If you’re not sure what talents to check for, we’ve compiled a list of the best questions to ask a mobile app developer.

  1. What are some of the mobile applications you’ve created?

They should talk frankly about their experience. It could not be the perfect match for you if they are not upfront about their prior employment. When hiring mobile app developers, the most important thing to consider is how their previous experience connects to your needs.

  1. Could you provide a reference list?

Contact the staff members who were in charge of the project in the first place, and inquire about how the developer handled the app development and collaborated with internal teams. Listen to what they have to say, as well as the tone they use when communicating with you. While a mobile app developer would identify clients with whom they have a strong connection, consider asking whether there were any bumps along the road. This may provide you with a more accurate response.

  1. **What platform do you suggest for developing our mobile app?
    **Cross-platform programming is the answer you need when hiring mobile app developers. If they suggest one platform over another, inquire as to why, but be ready to leave the interview early. The refusal to seek cross-platform development is a huge warning.
  2. What are your prices, fees, and payment terms?
    Pay attention to how they want to set up the project. Is it based on time and materials or on a set rate? If they wish to go flat-rate with you, proceed with caution.
  3. **How will you keep in touch with me during the project?
    **What you’re looking for here is a collaborative approach. You wish to meet with your application developer on a frequent basis and know how many hours per day they will dedicate to work. More importantly, understand what to expect at those meetings.

Tips How to Choose a Good Mobile App Developer?

It is crucial to choose the right mobile app developer at the very first time, and by following the tips below, you will be well on your way to hiring an app developer who will take your company to the next level.

  • First, decide on your app’s requirements
  • Determine the app budget
  • Keep personal contact with the app developer
  • Choose a person that is enthusiastic about its work
  • Investigate the app developer portfolio
  • Set a timetable with the dedicated professional
  • Ensure your app’s security

To determine the cost of development in a certain area, multiply the time necessary for all of the features you want to implement by the anticipated hourly rates. This will help you to find out the average time to hire an enterprise mobile app developer.

Examine the Portfolio of the Apps Developer

Don’t base your decision on app developers who are still in college. Without doubt, there are certain unusual cases where newcomers demonstrate exceptional competence, but these are not the majority. Before you hire a mobile app developer in the USA or any other country, look at their previous work history and portfolio to find out how well they did on previous projects. Simply going through their prior employment can provide you with valuable information and five a chance to hire an expert of mobile app development.

Examine the Testimonials

Past customer feedback is a crucial feature when selecting an app developer, assuming that their recommendations are genuine. Because it is quite easy to obtain phony evaluations, testimonials must be reviewed with the other points on this list.

Discover Their Development Strategy

Choosing the right app developer for your business necessitates matching your development methodologies. The software development process is the method through which app developers split and rearrange their labor to ensure a seamless operation. Various teams use various tactics and strategies.

Find out What Technologies They Utilize

You should check to determine if the app developer you wish to employ is qualified for a particular project. Is your application web-based? What programming language do you require? Do you prefer a complex or simple graphical user interface? The responses to some interview questions for hiring a mobile application developer will help to narrow down the pool of candidates. An essential point is to remember that you don’t only want to employ a talented app developer, but also one who is familiar with the specific technology for your project.

Consult with Your Team

Even if you hire a dedicated mobile app developer remotely, you must still interview your team members. Testimonials and portfolio instances are meaningless if the person is difficult to work with on a human level. Be alert to prospective challenges or character faults, since they might lead to unforeseen disputes later on.

Why to Hire Mobile Developers at Dashdevs?

Despite the fact that there are dozens of service providers that can assist you in finding a perfect match for both Android and iOS mobile applications developers, DashDevs is without a doubt one of the finest. There are various causes for this, which are discussed more below.

  • Hire software developers outsourcing in Ukraine will save your business costs with managed IT services. A fixed-fee outsourced team provides the greatest expert IT assistance.
  • Our powerful mobile web development department, which builds applications for smartphones and digital assets, balances our outsourced web development team.
  • Outsourcing people allows your employees to focus on the goals of your company rather than being distracted by things like fixing broken equipment. Overall productivity rises, and you take control of the IT industry.
  • We have extensive expertise designing digital items that are completely new to the market. Pricing will fascinate you.

Our team will be capable of ensuring that all prerequisites for developing the best mobile. Let us provide the finest possible conditions for our future collaboration!

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