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How to Hire Outsource App Developers?


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It’s obvious that you would like your new mobile app to be in the hands of the top professionals since your main goal is to be the greatest on the market.

Businesses encounter significant obstacles when selecting and collaborating with outsourcing firms. As an outsourcing services provider, we’d like to give some tips on how to outsource app developers that would assist you in succeeding with your business.

What is Outsourcing?

To begin, let us clarify the term “outsourcing.” In the context of mobile app development, outsourcing entails engaging a vendor to develop an application. A tech-savvy company competent at outsourcing development services can assist in eliminating the necessity for in-house app development expertise and provide you with a great outsourced app developer.

When to Outsource?

Not sure if app developer outsourcing is a good choice for you? Here are some of the most compelling arguments to outsource mobile app development:

  1. A lack of finances to assemble and maintain an in-house staff.
  2. A need to recruit a large number of experienced software developers quickly.
  3. A lack of competence in certain areas such as blockchain, machine learning, or artificial intelligence.
  4. To validate concepts, a highly skilled team is required.
  5. Desire to lessen the risks associated with mobile app development.
  6. The ability to obtain full-cycle development services at a single location.

You Must Concentrate on Your Primary Business

One of the most significant advantages of app developers outsourcing is that it allows you to focus on your primary company.

Your main expertise is the foundation of your organization.

When you spend a significant amount of energy on many tasks, you lose grip and a sense of perspective. That’s why outsourcing is a fantastic method to keep track of things and simply develop amazing products.

You Require Rare Skills and Skill Sets

The more precise and unusual the skills and experience you need, the more challenging it might be to locate them nearby, particularly if you live in a relatively small city.

When you find yourself in this circumstance, it’s time to start looking for talents!

Outsourcing allows you to save time that would otherwise be spent on the time-consuming processes of recruiting, hiring, and integrating a potential employee.

You are Pressed for Time

Timing is crucial when handling many projects at once.

You will have more energy for your high-priority projects and initiatives if you outsource the job to a professional staff.

You Prepared the Project Basis

You can’t demand that the outsourced company start developing code right now. Don’t neglect gathering the necessities that will make the endeavor smoother for both them and you.

Everything about your app must be written down.

You Want to Reduce the Strain on Your Staff

Outsourcing is the best option if you’re launching a project for a major customer that will generate a lot of income or if one of your projects demands the involvement of your entire in-house staff.

Nevertheless, ensure that the development team understands your company’s demands and objectives and that they have sufficient competence for your project.

This allows your in-house personnel to concentrate on important tasks.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

You will gain the following benefits if you outsource mobile app developer services to an external vendor.

Big Talent Pool

When dealing with your in-house company, you have a limited set of skills.

For instance, suppose you have an iOS developer but want to create an iOS app with complicated functionality and a seamless user interface.

It is less difficult to outsource such personnel than it is to employ them full-time. Outsourcing provides you with access to a huge international talent pool. It’s simpler to choose between ten specialists than two or none!

You’ve hit the jackpot if you can discover a sought-after specialist at a considerably lower fee than a medium-skilled developer!

Cost Reduction and Affordability

Furthermore, you only pay for the services that these specialists provide. There are no extra or hidden expenditures, such as insurance, benefits, office equipment, or communication channels.

Outsourcing to European countries reduces costs even further. For example, the median cost per hour for an Android app in Eastern Europe is roughly 60 USD, but it is 150 USD in the United States.

Outsourcing is Flexible

Regardless of a well-thought-out approach and good planning, application development is an unpredictable and kind of disorganized process.

Many variables impact it, including market changes, poor communication, selecting an ill-fitting design pattern, compatibility issues, and testing issues. Flexibility in work methods and tools is used by outsourced organizations to address these difficulties.

The project management triangle is among the most effective project management approaches.

It is based on the interaction of 3 criteria that impact project quality: scope, time, and budget.

A change in one component invariably triggers a shift in another (this is why they are linked). For instance, if the funding is unexpectedly reduced, the scope will have to adjust—perhaps with less functionality or less sophisticated software overall.

Outsourcing is not just adaptable in terms of project management. Dealing with an offshore firm is simpler to terminate than dealing with a full-time employee. On the other hand, it is also easy to add new staff members.

Saved Time

Outsourcing mobile app development is not only cost-effective, but it also saves you time. When outsourcing app development, consider the outstaffing strategy to save time on recruiting, educating, and keeping people.

You can find a fully prepared, dedicated team that has conducted numerous projects needing a comparable tech stack, created many complicated apps, and can apply their expertise to the project.

The High Quality of Work Delivered

Whenever you outsource app development, thousands of testimonials concerning your possible software partner are accessible to help you make the proper hiring decision.

You may use websites like to identify application development outsourcing firms all over the world and select those that have received great ratings from prior clients. You may also search the dev businesses’ websites for recommendations, testimonies, and analyses.

Risks to consider when you outsource mobile app development

There are numerous misunderstandings regarding the quality of service vendors when it comes to outsourcing. Many entrepreneurs have had negative experiences with outsourcing, and we understand how difficult it is to select the perfect company.

The problem is that finding a very strong mobile development firm might take several weeks, so let us help you avoid the most typical IT outsourcing blunders if you wish to source the expertise yourself.

Possible Communication Gaps

Offshore providers, as the name implies, are often located far away from the client’s home country. As a result, both sides must identify a favorable time overlap to have discussions and address critical issues. Furthermore, if an offshore team encounters a critical issue that cannot be resolved without the assistance of an in-house development team, the issue may rapidly escalate. Furthermore, due to these variances, it might be difficult to regulate the quality of work.

Time zone differences

Offshore providers, as the name implies, are often located far away from the client’s home country. As a result, both sides must identify a favorable time overlap to have discussions and address critical issues. Furthermore, if an offshore team encounters a critical issue that cannot be resolved without the assistance of an in-house development team, the issue may rapidly escalate. Furthermore, due to these variances, it might be difficult to regulate the quality of work.

Fortunately, there are currently particular solutions available on the market that can assist you in controlling time zone discrepancies. If the time gap is particularly problematic for you yet you still desire to outsource app development, you may attempt nearshoring, which is outsourcing to a nation or territory that is close to you. For instance, it can be countries like Ukraine in Eastern Europe for the United Kingdom, and so on.

Communication Gaps

When you work with an onshore mobile app development business, the possibility of misunderstanding practically disappears. However, if you collaborate with a nearshore or offshore organization, you may be forced to engage with professionals whose first language is not English. As a result, while outsourcing app development, there can be the possibility of misunderstanding.

However, if it is truly a problem that causes significant difficulties, no one would want to outsource. Today, most people, particularly those in the IT industry, are fluent in English. As a result, this issue is minor and can’t happen during genuine collaboration.

How to Outsource App Development Without Risk?

Before outsourcing app development, you should take some precautions to limit or eliminate potential hazards.

The initial step should be to choose a suitable and high-quality outsourcing software development partner. The second stage is to ensure that all obligations are anticipated. It is critical to gain control over the outsourced app development company upfront in the engagement. If they aren’t producing high-quality results, you might take immediate action and, in the worst-case scenario, have a smooth way out and receive your money back. Additional metrics include:

Money Back Guarantee in Place

It is critical that you have a money-back guarantee in place. It is not ethical for you to be forced to pay for work that you are dissatisfied with. Ensure your contract has the correct terminology and points that address this risk.

Trial Phases

Instead of spending significant sums up front, we recommend doing a trial phase along with a test task. Set up a brief trial period of 2 weeks to a month during which the outsourced IT firm must perform at the highest level of quality and establish its competence for your project. They may prove that they are the ideal match for your assignment in this manner.

If you do not have time to conduct a trial period, make sure to review various case studies of the organization you choose.

Key the Code on the Client-Side

Another fundamental and necessary step is to establish your own user repository to instantly assume custody of the code, which protects the outsourced app development company from not shifting the code to you in the event of conflict. It also assures that you are not required to pay for bad coding.

Why Hire DashDevs Outsource App Developers?

The world is changing, expectations are increasing, and once-popular technologies are becoming obsolete. That is why no one on our team ever stops learning! We have extensive expertise in software development, with over 11 years of continuous engineering.

If you want to hire a mobile app developer from an IT software development outsourcing firm in Ukraine, we are always open to communication. Our clients are always kept up to speed on both gains and successes, as well as problems and hazards. It also implies that the cost of outsourcing IT services is transparent.

DashDevs has been delivering customized IT services for over ten years with great success.

We have strong beliefs, a large number of senior professionals in a close-knit team, well-defined management systems, and extensive experience working with organizations all over the world. We are customer-focused and results-oriented; therefore, working together, we will please your end-user faster!

The Bottom Line

Outsourcing app development reduces expenses, increases team production, and ensures project delivery on schedule. This type of collaboration is suited for small, medium, and large enterprises. Therefore, in order to properly profit from app development outsourcing, you must carefully select the team with whom you will engage. Examine their technology stack, portfolio, and client feedback. After selecting the partnership and financing option that best meet your needs, go to the exploration phase. Stay in touch with DashDevs, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. We are always happy to give you some advice!

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