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How to Outsource App Development?


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After opting to create a mobile app for your business, you must decide whether you should outsource or create your app in-house. Before choosing, compare in-house and outsource custom mobile app development teams. This study aims to explain how to outsource after you made this choice and are looking for an outsourcing company.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

When dealing with an outsourced staff, especially one abroad, you may have less control over the workflow and problems expressing your thoughts. But these difficulties would be solved by a qualified project manager. Outsourcing to a qualified, reputable team has several benefits. Below are some benefits of outsourcing mobile app development:

1. Suitable price. A corporation that outsources app development might be anywhere. This simplifies finding a cheap, high-quality option. Eastern European and Indian developers cost less than mobile app development outsourcing in USA. The amount of money that you spend for hiring, educating, and supplying the team might destroy your startup or small business.

2. Better skills. Outsourcing provides access to a range of skills and knowledge. App development businesses offer access to competent experts with industry expertise. Thus, problems may be rectified more rapidly. If you construct your own mobile app team, you’ll need to find additional talent as the project expands.

3. Saving time. If you don’t have in-house app developers, consider outsourcing to save time and money. Outsourced mobile app development to a cohesive team may save time and money on HR chores like recruiting, onboarding, training, and keeping workers. You can acquire the same high-quality mobile app from an outsourcing partner as in-house developers. Identifying a trustworthy outsourcing partner will help us reach our aims.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Outsource mobile application development is a big decision. Knowing the downsides might help you make an educated choice.

1. Communication barriers. Time zones, cultural conventions, and languages spoken might hinder communication. Any outsourced project relies on the project manager’s ability to communicate clearly with the crew. Accepting and appreciating each other’s cultural origins and habits is key to a successful partnership. If your demands are misunderstood, it may cost you time and money to explain them. The solution is quite simple, though: find a software development company with fluent engineers and project managers. At DashDevs, for example, English fluency is a must have skill. Additionally, our professionals are culturally close to Europe and North America.

2. Loss of control. Custom mobile application development outsourcing is somewhat risky. Outsourcing may cut app development time, but you may lose control over the process and timeline instead. Your business may not share your ideals. Team chemistry may be different from what you’re accustomed to, which may make you feel like things aren’t going as swiftly or easily as you’d like. Good if the outcomes are good. During the two-week demo, monitor code quality and outstanding tasks. Using CI/CD may decrease unforeseen difficulties. This open technique publishes your mobile app to Bitrise every night. The following morning, you may inspect your outsourced crew’s work. Check whether the outsourcer provides CI/CD programming.

3. Security risks. Without smart employees, your firm will fail. It’s important to restrict access to sensitive corporate and consumer data. Sign an NDA whenever feasible. Find an outsourcer who respects intellectual property and has proper security certificates.

Risks of Outsourcing Application Development

Among the benefits of outsourcing mobile application development, it may save money. As a business owner in need of outsourcing services, you have to calculate and prevent some risks.

1. Loopholes in the contract. Creating a contract that emphasizes your company and offers is vital. Prevent loopholes to avoid substandard results or unexpected expenses for unadvertised services. Contracts should explain costs and consequences (for fixed-price contracts). Check sure the contract guarantees the same team will work on your time-and-materials job throughout (e.g., only senior devs). This way, you may avoid hiring entry-level engineers.

2. Scope creep. Efficiency is key while outsourcing. Before development, the outsourcing provider should present an app strategy. A skilled business can anticipate a project’s complete scope. Complex projects may make it difficult to guarantee the final scope.

3. Consistency of stakeholders. After hiring an outsourcer, the team structure may change, and this is one of the disadvantages of outsourcing mobile app development. A new employee’s lack of experience may affect the final product’s quality. Companies with several skilled developers may swiftly adapt to a key person’s loss. Choose an employer with a history of happy staff. A strong internet following and good review site ratings may indicate accountability and professionalism.

How Much Does it Cost to Outsource App Development?

Cost to outsource app development depends on several factors. These include the app’s features and tech stack, developer location, and organization type. Complexity increases app development time and expense. Businesses and independent contractors in the US charge extra due to the high cost of living.

A senior mobile developer in Ukraine may acquire the same or somewhat more than their junior U.S. equivalent. This is one of the advantages of outsourcing app development there. Eastern European countries frequently have the greatest quality-to-price ratio, even if there are cheaper options. In India, for example, you may find cheaper developers who, nevertheless, will give you poorer results and may break deadlines.

Developers in an outsourced team are usually paid hourly. If you know the most critical features of your future program, you may estimate its cost by estimating the development hours. Location affects the cost of a company’s products and services. Rates vary from $40 to $350 depending on the country, and the development time can take from 100 hours for a simple application to 7000 if you build a bank.

Where to Outsource App Development?

Companies worldwide require competent individuals to deploy cutting-edge technologies. Since it’s hard to locate skilled labor, outsourcing has grown. Watch the best place to outsource app development services in 2022.

Best Countries to Outsource App Development

Thanks to global interconnectedness, we can identify and hire excellent software engineers abroad. Many experts agree on the top countries for IT outsourcing:

  • Ukraine. Even despite the war, this country has numerous academic possibilities, many students prefer non-credit, advanced placement IT programs. Companies have educational grants for those who stay to work for them later. Each year, more IT specialists graduate from universities and premier secondary schools.

The Ukrainian software and IT business follows global trends and prioritizes innovation. Its developers work for techno giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google. When you engage a Ukrainian development team, you get Big Data & AI, mobile, blockchain, and cryptocurrency experts. The area has a higher proportion of senior developers than medium and junior software professionals. Outsourcing businesses’ highly qualified staffs help industry-leading fintech organizations complete projects.

Ukraine is a leading place for web development outsourcing. Front-end development is well-established, as are Java, Ruby, and PHP.

  • Argentina. Argentina spends much on education and offers free higher education. The government is promoting K-12 computer education. 70% of college students work, and suitable experts are readily accessible. Argentina’s outsourcing enterprises specialize in software and mobile development, cloud computing, and devops.
  • India. India’s historical links to the West imply it currently uses a Western-style education. Despite low literacy, there is growing interest in math and related subjects, which is advancing technology. This nation has shown success with native and cross-platform app development. Corporations use Microsoft and open source software. Machine learning, AI, GIS, and blockchain are new and being implemented rapidly.
  • Poland. Eastern European states are great countries to outsource. European students study IT in Poland because of its superior curriculum and reasonable tuition. It was 2013’s most popular choice, with 15,000 graduates. Poland excels in quality assurance and usability. In this area, PHP is the most popular programming language, although Java and.NET are also popular. Customers say that the country’s software engineers have a strong work ethic and little cultural differences.

Best Site for Outsourcing App Development

Companies that build mobile applications face a lot of competition. Hundreds of mobile app developers might translate your idea into a fully working app for your organization. It may be tough to find appropriate companions in such a crowded field. Online sites rank mobile development agencies. The best way to outsource app development includes:

  • Clutch
  • AppFutura
  • BusinessofApps
  • Visual Objects
  • The Manifest

Try one of these if you want to find the best site for hiring outsourcing developers.

When to Outsource Your App Development

We’d recommend hiring outsource app developers if you can’t code the program in-house or if you want to create the app faster and more cost-effective. Your team may have some computer knowledge, but writing your own app code is a stretch. Also outsourcing is better when your team lacks a technical co-founder.

Most entrepreneurs lack technological knowledge. If you don’t have the in-house experience, outsourcing may be the way to go. It is also a potential choice for bootstrapping and other finance strategies.

Outsourcing App Development Tips

Finding your partner among the best outsourcing companies for mobile application development may be tough, but it can be done. We’ve gathered tips to help you make educated decisions and achieve your goals.

1. Check the company’s past work. If you don’t know any developers personally, conduct your homework. Check over the team’s prior work, the company’s case studies to see how they addressed comparable circumstances, their references, and any apps they’ve produced.

2. Agreement should include free trial and return policy. Verifying that you and outsourced personnel will operate well together takes time. If you’ve never cooperated. First give them a small or medium-sized job, like designing a logo or app prototype, and provide a money-back guarantee if they don’t fulfill your expectations.

3. Think about NDA. When dealing with an outsourced development team, confidential client data must be shared. You may avoid app concept theft by having rivals sign a non-disclosure agreement.

4. Install business communication norms. Before signing contracts with an outsourced team, especially one offshore, you should understand the procedure. This is how contact, reporting, online meeting frequency, length, start and finish hours, etc. are decided.

5. Provide some payments beforehand but not too much. Prepayment protects developers from dishonest clients. For the first several months of your collaboration, pay consultants in installments to avoid dishonesty.

Outsource with DashDevs

DashDevs has delivered projects as an outsourced workforce since 2010. It is US-based but works with developers from all the globe and especially Eastern Europe. We’ve created an eager team and given them clear standards based on Agile software development, which uses Jira and Slack to measure progress and coordinate activities. This enables us to grow internationally and provide personalized, cutting-edge services.

If you put us on your list of app development outsourcing providers, we’ll give you a free 45-minute consultation. On this call, we’ll discuss your app idea and next moves.

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