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Top Finance YouTube Channels to Watch in 2023

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Days when YouTube was meant solely for entertainment are long gone; now, the platform has numerous uses, one of which is education. For many, YouTube has become a way to get new skills and learn about everyday practices that can drastically simplify everyday life.

Top finance YouTube channels are one of those sources of information that can easily help anyone manage their finances and build an investment strategy.

So, with nice visual and entertaining components, YouTube finance channels have an opportunity to spread the news from the fintech world, help people better understand their financial capabilities, plan their budget, etc. Since financial literacy is a must in our reality, personal finance Youtube channels, and financial education become an irreplaceable part of our routine.

But how to avoid getting lost in a myriad of creators devoted to the same topic? Here’s a simple guide to the best financial YouTube channels from DashDevs’ specialists (including myself).

#1. Financial Times

Watch: Financial Times

Date of creation: Mar 26, 2009

Number of subscribers: 899K

Main topics specifics: Financial Times is one of the best YouTube finance channels that present you unbiased news and useful information. They are a visual version of a UK newspaper, making them a unique channel on finance YouTube with professional journalists to inform and entertain the audience.

Why should you watch it: Financial Times has a non-trivial approach to the information. They can tell you about anything from the hottest news to hottest topics, including finances linked to energy sources, food, and other industries. They are definitely among the most interesting and thrilling best YouTube finance channels. For any entrepreneur, there is a high need to keep up with the latest trends and events in the financial industry. I like to watch their videos while keeping up with my daily routine.

#2. WhiteBoard Finance

Watch: WhiteBoard Finance

Date of creation: Oct 29, 2017

Number of subscribers: 952K

Main topic specifics: One of the biggest financial advice YouTube channels, WhiteBoard Finance, is focused on providing the audience with actionable content to help build wealth. The channel reflects the personal work experience of its creator, Marko, as a stock market and real estate investor, student of finance, and entrepreneur.

Why should you watch it: Markoє’s YouTube channel can help others learn more about personal finance early retirement topics, stock market investing, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship. If those areas interest you, you should check out WhiteBoard Finance, one of the best YouTube stock channels. WhiteBoard Finance YouTube channel is a good starting point if you want to pump up your financial knowledge. It’s also curious to keep track of how new investors manage their assets, and, besides, I think anybody could benefit from finances and money management tips.

#3. The Financial Diet

Watch: The Financial Diet

Date of creation: Jun 23, 2015

Number of subscribers: 1M

Main topic specifics: Financial Diet makes a great effort to talk about finances in an easy-to-understand way. As they call it themselves, they talk about it “in a way that doesn’t make you want to curl up in a ball and cry”. So, being on financial education YouTube and playing as one of the best YouTube financial advisors, The Financial Diet attracts the audience by being simple and entertaining at the same time.

Why you should watch it: Whether you are a beginner in personal finance or are looking to start your own company, the Financial Diet YouTube channel can help you figure it out. They debunk myths and entertain, which rightfully makes them one of the best finance channels. Financial Diet has everyday tips aimed at different audiences, from cryptocurrency-connected topics to financial education for college students.

#4. Your Money, Your Wealth

Watch: Your Money, Your Wealth

Date of creation: Dec 11, 2013

Number of subscribers: 28.1K

Main topic specifics: Your Money, Your Wealth YouTube channel offers insights and advice on a range of personal finance topics, including retirement planning, investing, taxes, and more. Hosted by financial experts Joe Anderson and “Big Al” Clopine, the channel presents information in a conversational and engaging style, making it accessible to viewers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Why you should watch it: Whether you’re just starting out on your financial journey or you’re a seasoned investor, Your Money, Your Wealth has something to offer. The channel covers a wide range of topics in an approachable and entertaining way, with quality financial content, making it a great resource for anyone looking to improve their financial knowledge and skills. Additionally, the YouTube channel offers live webinars, free financial planning resources, financial education channel and a weekly podcast, providing plenty of opportunities to engage with and learn from the hosts.

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#5. Jack Corsellis

Watch: Jack Corsellis

Date of creation: Oct 21, 2011

Number of subscribers: 15.9K

Main topic specifics: Jack’s videos are characterized by his upbeat personality and engaging writing. He explains what stands behind the most outstanding successes of the industry’s stars and gives educational advice about finances.

Why you should watch it: If you’re curious about the most interesting cases, effective investment practices, and want to keep up with the growing stocks this YouTube channel is for you. It will be perfect for the educational process to learn more about trading, and in general just to power up your understanding of the industry.

#6. Martin Zenman

Watch: Martin Zeman

Date of creation: Aug 17, 2011

Number of subscribers: 7.7K

Main topic specifics: Martin Zeman’s YouTube channel is dedicated to personal finance and investing. His topics range from actionable trade ideas, stock and financial markets analysis, to simple tips on saving money and how to manage finances better. As an experienced specialist, Martin shares his insights and knowledge in an educational manner.

Why you should watch it: If you’re looking for practical advice on personal finance and investing, Martin Zeman’s YouTube channel is a great resource. His videos are informative and offer a clear and concise explanation of complex financial concepts. Martin’s approach to investing is also focused on long-term strategies, which is a great fit for those looking to build sustainable wealth over time.

#7. Jeremy Quainoo

Watch: Jeremy Quainoo

Date of creation: Dec 3, 2012

Number of subscribers: 6.98K

Main topic specifics: Jeremy Quainoo’s YouTube channel is focused on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and building personal wealth. Jeremy shares his experiences and knowledge on a range of topics, including starting a business, investing, and effective funds management. His videos are aimed at people who are interested in taking control of their finances.

Why you should watch it: If you’re looking to improve your financial literacy and build wealth, Jeremy Quainoo’s YouTube channel is a great place to start. His videos are engaging and informative, and provide actionable advice and tips that can help viewers take their finances to the next level. Additionally, Jeremy’s perspective is refreshing and relatable, making his content especially relevant for those just starting out on their own financial business.

#8. Yahoo Finance

Watch: Yahoo Finance

Date of creation: June 29th, 2018

Number of subscribers: 988K

Main topics specifics: Yahoo Finance YouTube channel gathers financial news across all the YouTube finance channels. They break down the market, gathering information useful to everyone from industry leaders to individual investors.

Why should you watch it: If you’re interested in what is happening in the world of finance, you should check it out. Being the top YouTube channel, Yahoo Finance informs you of all the latest financial news.

#9. Bloomberg Markets and Finance

Watch: Bloomberg Markets and Finance

Date of creation: May 3, 2017

Number of subscribers: 1.51M

Main topics specifics: The variety of latest themes for the YouTube channel coverage revolves primarily around Bitcoin fluctuations and crypto scams, Covid-19 vaccines, Joe Biden’s presidency, the future of global markets, and much more.

Why should you watch it: This YouTube channel provides the audience with financial advising and market analysis, being the mirror of Bloomberg TV broadcast. Also, sometimes it holds community polls and online discussions that can be entertaining for the active channel subscribers. Bloomberg Markets and Finance YouTube channel is a right fit for those who are interested in financial topics like economic challenges, bank reforms, regtech policies, inflation debates, and users’ financial demands and mindset shifts.

Which Personal Finance YouTube Channel You’d Watch?

Did you find something for yourself among the finance YouTube channels from the list? It was carefully composed by our fintech specialists.

If you’re feeling a little lost, let’s wrap everything up. So, if you’re looking for something engaging and entertaining, check out The Financial Diet.For financial education, you should aim your eyes at the channels of Martin Zenman or Jack Corsellis.

Finally, if you’re a webinar-lover I strongly recommend you to check my videos here, on DashDevs website.

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