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What does YouTube mean personally for you? And what are the best YouTube channels? The recent Pew Research findings lead us to the conclusion that it’s now more than a mere entertainment platform, but a solid (and often free) education source for the majority of users. Namely, this world’s top media channel is famous for giving efficient ‘how to’ instruction for things people cope with for the first time in their life. And the smaller part of its regular online visitors — almost 13% of adults — is using YouTube for getting to know what’s going on in the world. So, right after education, its second function is news spreading.

With each year, the user behavior analysis shows the steady rise of YouTube’s usage.And with great love for video content, the influence and reach of YouTube on the global community is only expected to grow more.

Extrapolating these ideas to the future of fintech, it becomes apparent that many users can start their financial literacy formation exactly with YouTube. You may wonder “does YouTube cost money to begin with?” And the answer is NO. Your career is in your hands and that’s great!

Those who are already more skilled and experienced can resort to the platform for getting the answers to the narrow and specific questions or finding out some fresh news in the niche. So, for both of these users, we’ve decided to work out the relevant selection of best finance advice YouTube channels, best YouTube channel for hacking, best bitcoin YouTube channels, and top real estate YouTube channels to watch and subscribe to in 2023. Get the knowledge first and profit next!


#1. Money Talks News

Watch: Money Talks News

Date of creation: Apr 28, 2007

Number of subscribers: 46.5K

Main topics specifics: Saving money isn’t difficult, and that’s why we here at Money Talks News strive to make it so. Personal finance enthusiasts may learn all they need to know on this channel.

For whom it can be interesting: This channel is among the best YouTubers to watch. Created for those who look now only for new but also for a financial advisor YouTube channel.

#2. Financial Times

Watch: Financial Times

Date of creation: Mar 26, 2009

Number of subscribers: 852K

Main topics specifics: Also one of the good youTube channels to watch and learn about worldwide business, money, economics and politics from the Financial Times in a variety of films that are updated daily.

For whom it can be interesting: Financial Times is a video version of the UK newspaper Financial Times and one of the best financial channels on YouTube. It provides money-making advice and news. This section contains discussions with business and finance specialists about financial issues. Welcome to MoneyWeek, whether you’re looking for Warren Buffett’s investment strategies or tax cuts.

#3. Corporate Finance Institute

Watch: Corporate Finance Institute

Date of creation: Nov 25, 2015

Number of subscribers: 256K

Main topics specifics: For financial analysts throughout the world, the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is a go-to resource for online courses in financial modeling and valuation. Taking CFI classes can help you get the practical skills, templates, and resources you need to develop your profession.

For whom it can be interesting: This is one of the best YouTube news channels. If you want to improve your money management skills, you may benefit from the channel’s content. Anyone who reads Forbes, CBN, or the Huffington Post will be amazed by the finance content.


#1. WhiteBoard Finance

Watch: WhiteBoard Finance

Date of creation: Oct 29, 2017

Number of subscribers: 919K

Main topics specifics: The goal of Whiteboard Finance is to present the audience with actionable material that will help them build financial prosperity. Marko’s true expertise as an investor in real estate stocks, venture capitalist, finance graduate, and entrepreneur is reflected in the videos.

This channel focuses on best youtube videos to watch about money managing, stock market investment, real estate financing, and business. He creates videos that he would like to watch on his own.

For whom it can be interesting: If you are interested in personal finance, stock market investing, real estate investing, or entrepreneurship, you should definitely contribute.l.

#2. Ryan Scribner

Watch: Ryan Scribner

Date of creation: Oct 7, 2016

Number of subscribers: 798K

Main topics specifics: Ryan Scribner is a student at the University of North Carolina and manages the best YouTube channel for financial knowledge, in our opinion. One of the best examples of stock market channels aimed at those who want to understand the fundamentals of investing and how to manage their own finances.

For whom it can be interesting: Everyone can learn about investing and financial technology with Ryan. Begin with fundamentals before moving on to investing stories and alternative investment podcasts.

#3. Stock Curry - We Profit Day and Night

Watch: Stock Curry - We Profit Day and Night

Date of creation: Oct 30, 2011

Number of subscribers: 62.5K

Main topics specifics: The best news channel for stock market, cryptocurrency, stock choices, options trading, chart analysis, and training.

For whom it can be interesting: The channel provides better service to financial technology product and service developers. You may check back often for industry updates and consider it as one of the best YouTube channels for finance knowledge.


#1. Financial Education

Watch: Financial Education

Date of creation: Jan 5, 2016

Number of subscribers: 722K

Main topics specifics: People from all walks of life may now learn about investing, personal finance, and entrepreneurship thanks to the Financial Education Channel.

For whom it can be interesting: Learn about banking as a service and risk assessment by using the number one channel in financial education. You’ll learn about open APIs, engagement banking, and their future. Digital identity is linked to social inclusion and economic development.

#2. Finance Tube

Watch: Finance Tube

Date of creation: Sep 24, 2014

Number of subscribers: 63.1K

Main topics specifics: Finance Tube is a YouTube channel that focuses on videos that make ‘finance’ a simple topic to understand. Learn about the major monetary blunders that everyday people make and how to avoid them so that you don’t have to.

For whom it can be interesting: This is one of the best YouTube channels to learn about finance. Everyone who is interested in monetary customer value or strategic acquisitions and alliances should have one. Analyze the brand entrances of both new and established corporations to make your brand shine like a diamond.

#3. Executive Finance

Watch: Executive Finance

Date of creation: Feb 10, 2012

Number of subscribers: 91.1K

Main topics specifics: Students who are interested in a career in finance will learn about a variety of financial issues taught by experts in the field. The authors are working hard to provide the best possible e-learning courses for anybody hoping to get a job in the CFO’s office.

For whom it can be interesting: Everyone who is going for learning finance and interested in how to start a finance company or strategic mergers and partnerships should have. Analyze the brand entrances of new and established organizations to make your brand glitter like a diamond.


#1. Patrick Boyle

Watch: Patrick Boyle

Date of creation: Jan 21, 2019

Number of subscribers: 427K

Main topics specifics: If you subscribe, you’ll have access to films that explain what’s going on in the markets right now, as well as information on financial derivatives, statistics-based trading, and corporate finance. Seek for interviews with a wide range of fascinating figures in financial services. Documentaries about the history of the financial markets will also be shown in this section.

For whom it can be interesting: This is one of the best fintech YouTube channels we found. Because of the focus on this channel, you should be interested in expert discussions on app cryptocurrency integration, portfolio diversification, broker tools, and lowering payment friction.

#2. Graham Stephan

Watch: Graham Stephan

Date of creation: Dec 25, 2016

Number of subscribers: 4.16M

Main topics specifics: The key topic is “how did graham stephan make his money”? This is the most popular YouTube finance channel. Investing in real estate was Graham Stephan’s first career choice after high school, so this is also one of best real estate YouTube channels. He became a billionaire at the age of 26. For the last decade of real estate investment, he’s documented his experiences on a self-titled YouTube channel. Even while many of his videos have a younger demographic, graham stephan education content and practical investment advice may be applied to investors of any age.

For whom it can be interesting: This is one of the biggest finance live channels on Youtube. The author started this channel to share his triumphs and struggles with anybody thinking about entering the business.

#3. The White Coat Investor

Watch: The White Coat Investor

Date of creation: Aug 20, 2016

Number of subscribers: 20.1K

Main topics specifics: Dr. Jim Dahle, who writes at The White Coat Investor, is a known name to many. However, if you haven’t heard of him, he’s the most recognizable person in physician finance and has a YouTube channel. On his YouTube channel, he posts videos of his podcast, as well as interviews with other famous financial experts, in order to reach a wider audience.

For whom it can be interesting: This channel provides the latest financial planning tips for doctors. This channel is for people concerned in personal finance growth, discussions, and users’ financial needs and attitude adjustments.


For your convenience, the list of the fintech channels we’ve cherrypicked for you is sorted out by the number of subscribers: from the highest to the lowest. However, this isn’t the main criterion we’ve been guided by while choosing top financial influencers! We’ve also paid attention to the regularity of channel updates, the freshness of its creation as well as the quality and utility of material presented there. Altogether, we’ve done hard work for you to enjoy and use your free moments productively. Just move on and select yours the best thing to watch on Youtube!

#1. Bloomberg Markets and Finance

Watch: Bloomberg Markets and Finance

Date of creation: May 3, 2017

Number of subscribers: 1.43M

Main topics specifics: The variety of latest themes for the channel coverage revolves primarily around Bitcoin fluctuations and crypto scams, Covid-19 vaccines, Joe Biden’s presidency, the future of global markets, and much more.

For whom it can be interesting: First, this channel will provide you with the financial advising and market analysis, being the mirror of Bloomberg TV broadcast. Second, sometimes it holds the community polls and online discussions that can be entertaining for the active channel subscribers. Third, you’ll find Bloomberg Invest Talks and other top interviews as another form of media to try and educate yourself. Fourth, there’s a special edition — Bloomberg Green playlist — dwelling on the issues of climate change, renewable energy, sustainable investing, energy crisis, and other environmental lessons to learn. And finally, this channel is a right fit for those who are interested in economic challenges, bank reforms, regtech policies, inflation debates, and users’ financial demands and mindset shifts.

#2. MoneyWeek

Watch: MoneyWeek

Date of creation: Mar 11, 2011

Number of subscribers: 288K

Main topics specifics: The core gist of this channel is the Q&A about investing for both amateurs and experienced professionals. That’s why all the content is clearly subdivided into 2 target audience types: the former gets the investment concepts explanations (Too Embarrassed To Ask Playlist), while the latter is supplied with brief 20-min investment stories to fall into the specific funding topics (Trading and Investing Playlist).

For whom it can be interesting: The channel is the video continuation of the UK’s well-known financial magazine MoneyWeek that indoctrinates you with financial planning tips and news from 2010 and up to now. In addition to the investment tutorials, here you’ll come across a series of interviews with business and best finance experts sharing their views on particular financial problems. So, if you’re curious about investing tactics by Warren Buffett, funding into foreign firms, or cutting taxes, welcome to MoneyWeek!

#3. The Artificial Intelligence Channel

Watch: The Artificial Intelligence Channel

Date of creation: Mar 3, 2008

Number of subscribers: 115K

Main topics specifics: AI, ML, futuristic tech prognosis, business. nanotechnology, anti-aging, space exploration, VR, quantum communications, genetics, brain work, etc.

For whom it can be interesting: Though the latest channel update was 2 years ago, this channel still can’t lose its value because of the plenty of AI-relevant information. Thus, if AI poses a sincere interest for you, you’ll definitely appreciate the content here! In particular, don’t miss out on the chance of learning more about bioelectric computation outside the nervous system, quantum sensing, work robotization, future space exploration, ML challenges, VR and its impact on human interaction, and such.

#4. SeedTime Money

Watch: SeedTime Money

Date of creation: Sep 18, 2008

Number of subscribers: 104K

Main topics specifics: Start with Money 101 basics and grow your fintech intelligence step by step with the help of SeedTime Money. Here, you’ll get acquainted with the motivational success stories, saving techniques reviews, and investing guidelines for financial management. All of that is served under the sauce of biblical principles, so you strengthen both your belief and financial expertise in the end.

For whom it can be interesting: Though the channel conveys a clear message to Christians who are sick and tired of their bad budget management and desperately want to improve the situation, its videos can aim at a wider audience. Except for teaching you rational spending finance tips and cutting your redundant expenses away, SeedTime Money, on the behalf of the certified educator in Personal Finance Bob Litch, will show you how to start investing and dealing with your finances wisely. If you read Forbes, CBN, or The Huffington Post, you’re almost likely to be familiar with this blogger and now can meet him in the video format.

#5. 11:FS

Watch: 11:FS

Date of creation: Nov 22, 2016

Number of subscribers: 17.6K

Main topics specifics: Banking, payments, technologies, and fintech industry innovations are the key focus of the channel. Among the recent renewals there, you’ll find the videos devoted to fin services inner rebuilding, post-COVID financial situation, future of fintech, changes in the insurance sphere, secrets of fintech product development, open finance, and many more.

For whom it can be interesting: The range of the target audience is very wide in this case as 11:FS satisfies the taste of the fintech enthusiasts with up-to-date, relevant, and diverse content. As for the latter, for example, there are separate playlists dedicated to the discussion of Fintech Founders, Fintech Insider News, Fintech Insider Interviews, or Explores on different fintech topics. And that’s not the full list! The channel has a regular weekly update that will turn you into a fintech professional in a short time.

#6. Nate O’Brien

Watch: Nate O’Brien

Date of creation: Dec 31, 2016

Number of subscribers: 1.29K

Main topics specifics: Productivity, minimalism, credit, investments, stock market, and personal finance.

For whom it can be interesting: Passive income has just become a term, yet there is money to be made. There is minimal labor involved in maintaining your passive income sources after they have been established.

Nate O’Brien is a lover of passive income and offers tutorials on how to begin and make it work for you.

#7. Fintech Finance

Watch: Fintech Finance

Date of creation: Feb 15, 2015

Number of subscribers: 6.41K

Main topics specifics: Podcasts on themes such as paytech, insurtech, fintech, and 2022 events form the core of the channel’s vlog content.

For whom it can be interesting: Those with an interest in fintech products and services may find this channel particularly useful. If you’re one of this camp, Fintech Finance is the best match for you! Be ready to investigate the recent insights and developments in the industry on the weekly basis! Even if you have no time or opportunity to attend the most prominent fintech events yourself, the channel makers will quickly introduce you to their summaries and key points. Specifically, you can be curious about IFX payments, streamlining with AI, self-service banking, hiring in time of the pandemic, building the bank from scratch, or banks’ adjustment to the ever-changing payment data realities. If so, welcome on board!

#8. Finextra Research

Watch: Finextra Research

Date of creation: Nov 17, 2016

Number of subscribers: 2.09K

Main topics specifics: Fintech news and stories are covered from a worldwide perspective on the site’s primary subjects. 7 videos are posted weekly, so can you imagine the coverage scale?

For whom it can be interesting: If you frequently read the DashDevs digest, you occasionally have to do with the Finextra news summary, and this is just a video shell for that. Get to know the news and insights related to banking as a service, financial risk assessment, instant payments across Europe, engagement banking trends, future perspectives of open APIs, the insides of transactions, technology breakthroughs of 2022, or the connection between digital identity, social inclusion, and economic progress. Isn’t evident that being the patron of Finextra Research, you’ll get the utility fintech outlook that will help your business grow and prosper? Undubiously!

#9. Let’s Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA

Watch: Joseph Hogue

Date of creation: May 3, 2015

Number of subscribers: 581K

Main topics specifics: Financial expert and investment analyst Joseph Hogue began his real estate investing career after serving in the Marine Corps before becoming an investment analyst for a number of the world’s top private companies. He has been featured as an investing expert on Bloomberg and CNBC, and he has written 10 books on personal finance. He now uses some of the same advice he gave to the wealthy to help others achieve their financial objectives and invest in the stock market.

For whom it can be interesting: The channel has something for everyone, from stock market basics for novices to how to trade stocks. Joseph Hogue YouTube channel created for discussing all aspects of money, from financial freedom and side hustle options to the finest dividend stock purchases.

#10. Finance Magnates

Watch: Finance Magnates

Date of creation: Mar 30, 2015

Number of subscribers: 2.33K

Main topics specifics: World news, events, and reports in the realm of the online trading sphere are in the limelight of the channel’s attention.

For whom it can be interesting: The best YouTube channel is all concerned about the global electronic market. As this channel has a narrow enough scope of topic coverage, you should be greatly excited about app-cryptocurrency integration, business portfolio diversification, tools for brokers, avoiding friction in payments, and other experts’ talks. You won’t miss such events as London Summits or Finance Magnates Virtual Conferences. Every week, you’ll get three new videos to watch before deciding on your brokerage strategy correction.


It’s easy to grasp in case you have the exact picture of what you’re looking for in fintech. If you’re more about news grasping, select Bloomberg Markets and Finance or Finextra Research. In case you’re going to discover intriguing business cases and become the better investor, turn your eyes and ears to MoneyWeek, FintechOrama, and SeedTimeMoney. Willing to know everything without attending fintech conferences? Then Finance Magnates and Fintech Finance are created for you! And the rest of our selection is for AI lovers and banking professionals. Define your purpose and choose what works best for you with the DashDevs list!


What is a YouTube Handle?

A YouTube handle allows users to find and discover online profiles. YouTube handles will function similarly to those on other social media networks. They will not be used to replace channel names. They will instead make it simpler to find, mention, and categorize channels.

How to organize life with YouTube?

Minimalism is being selective about what matters most to us as individuals and where we would like to focus our efforts. So what about minimalist YouTube channels?

Great example is Andrei Jikh. He teaches finances, investment, and financial simplicity. Andrei’s channel has 2.19 million followers and has only been on YouTube for 2 years.

He discusses methods for saving 50% of the salary, how to retire at 30, how to purchase and sell stocks, and how to make lifelong choices from a minimalist perspective.

Another example is Nate O’Brien YouTube channel. When he started his career, Nate O’brien age was 14. Now he is 23 years old, and he teaches people about personal finance, minimalism, efficiency, style of living, and how to build wealth for free.

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