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Top 15 Fintech Events Worldwide in Q4 2023


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Events are the best way to build a strong network for your business and yourself as a business individual. 79% of people agree that networking plays a vital role in career and customer attraction, as about 40% of people are inclined to become customers of a particular company after meeting a business owner.

But networking also has to be mindful. Good networking events always come with a great thought behind it, and when you choose events to attend, you have to be wary of what value they will bring you. Treat this opportunity as an investment. 

In this article, I gathered some of the loudest and most thrilling fintech events of Q4 2023, some of which I and my colleagues will attend. So, give it up for the top 15 fintech events! 

Events DashDevs Will Be On 

The following events you will see below are those me and my colleagues planned to be on. Those are the most remarkable conferences, globally revered for both unique opportunities for networking and exceptional knowledge gathered by the careful hands of fintech experts. 


Where: Berlin

When: Oct. 18 - 19 

Number of attendees: 5,500+

For whom: This event would be specifically interesting for those working in financial inclusion, digital banking, logistics, and digital commerce.

The conference covers many topics, with over 450 speakers from across the globe. 

Seamless, Saudi Arabia’s premier event, stands at the forefront of innovation in payments, fintech, retail, e-commerce, home delivery, and digital marketing. With an emphasis on embracing the cutting-edge technologies that shape our financial landscape, this live, in-person event promises to redefine how we interact with money and conduct transactions in today’s tech-savvy world. 

This conference will be perfect for those who want an immersive experience where industry leaders and innovators converge to revolutionise the future of commerce and fintech. 

My personal tip for networking: Be visible on Seamless. Many people attend this conference since a part of it is a free exhibition, and it’s imperative to be memorable.

CogX Festival

Where: The O2, London 

When: Sept. 12 - 14

Number of attendees: 90,000+ 

For whom: The CogX festival is for people from different backgrounds with the same interest in AI and transformative technology. They are prepared to engage prodigy students and CEOs alike, and among speakers are people like the founder of Wikipedia, the Queen of Jordan, and Microsoft’s Deputy CEO.

In the wake of ChatGPT’s widespread adoption, it becomes evident that we’re living in an era of exponential growth and innovation. Yet, it also presents substantial challenges, particularly in ensuring artificial intelligence’s safety and ethical use, which have sparked valid concerns worldwide. 

For global leaders, tech experts, and company executives, this conference is an excellent opportunity for face-to-face dialogue on the navigation in the next decade of fintech technology. I recommend this conference to everyone interested in AI and its influence on the technical world. The O2 is the venue capable of hosting this inclusive and large-scale discussion. 

My personal tip for networking: On the CogX Festival, you should be active. People who ask questions and give their answers to the questions of others make an impression of an interested participant. And in such a highly regarded crown, trust me, you want to leave a remarkable impression.

Web Summit 

Where: Lisbon

When: November, 2023

Number of attendees: 70,000+ 

For whom: The Web Summit convention aims to network. It is meant to bring together experts from every industry to share ideas from each other’s fields. So, if you are connected to tech business and want to learn and develop your bubble, this is a place to be.

Web Summit open stage

Source: Web Summit

I am eager to attend this conference because it features remarkable speakers and unparalleled networking prospects. The Financial Times has recognised Web Summit as “the world’s largest tech conference.”

For me, it’s exciting to be a part of this extraordinary gathering and build a high-quality network in this dynamic environment where innovation and collaboration thrive. 

My personal tip for networking:  Follow up with people you meet here because there is a chance others might lose you in a large number of 70K+ attendees.  

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Fintech Live

Where: London

When: Nov. 8 - 9

Number of attendees: 5,000+ 

For whom: This conference is aimed at people in the fintech industry. It connects CEOs, VPs, and heads of finance-related departments to discuss payment technology, digital banking, cryptocurrencies, green and ethical finance, and other exciting topics. 

With a mission to propel the discourse on financial technology forward, FinTech LIVE London garners over 5,000 attendees, making it the epicentre for industry leaders and professionals alike. It will be an invaluable opportunity to connect with peers, share insights, and collectively work towards shaping the future of finance.

My personal tip for networking: Always be ready to pitch your ideas if you have any. This conference is an excellent opportunity to tell the world about yourself as there you can share the most interesting insights with people from the same field.

Lead Today Shape Tomorrow 

Where: Vienna / Online

When: Oct. 11 - 12 

Number of attendees: 2,100+ 

For whom: LTST is for startups, investors, and innovation opinion leaders to connect and create an inclusive future of business. But the general public, like students and people from scaleups, will also find something curious for themselves. 

LTST 2023 is a call to action for inclusivity and progress in the European tech and innovation landscape. With a resounding message that diversity is the cornerstone of an inclusive future, this event invites you to participate in the conversation. My colleague will visit this conference, and as far as she told me, her most exciting points for this are future-shaping technologies, business scalability, and tech innovation. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to shape a more open and inclusive tech ecosystem. Your voice matters, and together, we all can drive real change. 

My personal networking tip: I strongly recommend doing your research for this conference. LTST hosts women-owned innovative businesses and startups, and you don’t want to miss out on interesting discussions about inclusion or future-shaping tech. 

Other Important Fintech Events To Join 

FTT Embedded Finance

Where: San Francisco 

When: Dec. 6 - 7

Number of attendees: 400+ 

For whom: Ideal for financial services distributors and people working in the insurance and wealth management fields.

A day filled with invaluable insights from top-tier speakers, networking opportunities with the entire embedded finance community, and facilitated connections through our matchmaking service.

Fintech Connect

Where: London

When: Dec. 6 - 7

Number of attendees: 3000+ 

For whom: Created for business owners in the B2B sector, this conference will bring together merchants, banks, startups, fintechs, and others. 

In its momentous 10th year, Fintech Connect is poised to strengthen its position as the quintessential event for the industry. This year’s leading event is set to surpass expectations with a renewed dedication to excellence. As the industry’s comprehensive ecosystem showcase, they bring together over 3000 global attendees, ranging from visionary start-ups to the influential C-suite of major financial institutions.

FintechWorld Forum 2023 

Where: London

When: Nov. 22 - 23

Number of attendees: 200+ 

For whom: This conference would be perfect for chief executives from fintech startups and established businesses, as it connects like-minded people across Europe. 

Prepare to be inspired by an exceptional lineup of industry leaders at the FintechWorld Forum 2023 conference. Among the speakers are esteemed names such as HSBC, IBM, Allicia Bank, and Fluro, among others, who will be sharing their latest insights and perspectives. This stellar gathering promises a wealth of knowledge and expertise, making it a must-attend event for anyone in the fintech ecosystem. 

Fintech’s Talents Festival

Where: London

When: Nov. 14 - 15

Number of attendees: 2000+ 

For whom: Fintech’s Talents Festival is there to engage banks, challenger banks, insurance companies, retail, e-commerce, crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, and other fintech-related companies and startups.

This extraordinary two-day event promises a fusion of groundbreaking ideas, hands-on innovation, and in-depth explorations into addressing critical challenges across the financial services sector. Top-tier representatives from global financial institutions, merchants, brands, marketplaces, digital platforms, technology pioneers, and fintech disruptors are sure to make this festival an immersive experience. Expect to engage with C-level executives, visionary founders, and leaders in innovation and digital transformation from the UK and Europe. 

Financial Innovation Forum

  Finnancial Innovation Forum

Source: Financial Innovation Forum

Where: London

When: Oct. 12th

Number of attendees: 400+ 

For whom: This conference is for those who want to generate leads, build thought leadership, meet and engage with their target audience, and are, obviously, involved in working with fintech businesses.

The 2nd Financial Innovation Forum is not just about gathering; it’s about meaningful connections. This conference provides a platform that fosters crucial discussions and enables genuine networking opportunities. This is your chance to reconnect with colleagues in a truly important setting.

Insurtech Connect 

Where: Las Vegas

When: Oct. 31 - Nov. 2

Number of attendees: 9000+ 

For whom: This conference is aimed to connect industry executives, entrepreneurs, and investors. 

ITC Vegas is the paramount gathering for worldwide insurance innovation, merging unparalleled networking opportunities with the latest and most promising insurtech developments. This event transcends the ordinary, offering an unmissable transformative experience for anyone in the industry. Attendees can expect to find ingenious solutions to their most pressing challenges and exclusive and impactful educational sessions. 

Money 20/20 USA 

Where: Las Vegas

When: Oct. 22 - Oct. 25

Number of attendees: 13,000+ 

For whom: Money 20/20 is an event for every person interested in fintech. I’m talking startups, executives, investors, banks, developers, and even students. We attended the same event in Europe in 2023, and let me tell you – it was breathtaking. 

DashDevs participates in Money 20/20 Europe

Money20/20 USA is the pinnacle event in the global money ecosystem, a gathering of unparalleled scale and influence. Here, leaders delve into profound analytics and draw inspiration from thought-provoking speakers, leaving them with invaluable insights and a network of connections that drive business forward. The event equips attendees to lead with innovation, fostering crucial strategies and relationships in a rapidly evolving landscape. 


Where: Atlanta

When: Oct. 2 - 4

Number of attendees: 700+ 

For whom: This inclusive gathering caters to a diverse audience, including consumer lenders, small business lenders, service partners, investors, and bank representatives, among others. 

LEND360 brings together the forefront leaders in online lending, comprehensively exploring the latest trends and technologies shaping the fintech industry. The highly anticipated 2023 event is set to unfold at the prestigious Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, promising a dynamic platform for networking and knowledge-sharing. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates as LEND360 continues its tradition of fostering innovation and collaboration in online lending.

RegTech Summit London 

Where: London

When: Oct. 5

For whom: RegTech Summit London connects executives and heads of regtech-related businesses to help them build networks and share their ideas.

In its impressive 7th year, the RegTech Summit in London is poised to unite the RegTech community in a profound exploration of how technology can revolutionise the European capital markets financial sector. The event will delve into how innovative tech solutions can drive forward progress, reduce operational costs, and facilitate seamless compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks. 

George UX Conference

Where: Vienna 

When: Oct. 19th

Number of attendees: 300+ 

For whom: George UX conference is created for designers working in fintech businesses to help them stay on top of the wave. 

Picture taken in George UX conference

Source: George UX Conference

In a world evolving at an unprecedented pace, how do we ensure that the future of finance remains attuned to human needs? George UX conference is there to engage you in insightful debates, absorb valuable lessons, celebrate successes, and ultimately collaborate to craft a financial landscape that genuinely serves humanity’s best interests. This conference promises to be a dynamic platform for shaping the future of finance through thoughtful and user-centric design.

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Drawing Conclusions 

The top 15 fintech events in Q4 2023 offer unparalleled mindful networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities. These events are not just gatherings but investments; you should treat them as such. They can play a crucial role in your professional growth and business success. 

With the global fintech ecosystem rapidly evolving, being part of these conferences means being at the forefront of innovation and change. Whether you’re a startup founder, a CEO, an investor, or an industry expert, these events cater to a diverse audience, providing valuable insights, networking prospects, and the chance to contribute to the future of finance. 

Networking can mean a lot for business and visiting different events. It sets you apart from competitors, allows you to be one step ahead, and connects you with potential partners, investors, and customers. I got my first clients from conferencing in CA back in the days when I just started. So, don’t abstain from embarking on this beautiful journey.

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