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The Rise of Ukrainian Talent in Fintech: Driving Innovation and Growth


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In the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology, one group of professionals has been steadily making waves and leaving an indelible mark on the industry: Ukrainians. They have emerged as pivotal contributors to the global fintech revolution. They possess exceptional skills, unrivaled expertise, and unwavering determination. From London to New York and beyond, they have been instrumental in driving innovation, propelling businesses forward, and shaping the future of financial services.

This article unveils the remarkable contributions of Ukrainians in the fintech realm and explores the profound impact they have had on shaping the industry worldwide. We delve into the success stories of Ukrainian experts who have revolutionized financial technology, enhanced customer experiences, and unlocked new possibilities.

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Ukrainian Professionals in the Fintech Landscape

Ukraine is known for its rich talent pool and technological prowess. This country has emerged as a significant player in the global Fintech landscape.

It’s fascinating to observe the impact of Ukrainian professionals not only within Ukraine’s Fintech Landscape but globally, and in particular, I want to focus your attention on UK-based companies. The expertise and innovative mindset of these individuals have played a pivotal role in driving fintech innovation in the UK.

I want to show you some of the most prominent real-life success stories and influential figures driving change.

#1 PayPal: Max Levchin

Max,an entrepreneur born in Ukraine, transformed the landscape of online payments with his visionary ideas and innovative thinking.

Max Levchin, Co-founder of PayPal

His remarkable journey from Ukraine to Silicon Valley highlights the significant influence and potential of Ukrainian talent worldwide.

As one of the co-founders of PayPal, Max Levchin played a pivotal role in revolutionizing online transactions. PayPal started as a security software company called Confinity. Eventually, it merged with, an online banking company founded by Elon Musk. Under Levchin’s leadership as the CTO, PayPal experienced tremendous growth and became a global leader in online payments, revolutionizing e-commerce in the process. Following the success of PayPal, Max Levchin founded Affirm, a financial technology company focused on providing transparent and accessible credit options to consumers. Affirm offers a flexible “buy now, pay later” model that allows shoppers to make purchases and pay in installments without using traditional credit cards. The company has gained popularity and secured partnerships with major retailers. Now it provides consumers greater financial flexibility and transparency in purchasing decisions.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Levchin is a prominent investor and advisor in the tech industry. He has invested in numerous successful startups and serves as a board member for various organizations, leveraging his expertise to drive innovation and growth.

#2 Smart Valor: Olga Feldmeier

Olga is a co-founder of Smart Valor, a blockchain-based platform that provides access to alternative investments such as cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, and security tokens. Her expertise lies in creating solutions that bridge the traditional financial world with emerging blockchain technologies.

Olga Feldmeier, Co-founder of Smart Valor

With a strong background in finance and investment banking, she has played an instrumental role in shaping the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies. Olga has been an advocate for the integration of digital assets into traditional financial systems, working closely with regulatory bodies to establish clear frameworks and guidelines.

Feldmeier’s passion for blockchain and dedication to driving adoption have made her a sought-after speaker and panelist at global fintech conferences. She actively shares her experience and insights on decentralized finance (DeFi), security tokens, and the future of digital assets.

In addition to her role at Smart Valor, Feldmeier is known for her active involvement in fostering the growth of the blockchain ecosystem. She serves as a mentor and advisor to numerous blockchain startups, offering guidance and assistance in navigating the industry’s intricacies.Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to driving change continue to inspire and shape the future of finance, making her a true trailblazer in the fintech and blockchain spaces.

#3 Diia: Mykola Fedorov

Mykola Fedorov is the former Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and Ukrainian Fintech Innovators. He spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at transforming the government’s digital infrastructure and promoting transparency and efficiency. Under his leadership, Ukraine made significant strides in adopting innovative fintech solutions to modernize public services and enhance citizen engagement.

Mykola Fedorov,former Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and Ukrainian Fintech Innovators

One of Fedorov’s notable achievements is the implementation of the Diia. Diia is a digital platform, also called “Country in a smartphone”, that integrates various government services, enabling citizens to access essential documents, interact with authorities, and carry out transactions seamlessly. This innovative app allows citizens to securely store their official documents, such as passports, ID cards, and driver’s licenses. These digital documents are legally equivalent to their physical counterparts, making it convenient for citizens to present them when interacting with government institutions or in any other situation that requires official identification.

Fedorov’s impact extends beyond Ukraine’s borders, as he actively collaborates with international organizations and governments to share his expertise and promote digital transformation around the globe. For example, Estonia served as an influential model for a team of Ukrainian professionals during the establishment of the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Inspired by Estonia’s success, Ukraine embraced a mobile-first approach, with all the essential data and services readily accessible on smartphones.

Today, Estonia shows a keen interest in adopting the mobile-first state experience Diia developed in Ukraine. Notably, the revolutionary features of the Diia application exemplify the transformative power of fintech in revolutionizing government services and fostering greater citizen engagement. This mutual exchange of expertise between Estonia and Ukraine highlights the potential for fintech to drive innovation and enhance the overall digital landscape.

Through visionary leadership, Mykola has positioned Ukraine as a pioneer in digital innovation. Fedorov’s dedication to utilizing technology for inclusive societal development serves as an inspiration to leaders worldwide, highlighting the transformative power of fintech in shaping the future of governance and citizen-centric services.

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#4 Revolut: Vlad Yatsenko

This groundbreaking digital banking sensation has disrupted the financial industry, and at its helm is the visionary Vlad Yatsenko. As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Revolut, Yatsenko has been instrumental in building and scaling the company’s technological infrastructure. His expertise in software development, systems architecture, and security has been crucial in establishing Revolut as a leading digital banking platform.

Vlad Yatsenko, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Revolut

Yatsenko has been responsible for overseeing the development of Revolut’s innovative features, such as multi-currency accounts, instant payment notifications, and budgeting tools. His technical leadership has contributed to the company’s ability to provide a seamless and user-friendly banking experience to its millions of customers worldwide. Under his guidance, Revolut has expanded its product offerings beyond traditional banking services to include features like cryptocurrency trading, stock trading, and even a metal debit card with exclusive benefits.

#5 Fondy: Valeria Vahorovska

Valeria Vahorovska, CEO and co-founder of Fondy, a prominent fintech’s company, has been instrumental in driving the strategic direction of the company and overseeing its day-to-day operations. Her understanding of the payments industry, combined with her vision for innovation, has propelled Fondy to new heights, offering a comprehensive range of payment solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes.

Valeria Vahorovska, CEO and co-founder of Fondy

In 2020, she was selected as one of the most prominent Women in Fintech for the Powerlist by Innovate Finance. Being recognized with this award underscores Valeria’s position as a role model for aspiring professionals, especially women, who aspire to excel in the industry. With her guidance, the Fondy has nurtured partnerships with global merchants, financial institutions, and e-commerce platforms, solidifying its position as a trusted payment gateway.

One of the key factors behind the company’s success is its commitment to providing a seamless and secure payment experience. Valeria’s emphasis on customer-centricity and cutting-edge technology has driven Fondy to develop robust payment solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike.

#6 Monobank & Koto: Misha Rogalskiy

Misha Rogalskiy, the co-founder behind Monobank and Koto, two innovative companies that have reshaped the way people approach banking and credit options.

Misha Rogalskiy, co-founder of Monobank and Koto

Monobank burst onto the scene in 2017 as Ukraine’s first mobile-only bank, capturing the attention of tech-savvy individuals seeking a modern banking experience. Misha Rogalskiy’s unwavering dedication to delivering excellence in user experience played a pivotal role in Monobank’s rapid rise to success.

To grasp the magnitude of their customer base, let’s consider the following figures: Ukraine has a population of 36.7 million people, and an impressive 7.2 million individuals are active users of the Monobank application. This means that approximately 19.6% of Ukrainians actively engage with Monobank, demonstrating the substantial reach and influence of the platform. Such widespread adoption showcases the trust and appeal that Monobank holds among a significant portion of the population, solidifying its position as a leading fintech player in Ukraine.

What sets Monobank apart is its commitment to user satisfaction and engagement. Misha Rogalskiy’s emphasis on creating a seamless and user-friendly mobile banking experience has paid off, as reflected in the consistently high ratings on the App Store and Google Play. With Monobank, users enjoy the convenience of banking at their fingertips, accompanied by unparalleled customer service and a host of innovative features:

  1. Instant Card-to-Card Transfers: People can transfer money between cards in seconds, without any fees. The phone contacts automatically sync with the Monobank app, eliminating the need to ask for card numbers. So a person must simply have the recipient in their contact list to initiate a transfer.
  2. Convenient Receipt Management: Monobank enables clients to pay bills, save receipts in PDF format, and easily share them. By clicking on the receipt code, one can access detailed payment information. With just a click, a person can send receipts via email, Viber, or Telegram or save them for future reference.
  3. “Shake to Pay” Feature: A favorite among Monobank customers, this feature allows people to send money to nearby individuals, even if they are not on their contact list. A person should simply open the Monobank app on two phones, bring them closer, and give them a shake. The app will exchange contact details, and all that’s left is to select the person’s avatar, specify the amount, and confirm the transaction.
  4. Easy Card Number Copying: Copying card numbers is effortless with Monobank. By clicking on the card number displayed on the smartphone screen, one can quickly copy it. Whether a person needs to insert it elsewhere or share it with a friend, the application automatically separates the numbers from the text. Similarly, if someone sends you a card number via message, you can copy the entire message with a single click.
  5. Enhanced Security: Monobank prioritizes user security by introducing dynamic CVC2 codes for payment cards. By enabling this feature in settings, the code changes every hour, rendering the one on the physical card temporarily invalid. The changing code can only be viewed by opening the mobile app with the card image on your smartphone screen, providing an additional layer of security.

But Misha’s entrepreneurial drive didn’t stop at Monobank. He extended his expertise in reimagining the financial industry by co-founding Koto, a UK-based fintech company specializing in credit options via a mobile banking application. With Koto, Rogalskiy and his team have taken their knowledge and experience to the international stage, aiming to revolutionize how individuals access credit.

Koto’s mobile banking platform simplifies the credit application process, making it hassle-free and accessible to a broader audience. Misha’s deep understanding of consumer needs, coupled with his technological acumen, has guided Koto’s development, enabling the company to create a user-centric experience that streamlines credit options.

The impact of Misha Rogalskiy’s visionary leadership extends beyond the success of Monobank and Koto. His contributions have not only transformed the banking landscape in Ukraine but have also inspired fintech entrepreneurs globally. By challenging the status quo and reimagining traditional banking practices, Rogalskiy has paved the way for a more inclusive, convenient, and customer-focused financial ecosystem.

As we look to the future, Misha Rogalskiy’s enduring commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction continues to drive Monobank and Koto forward, revolutionizing the way we bank and access credit.

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#7 DashDevs: Igor Tomych

Igor Tomych is a fintech expert with over 15 years of experience and the CEO of DashDevs. Igor has launched more than 20 fintech products in the UK, US, and MENA regions, solidifying his reputation as a driving force in the industry.

Igor Tomych, CEO of DashDevs

His expertise extends to leading the development of two white-label banking platforms, collaborating with 10+ financial institutions worldwide, and seamlessly integrating over 50 fintech vendors.

Notably, Igor’s ability to re-engineer established products has resulted in substantial growth, with user bases and revenue increasing up to fivefold. Continuing his journey in the fintech field, Igor Tomych now leverages his expertise to provide valuable consultations for those seeking to embark on or elevate their fintech ventures.

As I mentioned above, Igor drives DashDevs, a Ukrainian fintech company. With over 12 years of expertise and a team of 200+ experts, DashDevs has a track record of delivering exceptional results. The company has completed more than 500 successful projects, assisting numerous clients in bringing their innovative ideas to life. Their focus on providing comprehensive services for business growth sets them apart as a valuable partner.

DashDevs’ success is reflected in remarkable numbers. With an average revenue growth of 2X, they empower businesses to achieve greater success by creating user-friendly products, acquiring new customers, and generating more sales. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the swift execution of projects, enabling them to launch products in as little as one month. The company’s comprehensive service offerings include white label solutions, end-to-end product development, dedicated team hiring..

One of DashDevs’ standout achievements is the introduction of Fintech Core, a white-label modular fintech solution that enables the creation and fast launch of digital banking and payment products. This innovative product empowers businesses to enter the fintech market in just 3 month, gaining a competitive edge. With DashDevs’ expertise and Fintech Core’s capabilities, businesses can streamline their financial product development process and enjoy seamless integration.

DashDevs’ success story exemplifies the power of Ukrainian talent in driving fintech innovation. Led by Igor Tomych, the company continues to push boundaries and significantly impact the industry.

To Sum Up

Companies such as Monobank, Revolut, Wise, Starling Bank, and Fondy have thrived under the guidance and contributions of talented Ukrainian individuals. Even if I haven’t mentioned some of them in this article, you should know that a lot of them were developed by Ukrainian programmers and fintech professionals. Their leadership, technical skills, and industry knowledge have propelled these companies to achieve remarkable growth, customer satisfaction, and recognition within the fintech landscape.

Furthermore, Ukrainian experts have played vital roles in shaping and transforming the UK fintech industry. Their contributions have led to advancements in mobile banking, payment solutions, blockchain technology, and more. Through their hard work, dedication, and continuous pursuit of excellence, Ukrainians have cemented their place as influential figures within the fintech sector.

I cannot overlook the role of Ukrainian professionals in international fintech companies. From influential figures like Vlad Yatsenko at Revolut to the contributions of Ukrainians at Wise and other prominent organizations, their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in driving innovation and shaping the global fintech landscape.

Now, after reading this, you know a bit more about Ukrainians and the remarkable contributions they make to the fintech industry, leaving a lasting impact on both local and international levels. Their expertise, determination, and drive for innovation continue to shape the future of fintech, making Ukraine a vital player in the global fintech ecosystem. So don’t be scared to collaborate and trust Ukrainian experts; in 99 out of 100 cases, they will make your business prosper.

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