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Ensure Successful Project Completion with a Dedicated Development Team


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Each and every business needs qualified specialists to maintain all processes successfully, grow, and satisfy clients’ demands. But not all of them have enough capacity to look for new experts and hire big teams. And this is the reason why outsourcing services have become so popular today. They aim to help you find your best dedicated software development team fast and with minimum resources usage.

There are numerous benefits of such a collaboration. Let’s name just a few. First, it appears to be more cost-effective. For example, a middle in-house software engineer from the US would cost you about $120-150k a year. On top of that, there are extra expenses on taxes, bonuses, medical insurance, etc. While you can outsource a senior developer from, say, Ukraine, for 30+% less, with no extra expenditures. Feel the difference?

Second, 35% of business owners claim they prefer to outsource as it saves tons of time and helps concentrate on their company’s core business objectives. By the way, no matter if you’re a growing startup, mid-sized business, or a big enterprise — all kinds of companies may benefit from hiring a dedicated development team.

If you’re looking for experts for your new digital product, a dedicated team model will certainly work out well for you! The thing is, DashDevs has years of experience in outsourcing. Our best tech talents participated in a variety of software development projects and know how to deliver solutions efficiently and within the shortest possible time. Eager to know more about how to build and scale an efficient team? Go gain new insights below!

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

A software development dedicated team is a kind of partnership widely used in software development. Instead of spending valuable time and resources on building your own in-house team, a business hires an already formed unit of required experts. In short, you get qualified and experienced specialists engaged solely in your project full-time and long-term. This is the reason why the team is called “dedicated.”

As a rule, a dedicated development team is located in countries with developing economies (Eastern Europe or Asia), which allows saving on salaries. Depending on the project’s needs, it may include project managers, developers, QA engineers, designers, etc.

Such a collaboration is suitable for different kinds of projects. However, there are particular criteria that may help you understand if your product is going to benefit from it.

  • Startups. You have an idea, see a mission, and know how you can be useful to your customers. But you’re just starting to grow. Then that’s the best time to hire a dedicated team as it’ll save you time and money, let you develop your product faster, and help you gain new clients.
  • Unsettled and unclear requirements. There might be a contrary situation when you can’t distinctly determine project scope and goals. It means that your product needs a discovery stage. Luckily, the dedicated team model implies all the stages of the software development life cycle which means you won’t waste months on formulating requirements and will be able to build a market-driven product faster and less costly.
  • A ready-made product. There are lots of cases when business owners already have some sort of product but want to develop and scale it, or change and add new functionality to it. A dedicated team will surely satisfy any of your needs.
  • Long-term projects. It’s faster and easier to scale a dedicated team when your project grows and requires new specialists. Thus, you won’t face difficulties in hiring new members for an in-house team.

7 Top Advantages of Project Team Structure

The role of a project team you outsource is difficult to underestimate. Let’s see what benefits you get in more detail.

1. Price. Yes, let’s highlight this again — hiring such a team is much cheaper. You don’t spend money on recruitment and HR support, onboarding, the company’s perks, bonuses, and salary taxes. In a word, you pay just an hourly rate, which is way lower when you find your team, for example, in Ukraine.

2. Speed. You can launch your product much faster. Why? First, because of skipping a long hiring process. Second, due to the experience of dedicated team members. This is a great way to reduce time to market!

3. Regular updates. By hiring a dedicated team, you stay informed about all project’s works. Moreover, all important decisions are never made without your participation. Nevertheless, you’re never overwhelmed with all the daily meetings and calls, and this is one of the biggest advantages of a dedicated project team structure.

4. Global talent pool. Gain access to more and better expert talents! You’ll be provided with hand-selected engineers ready to start working on your project at the nearest time. Moreover, a dedicated team is quicker to scale when you need extra hands.

5. Customer orientation. Cooperating with a dedicated development team that uses Agile methodology implies flexibility and adjustability. If any changes in requirements occur, a team is ready to discuss them and offer the best possible solutions able to bring business value.

6. Holistic approach. You can count upon a dedicated team in terms of any aspect of software development. In particular, team members, relying on their solid experience, help you with technologies and methodologies selection.

7. Attrition rate. Dedicated teams, in comparison with in-house teams, have a lower attrition rate. This ensures a more stable performance without frequent storming sessions.

Being in search of an effective software development team, try to follow the next recommendations:

1. Define your requirements. You need to clearly understand what should be implemented and what resources you have for the project. This helps to narrow down the list of outsourcing companies to choose from. When expectations and opportunities coincide, the search becomes faster and easier.

2. Do research. Due to such platforms as Clutch or its alternatives, you have a chance to find the best-fit company for your business. Convenient filters, thousands of real clients reviews, information on companies’ portfolios, experience, and expertise are available to the broad public audience.

3. Find out what industries a company cooperates with. For example, DashDevs is an expert in fintech. We also develop solutions for businesses specializing in media & entertainment, retailing, real estate, travel, health & fitness, etc. This is great when your dedicated team already has experience in the area you work in. However, it’s as important to partner with someone eager to expand their expertise.

4. Familiarize yourself with already delivered projects. It’s always a good idea to visit a company’s site and read about the solutions it has developed. You may find this info in case studies and testimonials. In a word, try to evaluate if a company is capable of building a project for you.

5. Sign a contract. It’s aimed to protect you and your service supplier from possible risks and miscommunication. Thus, the contract should contain cost and payment order, deliverables, information about the right to cancel the contract, etc.

6. Sign an NDA. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) protects your project idea and project data in general (source code, copyrights, patents, passwords, etc.) and establishes the rules of confidential information exchange.

How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team with DashDevs?

DashDevs has 10+ of experience in collaboration with a variety of businesses. Our thoroughly elaborated dedicated development team model allows us to deliver solutions fast and efficiently. What’s the procedure? Here’s how we do it:

1. Project estimation

The following should be defined during this stage:

  • Scope. The first step is to figure out how much work has to be done. The next is to estimate how many specialists are required for that amount of work. On top of that, activities, resources, deliverables are discussed and documented.
  • Timeframe. Based on the acquired information about project scope, it’s possible to define how long it’ll take to reach each milestone and when the final product can be launched. Clients’ expectations are also taken into account.
  • Budget. Of course, before the project development starts, it’s important to assess how much it’ll cost. Depending on the defined above scope and timeframe, DashDevs provides a customer with a rough estimate. And don’t forget that you can save on recruitment, hardware, and many more with a dedicated team model!

2. Team formation

And here comes another significant stage that determines the success of your product — building your project team. This doesn’t take long, as DashDevs already has the best tech talents ready to start your solution development. Here are the criteria we select and hire the employees by:

  • Hard skills. Your dedicated team will consist of real experts specializing in a variety of coding languages, cloud security, IT automation, etc. You’ll get engineers who already have experience working with the tech stack required for your project.
  • Soft skills. We place special emphasis on communication, collaboration, teamwork, and time management skills. On top of that, our dedicated team members are open-minded, adaptable, and can think critically.

3. Agreement and kick-off

Expected team composition, a plan of activities, budget and time estimations are formulated in an agreement. Once you approve it, a dedicated team can start working on your project development. You get constant updates and can see the overall performance, but management and daily control aren’t on you. Leave it to product managers.

Find Your Dedicated Development Team with DashDevs

If building a unique software product is your goal, then your business will certainly benefit from our dedicated development team services. No recruitment and training! No administrative issues! Tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best to bring your idea to life! Our hand-selected specialists have delivered 500+ projects for small и mid-size companies. So if you need a professional IT consultation or want to find the answers to disturbing questions, contact DashDevs! We’ll do our best to take you through the wilderness of the software development world!

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