Prime Athletic Platform: evaluate. Develop. perform.

This product is an innovative solution that collects users’ data in one database and constructs dynamic ranking. The platform is designed for coaches and parents who seek accurate assessments of athlete progress, turning to evaluations for valuable insights. The solutions is a leading independent evaluation service that collaborates with top training facilities and academies. Users can explore live leaderboards, compare performance, and manage multiple athletes seamlessly across various sports in one app.
Location USA
Team Size 6 people
Duration 4 months
Budget $ 200K
Case mobile app interface


Desktop app screen
  1. Real-time leaderboard for athletes, built on their performance metrics.
  2. Simultaneous access for a large number of athletes and coaches
  3. Daily data input from both competitions and athletes’ training sessions.
  4. Migrate the existing client database to the new system


  • The app, a premier independent evaluation service, collaborates seamlessly with top-tier training facilities.
  • Seamlessly migrated data from the previous system to the new one, according to the updated data format without requiring any additional actions from users.
  • Contactless client identification system.
  • Automatized process of recording video of athletes' results.
  • Real-time leaderboards built on mathematical models, where athletes score is defined based on 30+ indicators, determining leaders across various cohorts and sports.
Tablet app activity

our input

Ios development
Solution architecture
Back-end Development
delivery Management
Quality Assurance
Project management
Business analysis
Front-end Development


Our success is built on transforming the client's innovative ideas into reality and orchestrating a product launch into the competitive market.

service in the market

The product swiftly became the top player in the sports market, proving its remarkable success in the industry.

months to launch

We built complex leaderboards tracking stats for hundreds of users in four months for our first release.

product users

We crafted a platform connecting like-minded sport lovers to keep track of their feats in a friendly community.

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App Functionality
Tablet app filter results
Event Schedule
real-time leaderboards
Real-time Feel with AR & VR
score calculation
QR code scanning
Contactless ID
Social network
video recording
profile update
Multi-Sport Support
performance check
photo & Video viewing
custom notifications
how we did it
Real-time usage on events
collected a large amount of data from numerous athletes, simultaneously at the event, and recorded video footage of athletes' results.
month to launch
dedicated to developing from scratch, ensuring an on-time launch.
MUlti-sport media resources
adaptability for basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and other sports.
Contactless id
Contactless client identification system
Automated verification
of athletes results in real-time
Social network
The system worked like a social network. Athletes uploaded their data and interacted with staff and each other through comments and interactions.

we used

Technologies icon .Net
Technologies icon Swift
Technologies icon PostgreSQL
Technologies icon Elasticsearch
Technologies icon AWS
Technologies icon Kubernetes
Technologies icon Docker
Technologies icon GitLab
Creation Process
business analysis & requirements creation

Our primary objective was to expand the existing solution to attract a broader user and client base. Key priorities included digitizing business processes to ensure product accessibility across various platforms and devices. Leveraging our expertise, we compiled a comprehensive list of requirements and conducted an analysis to determine the necessary resources for integrating all objectives into a unified solution.

Project & delivery managment

DashDevs team employed a strategic approach to oversee the efficient execution of the outlined requirements. We initiated a robust project management framework to coordinate tasks, allocate resources, and ensure timely delivery. Emphasizing effective communication and collaboration, we implemented agile methodologies to adapt to evolving needs and maintain flexibility throughout development. Our project managers closely monitored progress and adjusted strategies as needed to uphold project timelines and client expectations.

architecture design

We built an optimized solution that efficiently addresses the business problem while enhancing the user experience. To overcome the challenge of inefficient recording and sorting of athlete performances, we strategically designed a Mobile Application that integrates QR code scanning on the athlete's wristband for real-time identification, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Our architecture also automated the selection of the best performance metrics and provided a live leaderboard for users to track their athletes' scores in real time.

product development

The backend development process involved meticulous planning, coding, and testing to guarantee a robust and scalable solution. The integration of Swift and .NET technologies enabled seamless functionality and optimal performance across iOS and other platforms, providing users with a unified and responsive experience. Our team's expertise in full backend development and utilization of versatile technologies contributed to the successful creation of a multi-platform solution for the project.

Maintenance & Support

DashDevs continued its collaborative partnership with the client for 1.5 years, ensuring the product's ongoing smooth operation and successful market launch. We worked closely with various stakeholders, collaborating seamlessly with different teams to address emerging issues, implement updates, and optimize the product's performance. We maintained a proactive approach, conducting regular assessments and providing timely support to address any challenges that arose post-launch.


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