iOL Pay

Global hospitality payment solution supporting 250+ payment methods

iOL Pay is global automated payment acceptance solutions for hospitality industry. It allows hotels and other travel providers to connect to iWTX marketplace. It supports 26 languages, 140 presentment currencies and 250+ payment methods ensuring customer has choices to seamlessly and efficiently complete a transaction.
Location GLOBAL
Industry FINTECH
Team Size 8 people
Duration 3 months
Budget $150K
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IOL-pay laptop screen
  1. Strict time & budget constraints: Deliver customisable & easy to integrate payment solution from the scratch in 3 month.
  2. Create B2B2C platform to implement native payments instead external services replace in order to reduce costs.
  3. Create 3 SDK to reduce integration time of B2C client platforms into B2B iWTX marketplace.
  4. Create customisable form for client integrations.


iOL Pay is global payment acceptance solutions for the hospitality industry. Supporting 26 languages, 140 presentment currencies and 250+ payment methods ensuring customer has choices to seamlessly and efficiently complete a transaction.

It allows easy integration in any hospitality booking system and significantly reduces operational costs, minimises fraud, cuts wasted inventory and adds a new revenue streams. It includes backend solution itself, Web application, iOS, Android & JS SDK and back-office.

IOL-pay mobile app activity

our input

UI/UX Design
Solution arcitecture
Ios development
Android development
Back-end Development
Front-end Development
Quality Assurance
Cloud & Devops
Business analysis
Project management


We're proud of being instrumental to our clients success and sure that easy to integrate solution will assure extensive business growth.

international markets

Our knowledge & expertise helped to create product that helped to launch business presence in 37 international markets.

payment methods

DashDevs has built a product from scratch that allowed an easy integration of multiple payment methods and partner with Visa and Mastercard.

client hotels

iOL Pay payment solution is integrated into rapidly growing Illusions online marketplace among whose clients are Marriott, Hilton and others.

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App Functionality
IOL pay mobile app filter results
Payment processing
Virtual Ledger
custom Payment links
automated check-in & check-out
smart revenue technology
Apple Pay & Google Pay
scheduled payments
iOS, Android & JS SDK
multi currency support
Multi Region & language support
currency exchange management
Customer Support
how we did it
full responsibility
for final product from Architecture to UI/UX & Technical solution
month to launch
development from scratch with tight budget constraints
years of partnership
total partnership length after product release
Business efficient
multi currency recurring & scheduled payment systems
native SDK
for iOS, Android and JS flexible & efficient integrations
payment method integrations
along with Stripe, Google pay & Apple pay which allowed partnership with Visa and Mastercard

we used

Technologies icon React
Technologies icon .Net
Technologies icon Kotlin
Technologies icon Swift
Technologies icon Azure
Creation Process
Product consulting

We helped to grow and develop our clients idea. Based on our technical and business expertise we steered it into direction that allow future solution to expand smoothly and ensure business growth. Dashdevs helped to shape product vision.

Product vision

After we clarified product vision we transformed it into the feature list. After researching market constraints and gathering all product requirements from all stakeholders we worked on preparation of detailed product description.

Product design

After we clarified the feature list our team shaped wireframes that fit the chosen target audience. We worked on a concept which wouldn’t be just easy in use, but also could be scaled or changed due to different client needs.

architecture design

With clear understanding of full scope we made a list of all required vendors for and performed deep research on their differences (in terms of price, quality, ability to scale and work with each other). After weighing all pros and cons from a business, technical, compliance and security perspective we proposed flexible and scalable solution architecture that is based on optimal vendors. That was challenging because of quantity integrations. For that reason was chosen cloud based solution. Which could assure stable and flexible solution.


Team of 10+ engineers worked on developing simultaneously 4 products: iOS, Android and JS SDK along with Web back office portal. We integrated with numerous different service providers. That was challenging because the application success depends on how reliable compatibility of integrated services are.

Maintenance & Support

After releasing the solution we continued on implementing new features. Our partnership has been successful for 2 years.


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