User-friendly and Responsive Life-Style Mobile App

Keen is a user-friendly and inclusive application aimed to help people make better everyday decisions. The app connects users with advisors for an established price via phone calls or other communication channels. Keen also allows viewing personalized horoscopes and other hobby-connected content for free.
Team Size 4 experts
Duration 1 year
Budget $ 200K+
Case mobile app interface


Keen two mobile app screen
  1. Create clear and user friendly interface to work on various platforms.
  2. Multileveled QA process: web sockets, payments, and in-app purchases testing.
  3. Create an opportunity for users from different countries to get calls from the specialists via SoIP telephony.
  4. Integrate large amount of analytical tools.


Keen is a popular app in the App Store and Play Market for personalized lifestyle advice in areas of love, relationships, and more. The consultation takes up to 10-minutes and can help users solve the problems that puzzle them the most.

The application includes in-app purchases that work seamlessly, enabling customers to get on the call with the chosen advisor in minutes. And if the advisor is unavailable at the moment, the user can leave a request for them to call back ASAP.

Keen mobile app activity

our input

UI/UX Design
Solution architecture
Ios development
Android development
Back-end Development
Quality Assurance
Cloud & Devops
Business analysis
Project management


Our team is proud to watch Keen getting so much well-deserved attention from users and helping them on the production stage.

rating on each platform

Keen has earned a loyal customer base across the world with over 4.5 stars rating in App Store and Play Market.

app downloads

Keen applications has been downloaded by over 400+ thousand over the world.

Conversations conducted

42M+ conversation were conducted through Keen application with the best lifestyle advisors in different countries.

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App Functionality
Keen mobile app filter results
SoIP telephony
In-app purchases
In-app chat
Payment systems integration
Interactive games
Customer support
Search filter
Personalized horoscopes
Real-time reviews
Advisor availability status
Best Match tool
Arranged callbacks
how we did it
full responsibility
for final high-tech Solution Architecture that meets numerous load, data, speed & security requirements
month to launch
of first release solution that met all technical requirements
research & proposition
of different approaches of working with data & calls
cutting edge
technology combination: highload & high availability
years of partnership
total partnership length after first product release
Top-notch technology integrations
We used PayPal for in-app purchases and SoIP telephony to ensure customers from across the world can receive calls via an app

we used

Technologies icon Flutter
Technologies icon Javascript
Technologies icon iOS
Technologies icon Android
Creation Process
Product vision

We’ve analyzed the industry and aligned our vision with the initial idea of the customer. Together, we were able to form and test hypotheses, ensuring the best market fit for Keen.


Our technical expertise allowed us to create a list of technologies and vendors required for the development. With deep research, we found the best third party technologies and APIs to integrate in Keen.

architecture design

Our team worked closely with the business requirements of our customer. This way we ensured that the proposed architecture was based on the business and technical compliances of the customers’ business.

Product design

After we clarified the feature list and conducted thorough research our team shaped wireframes that fit the chosen target audience. We worked on a concept which wouldn’t be just user friendly, but also could be scaled or changed due to different client needs in the future.


DashDevs made a great effort to ensure that the Keen application is inclusive and accessible to everyone considering the 17+ rating on AppStore. We also overcame the challenges of customers not being able to receive calls in several geographical locations. Overall, we created an app that is able to perform under any circumstances regardless of the customer base size.

Maintenance & Support

We and Ingenio have had a successful partnership in terms of technical cooperation for over 8 years. During this time we helped to improve and modernize Keen.


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