Retirement planning platform, boost savings & tax reporting

The platform is designed to help users boost their retirement savings and plan for a better future. Users can easily enter their personal details, income, and preferences, so the system can give them accurate financial advice. It includes features like investor profile, planning finances, reporting taxes, and saving money, making financial planning easier for anyone.
Location EU
Industry FINTECH
Team Size 6 people
Duration 1.5 months
Budget $30K
Case mobile app interface


MyIODD laptop screen
  1. The client approached us with an existing financial application that had UI/UX shortcomings.
  2. The main feature of the application, the Tax Report, had poor usability and did not meet the needs of the target audience
  3. The main challenges for users: a) a lengthy form, b) unclear questions, c) lack of rewards upon completion, d) misunderstanding the purpose of the questionnaire.
  4. The client requested that to revamp the design concept and enhance the user experience of the application.


The Myiodd financial planning platform underwent a significant upgrade to improve user experience and engagement. We simplified the Tax Report questionnaire by using yes/no options and organizing it into a single easy-to-use page, allowing users to input their financial information quickly.

The platform's new interface features a progress bar and user-friendly input fields, ensuring clarity and simplicity. We provide clear explanations of benefits and incentives for completing the questionnaire. Ongoing collaboration with the client includes continuous monitoring and user feedback integration to improve the functionality of the platform, ensuring the app meets user needs with a focus on user-friendly design and efficiency.

MyIODD Tax Report questionnaire

our input

UI/UX Design
Front-end Development
Back-end Development
Project management
Quality Assurance
Business analysis


We implemented solutions that led to a 30% increase in user engagement and a 60% reduction in questionnaire completion time, guiding clients towards brighter financial horizons.

Increased user engagement

We improved user engagement by 30% through simpler processes and a better user experience.

Days Implementation Timeline

Our team made the changes in just a month and a half, showing we can work quickly without sacrificing quality.

reduced questionnaire completion time

We cut the time it takes to finish the questionnaire in half, making it easier and faster for users to get things done.

App Functionality
MyIODD Taxes form
Pension and Tax Guidance
Financial Planning
Investment Profile
Saving Plans
Financial Assistance
Tax Savings options
Personalized Investment Recommendations
tax report questionnaire
how we did it
Proof of Success
After completing the UI/UX redesign, we increased user engagement by 30% and decreased questionnaire completion time by 60%.
Team Synergy
Transparent communication and coordinated efforts resulted in improved product quality.
redesign challenge
Our team created a solution tailored specifically to the needs of the target audience.
expert guidance
Thanks to our deep expertise in UI/UX, we delivered an intuitive and user-friendly solution.
ongoing partnership
Success in the initial collaboration phase led to further product improvements.
Continuous Collaboration and Communication Match
We maintained regular communication with the client, provided progress updates, and addressed their requests promptly.

we used

Technologies icon Javascript
Technologies icon React
Technologies icon HTML5
Technologies icon CSS
Technologies icon PHP 5-7
Technologies icon Laravel
Creation Process
Consultation & Requirement Gathering

We conducted detailed interviews with the client to understand their objectives and challenges, gathering requirements that informed the creation of User Story artifacts. This phase laid the foundation for designing a platform that meets the client's needs effectively.

User Story & use Case Development

Using the gathered requirements, our Business Analysis team crafted User Stories that outlined specific user interactions and functionalities. For example, one User Story described how users would use the platform, such as choosing an account type and entering information in fields, ensuring a smooth user experience post-registration.

UI/UX Design for User Flow

With approved User Stories and Use Cases, our UI/UX team worked on designing a functional and user-friendly interface. By incorporating client feedback and adhering to best practices, we created a seamless user flow that enhances the overall platform experience.

Development & Delivery

During the development phase, we translated the designed UI/UX into a fully functional platform, integrating features like account creation, onboarding questions, document uploading, and questionnaire completion flow. Rigorous testing and iteration provide the delivery of a high-quality product within the agreed timeline.

Approval & Feedback Integration

Following development, the platform underwent thorough testing and review with the client. We integrated feedback and suggestions to refine and optimize the platform further, ensuring alignment with client expectations and user needs.


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