Award-Winning modular white label banking platform

PI1 app is a branchless financial institution that comes with a full line of banking products and services to help every individual: invest, manage, spend, and earn more efficiently and wisely. It's set to transform the global financial industry and make financial services transparent and affordable to everyone.
Location UK
Industry FINTECH
Team Size 80+ people
Duration 2 years
Budget $4M+
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Pi-1 two mobile app screen
  1. Time constraints: Deliver white label banking solution from the scratch in 9 month.
  2. Create B2B2C platform for combining EMI and MiFID II licences.
  3. Integrate with 30+ vendors, including KYC, AML, Document recognition, etc.
  4. Enable future business growth by designing scalable & flexible solution.


Pi1 is a cloud-based BaaS platform that provides multiple solutions for banks and fintechs back office & progressive built-in analytics. It integrates best-in-class fintech solutions into a single API for end-to-end digital banking services and offers white label out of the box solutions.

Solution offers their customers overview of all user lifecycle data (from add in social media till last product use), to provide this service the platform combines operational data with over 30 other data sources, enabling analytics and machine learning.

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our input

UI/UX Design
Solution arcitecture
Ios development
Android development
Back-end Development
Front-end Development
Quality Assurance
Cloud & Devops
Business analysis
Project management


We're proud of being instrumental to our clients success and sure that stable and flexible solution will assure stable growth in the future.

funds raised

Our knowledge & expertise helped to create product that helped to raise £5M at Seed Round and additional capital £10M due to solid development.

Monthly active users

DashDevs has built a product from scratch that currently supporting load in 50K DAU (daily active users) for 3 banks created based on Pi1 platform.

turnover Monthly

Banks created on the base of Pi1 platform currently are generating more than £2M monthly cash flow volume and grow.

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App Functionality
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Card issuing
Payment processing
AML & Fraud
Wealth Management
Customer Support
how we did it
full responsibility
for final product from Architecture to UI/UX & Technical solution
month to launch
development from scratch with on time launch
stable & scalable
delivery processes that allowed to deliver on time
most efficient & cheap
integration KYC, AML & Document recognition combo
vendor integrations
with external providers, including choice & negotiation
constant involvement
in essential communication with Regulatory, Compliance and Business Owner stakeholders

we used

Technologies icon React
Technologies icon .Net
Technologies icon Kotlin
Technologies icon Swift
Technologies icon AWS

client testimonial


From the very early days I was struck by DashDevs pragmatic approach of balancing between development and business needs. It’s really rare to find a company that not only does tech for the sake of tech, but takes grounded decisions taking into account business considerations. We built together a pretty complicated platform with 40 vendors in less than 18 month. Dashdevs is much more than a technical agency, it gives you one team feeling.

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CEO and founder Dozens — Aritra Chakravarty Linkedin
Creation Process
Product vision

After analyzing the market we shaped vision to fit existing niche and worked closely with the clients team on forming hypotheses, testing them with independent focus groups, shaping and reshaping vision according to best market fit.

Product design

After we clarified the feature list our team shaped wireframes that fit the chosen target audience. We worked on a concept which wouldn’t be just easy in use, but also could be scaled or changed due to different client needs.

architecture design

With clear understanding of full scope we made a list of all required vendors for product creation and performed deep research on their differences (in terms of price, quality, ability to scale and work with each other). After weighing all pros and cons from a business, technical, compliance and security perspective we proposed flexible and scalable solution architecture that is based on optimal prised vendors.


Team of 65+ engineers worked on developing simultaneously 3 products: iOS, Android and Web back office portal. We integrated with 30+ different service providers. That was challenging because the application success depends on how reliable compatibility of integrated services are. We had to overcome: outdated API documentation, sub-partner dependencies that affected timelines and created codependencies, absence of meaningful technical support from vendors side & abrupt changes of vendors APIs or environment without notification.

Maintenance & Support

After releasing the MVP we continued on implementing new features and fixing bugs from clients feedback. Our frequent releases (every 2 weeks) even won an award for digital bank application based on the Pi1 platform (Dozens).


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