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As a part of a CTO service, we provide C-level managers and senior solution architects who are experienced in creating an effective technology strategy. We know how to lead your project to success, whether it is in its initial or mature stage of development.

When you need CTOaaS

Innovative & uniques software solutions, that customely tailored for your business needs utions, that customely tailored for your business needs

Lack of technical vision

Selecting the proper technology strategy is crucial for project success. Our CTO advisory services will help you put your project on the right track and ensure it avoids any obstacles and failures.

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Dashdevs continually sharpens its software development techniques to make your fintech product shine. We’ve finalized numerous projects in all corners of the world. Projects: Plaid, Telehouse, MX Technologies Inc.

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Project at the idea stage
Project at the MVP stage

DashDevs continually sharpens its software development techniques to make your fintech product shine. We’ve finalized numerous projects in all corners of the world. Projects: Solidifi, Stripe, Solid, Marqeta, GPS Global processing services, Cross River, Bankable, Treezor, Cambr, Starling Bank, Clear Bank, Thought Machine.

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DashDevs continually sharpens its software development techniques to make your fintech product shine. We’ve finalized numerous projects in all corners of the world. Projects: PayPal, Razorpay, 3Brain, Helcim, Payment Cloud, Stripe, Affirm, Square, Amazon Pay, Ingenico, National Processing, Shopify, Verifone, Stax.

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Project with scaling ambitions
Integration of new technologies

DashDevs continually sharpens its software development techniques to make your fintech product shine. We’ve finalized numerous projects in all corners of the world. Projects: GPS Global Processing Services, Idemia, Thales, Publicenter, Nite Crest, Allpay Cards, Tag.

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DashDevs continually sharpens its software development techniques to make your fintech product shine. We’ve finalized numerous projects in all corners of the world. Projects: Currency Cloud, Fixer, Exchangerates, Exchange Rate - API, Xignite, Currency Layer, IBAN, Open Exchange Rates, Xe.

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Legacy project requiring upgrades
Cloud migration

DashDevs continually sharpens its software development techniques to make your fintech product shine. We’ve finalized numerous projects in all corners of the world. Projects: Affirm, Blend, Open Lending, Stavvy, Rightfoot, AllCloud, Open, Monevo, Plaid.

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DashDevs continually sharpens its software development techniques to make your fintech product shine. We’ve finalized numerous projects in all corners of the world. Projects: Blackwave Trading Platform, X Open Hub, Trade Smarter, Alpaca, Interactive Brokers, Ameritrade.

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Types of CTO as a service provided by DashDevs

Choose CTO services aligned with your project needs


Full-time CTO

We can provide a dedicated specialist to work exclusively on your project. The full-time CTO as a Service acts the same way as an in-house CTO, with the only difference being that their employment is formalized through a service company.


Part-time CTO

A part-time expert will provide their CTO services for a specific number of hours per day or a certain number of days per week. The exact working hours will be agreed upon with you after analyzing the project and determining the scope of work.


Project-based CTO

This CTO service offers strategic leadership for a specific project or initiative. The option is ideal for businesses seeking expertise for a finite period to kick-start a project, overcome challenges, or implement a new technology solution.


One-time CTO

You can access a seasoned technology leader for a single CTO consulting or advisory session. Whether you need advice to validate your tech strategy or require assistance with a specific challenge, our CTOs are here to help.


What services
CTOaaS includes


Technical strategy development

We outline how technology will be utilized to achieve your business goals with minimal effort. Our CTO will help you develop software architecture, set up IT infrastructure, define integration strategy, and implement security procedures.


Technical stack selection

Our CTO will assess your project and propose the best tech stack considering scalability, performance, and future maintenance needs. With our guidance, you'll leverage the latest technologies to ensure optimal product efficiency and flexibility.


Technology Roadmap development

The CTO will create and maintain a roadmap for the implementation of technology initiatives. This roadmap will outline key projects, timelines, resource requirements, and milestones to ensure alignment with your strategic objectives.


Team Leadership and Talent Development

Our CTO can help you develop an expert technology team. They will participate in recruiting and retaining top talents. Additionally, they will provide mentorship, ensure professional development, and promote diversity.


Development budget optimisation

Our CTO will analyze project requirements, identify cost-saving opportunities, and prioritize development efforts. They will allocate resources to ensure that your budget is utilized effectively without sacrificing business results.


Development process improvement

The CTO will evaluate your current development workflows and identify inefficiencies. They will implement best managerial practices to streamline your development lifecycle, minimize downtimes, and shorten time-to-market.


of cto as a service

Clearl technology strategy

After collaborating with our CTO consultant, you will get a comprehensive technology strategy aligned with your business goals. This strategy will identify key development initiatives, provide technology roadmaps, and prioritize investment activities.

Compliance with industry regulations

CTO services offer professional guidance on how to comply with applicable regulations. For example, if you develop a fintech app, the CTO will advise on how to comply with PCI DSS; if you build healthcare software, the CTO will assist you in the compliance procedures outlined in HIPAA.

Robust security strategy

By opting for CTO as a service, you can hire an expert who is well-versed in various types of cyber attacks and knows how to resist them. Our CTO will help you implement security measures that will minimize the risk of malicious intrusion and prevent fraud.

Development cost optimization

With a wealth of knowledge in the latest technologies, the CTO can assist you in developing a strategy that will not only be effective for your product, but also fit your budget. By relying on expert advice, you can save money in the long run and achieve maximum return on investment.

Established development team

The CTO will assist you in assembling or finalizing a development team, considering the unique requirements of the project. They will be involved in conducting technical interviews to ensure that the team is staffed with skilled individuals possessing both technical and interpersonal abilities.

Efficient IT infrastructure

The CTO will assist you in choosing and configuring your IT infrastructure. If you plan to develop a cloud-based application, they can recommend the most suitable cloud providers and their services. For hybrid and on-premises apps, they can provide advice on setting up in-house or bare metal servers.

modern app architecture

For existing projects, the CTO consultant evaluates the architecture, identifies bottlenecks, and suggests how to improve it. For new projects, the CTO designs an architecture from scratch. Architecture deliverables include system design, data model, architectural patterns, framework selection, etc.

Improved technical decision-making

The Chief Technology Officer will be your trusted advisor in the world of technologies, trends, and development best practices. You can consult with them on any issues that arise. The knowledge shared will enable you to make informed decisions in all your future project endeavors.

We help startups and mature businesses shape their technology strategy

Our team

Our cases

Pi-1 mobile app screen
Pi-1 is Award-Winning white label cloud platform
iOL Pay desktop payment methods screen
iOL Pay is Global hospitality payment solution supporting 250+ payment methods
iWTX desktop main page
Illusions World Travel eXchange (iWTX) is leading hospitality marketplace
MuchBetter mobile payment app interface
MuchBetter is a revolutionary award-winning Industry-leading e-wallet & payment app
TMZ mobile app screen
one of the leading news websites in the US
Keen mobile app screen
User-friendly and Responsive Life-Style Mobile App
Fitgrid mobile app screen
FitGrid is all-new fitness software that helps fitness studio owners
Downing mobile app screen
Downing is a Successful Investment Management Platform Focused On Creating Sustainable Future
Chip mobile app screen
Transforming Saving and Investment with Cutting-Edge CHIP Technology
Tarabut mobile app screen
Tarabut is MENA’s first regulated Open Banking platform
Aspiration mobile app screen
Aspiration is a comprehensive green solution banking app
Inablr mobile app screen
Innovative investment platform for sovereign bonds trading
Vlorish mobile app screen
Vlorish is all in one B2B2C Budgeting Solution for the Digital Economy
Hunkenmuller mobile app screen
The Application that Redefines Intimate Wear Shopping
NDA mobile app screen
Prime Athletic Platform: evaluate. Develop. perform.
Cameo mobile app screen
Application that turn every user into mobile video editing wizard

Benefits of outsourced cto services

Cost cutting

By opting for service CTO, you bypass the expenses tied to recruitment, social benefits, and equipment provision. Moreover, CTO as a Service cost is lower compared to hiring in-house expert because you gain swift access the precise expertise you need.

Reduced recruitment burden

Consulting CTO eliminates the need for time-consuming recruitment processes. Instead of investing resources in hiring a full-time CTO, you can swiftly onboard our professionals to lead your technology initiatives.

Better performance

The seasoned CTO will leverage their vast experience to refine your tech infrastructure and optimize software functionality. The result? Improved efficiency, reliability, and performance that propel your business forward.

Risk mitigation

Prior to formalizing a partnership with us, you will meet the CTO consultant and discuss the cooperation goals. This will help you understand whether the candidate is right for you and whether you have the same project vision.

Access to specialized expertise

Partnering with us for virtual CTO services grants you access to experts across domains. Whether your project is about fintech, hospitality, media, or healthcare, we can shape the strategy to drive it towards success.

Unbiased guidance

CTOaaS brings an outsider's perspective, free from internal biases or vested interests. The CTO consultant ensures that the recommendations and decisions focus solely on what's best for your business.

How you can opt for CTO services from DashDevs

We offer CTO as a Service for startups and enterprises. Here is how it works


If you need CTO services, you can fill out the contact form or book a call directly on our website. Our specialists will get in touch with you within a few hours or connect to a call at your preferred time to discuss your project.


During the call, we will discuss the details of the project, understand your requirements and expectations, and explain how we can address them. If necessary, we can schedule follow-up meetings in order to get on the same page regarding the goals to be achieved.


Our next step is to outline a proposal that will introduce our Chief Technology Officer as a service offering. The proposal will provide an in-depth understanding of what is included in the CTO services and the associated costs that come with them.


If you agree with the proposal, we will proceed to sign a contract that clearly outlines the responsibilities and obligations of each party. Once the contract is signed, we can begin working together. Now is the time to leverage the expertise of our provisioned CTO to boost your startup or enterprise!

Why DashDevs is
a perfect place to hire CTO

At DashDevs, we specialize in providing IT services for startups and established businesses. Here's why we're your one-stop solution for CTO advice and consulting:

Entrepreneurial mindset

We have helped numerous projects to evolve from ideas into profit-generating products. With our CTO services, you can get a technology strategy that goes hand in hand with your business goals.


Senior technical expertise

At DashDevs, we have a keen grasp of the CTO meaning in business. We provide experts who not only know how to manage development but also have hands-on experience in your technology stack.


Strategic architectural advice

Our specialists design scalable solutions to support your long-term growth objectives. Whether you are a mature business or a startup, our CTO advice can help refine your architecture to meet business needs.


What is a CTO in a company?

A CTO, or Chief Technology Officer, is a senior executive who develops and provides technology strategy for a company. The CTO ensures that this strategy aligns with business goals and is efficient in the long run. CTO often leads the development of new products and upgrades of legacy products. They manage technical teams and provide innovation within the organization.

What is a CTO service?

A CTO service is a form of partnership that allows companies to hire experienced technology leaders on a temporary or part-time basis. Instead of entering into a direct contract with the employee, the company signs a contract with a service provider that provides the CTO services.

What are the benefits of CTO as a service?

The main benefit of CTO as a service is that it provides you with access to technology leaders quickly and at a more affordable price. You avoid recruiting hassle and costs associated with equipment provision and social benefits. Another benefit is that you can hire a CTO part-time or for a specific period instead of hiring a full-time in-house employee.

What does a CTO do in a startup?

In a startup, a CTO plays a pivotal role in developing and executing the company’s technology strategy. They oversee product development, manage technical teams, and make key technology decisions. The CTO in a startup often leads the MVP development and then guides its transformation into a full-fledged product.

Can I outsource a CTO?

Yes, you can outsource a CTO through a service called CTO as a Service or CTOaaS. This will help you access experienced CTOs on a flexible basis. You can get strategic technology guidance without the need for a full-time, in-house CTO.

What is a CTO in consulting?

CTO in consulting means that you hire a CTO consultant rather than a full-time, in-house CTO. The CTO consultant may provide their services on a part-time or one-time basis. They can also be involved in solving specific tasks or guiding particular initiatives.