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FinTech Consulting Services

Emerging opportunities, challenges, and the growing complexity are quickly reshaping the banking industry and become the new normal. The trend-setting challengers and disruptive technologies disturb the market structure, raise customer expectations, and cost companies a pretty penny. With financial consulting services, we enable industry leaders to focus on what's essential — transforming, ascending, and creating value — all while navigating risks and driving innovation.   The DashDevs fintech solutions are powered by extensive hands-on industry experience and supported by advanced technical knowledge and a thorough understanding of rules and regulations. Combining all that, we can not only cut to the chase and provide you with an unbiased assessment of what will and won't work but can also assist you with technology advisory, proficient execution, prompt delivery, and ongoing support.

FinTech Consulting Services

Access to a talent pool of 90+ engineers


Dedicated BD managers and analysts


Full-cycle development on a turnkey basis


Best Fintech Industry security practices


Custom engagement and loyalty solutions


10 Years of hands-on fintech experience

DashDevs in Numbers

Originally founded in 2010, DashDevs has grown into an international consulting agency with worldwide offices in 3 locations and a vast talent pool of 120+ experienced engineers.

Measurable Experience

  • Well-versed in fintech: We have 20+ successfully delivered digital banking projects under our belt
  • Committed to long-term objectives: The average time we spend working with a client is 6 years
  • Driven by inevitability of change: We have been focusing on microservice-based architecture for 7 years

Banking and Financial Services Consulting Capabilities

For DashDevs, a winning partnership means helping you solve tricky issues and thrive on opportunities to yield better outcomes, foster stable growth, and protect your business today and in the future.

Banking Solutions

Today, banking solutions include mobile and/or web applications with the orchestration layer and numerous third-party integrations for payments, card management, as well as KYC and AML checks. The DashDevs team has rich experience in building the core platform for smart process management to help you coordinate account balance and money movements, and carry out particular banking activities. Together with you, we create banking software that provides user management services to control user statuses and states within the system.


Before individuals get access to fintech apps, they must be verified by the system. Leverage our rich experience and proven solutions to understand users' risk profile and prevent fraud, identity theft, and money laundering. DashDevs provides you with a holistic set of advisory services to set up and advance your document validity checks, screen users across national databases, perform liveness detection and proof of address, as well as supplemental tests to prevent fraudulent activities.

Card Issuing

Our team offers comprehensive support to fintech leaders and payment providers with the consulting card issuing services — from design and packaging to successful production. We help you create a design that is compliant with Visa or Mastercard requirements, pass through the approval process, and print out the proof samples. Additionally, we assist you with the architecture of the orchestration layer to ensure convenient card management flow with efficient issuing and reissuing processes.

Domestic Payment Solutions

DashDevs brings exceptional capabilities, experience, and scale to cater to the payment needs of fintech disruptors, banking and financial institutions, and other industry players. Partner with our team to effectively implement payment functionality and make it smooth and error-free for users. We provide advisory services relating to the movement of funds, account transactions, fee calculations, and anti-money laundering processes.

Cross-Border Payment Solutions

Our payments consulting team empowers you to expand the capabilities of your fintech software solutions with various international wage types such as SWIFT, IBAN, SEPA, and some others. We keep in mind that FX rates and fees vary during the day, while each country has its own requirements for each payment type, so we help you manage risks associated with cross-border payments and perform special checks to avoid money-laundering.

General Ledger System

Our team works closely with you to solve complex challenges associated with general ledger development, integration, and maintenance. We bring industry-oriented knowledge and practical skills to help you set up the system to control all the settlements and payouts, keep information about account balances and money movements, and enable treasurers to perform checkout and reconciliation processes.

Security Service Offerings for the Leading FinTech Companies

We utilize proven tools and latest technologies to address existing and potential vulnerabilities and exposes associated with privacy and security of sensitive financial and personal data.

PCI DSS Compliance

DashDevs enables industry innovators to comply with the rigorous payment requirements and so fuel customer confidence and build long-lasting relationships. We act as PCI DSS advocates to advise on the integration techniques, security methods, and upcoming changes to simplify and streamline the certification procedure for you.


Our team works closely with you at all the FIPS 140-2 validation or certification stages — sharing insights and best practices to prevent time-consuming and expensive delays. We consult you on the strategy, documentation, gap analysis, algorithm validation, and certificate maintenance, all while letting your team focus on product development and enhancement.

Authorized Penetration Testing

We support you with authorized penetration testing services to unveil software, infrastructure, or system weaknesses and critical non-compliance with current security regulations and standards. Our team performs diligent security audit and provides you with detailed recommendations on how to validate and improve safety features, minimize business risks, and keep up your reputation.

FinTech Advisory Services to Empower Your Growth

In the fast-paced digital world, we help you innovate and set the industry pace through updated process efficiency, better customer experiences, and more effective use of technologies.

Integration & Scaling

We apply our practical knowledge of the industry-leading change management methods to assist you with smooth integration and further scaling of your fintech solutions and technologies. Along the way, we encourage you to grow, navigate the competition, and meet new customer expectations through our expertise in technology, audit, and risk advisory.

Customer Support

We sit on the advisory and management boards of the most game-changing fintech apps, which enhances our insights into industry trends and market dynamics. We leverage this knowledge to guide you through the planning, troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrading stages and force through even the toughest challenges time- and cost-efficiently.

Incident Reporting

Malfunctioning of fintech products requires urgent actions and thorough analysis to prevent the recurrence. We work side by side with you to understand the root cause of the situation, discover weaknesses within your system, and come up with techniques and measures to ensure software stability, consistency, and fault tolerance in the future.

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Our Approach

Your experience in doing business with us is as significant as the experience we create for your customers.

  1. Scientific Approach

    Combining rich industry expertise and extensive technical knowledge with progressive analytical skills, we create a practical roadmap from here to your delivered product. Our team practices a hypothesis-driven development method to validate ideas, proceed with the most efficient strategies, and ensure that the required outcomes will be achieved time- and cost-effectively.

    Scientific Approach
  2. Agile Management

    We apply our best practices and proven principles in Agile software development to ensure on-time delivery and superior product quality, enable better responsiveness to customer needs and your business goals, as well as unlock continuous optimization of products to grow your market share.

    Agile Management
  3. Comprehensive Reports

    DashDevs keeps the end-to-end custom application development process transparent and coherent for you. We hold regular retrospective meetings and send detailed reports to ensure your full control over the project and its absolute compliance with the expectations.

    Comprehensive Reports