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DashDevs, professional Flutter mobile app development company in the USA, utilizes Flutter to assist clients in developing strong and visually appealing mobile applications. Flutter is a cross-platform application development technology from Google. Furthermore, an app created with Flutter is identical to the native one, and it helps users save resources and time without sacrificing quality. Our team can create handy online mobile applications that will operate on iOS, Android, or any other OS for you using Flutter technology

Flutter App Development


Flutter Consulting 

Hire Flutter mobile app development services in the USA! Contact DashDevs advisers if you want to be certain that Flutter is the best match for your upcoming product. We will work with you to determine the optimal method and timeline for your project.


Cross Platform 
mobile Development

You can hire the best Flutter mobile app development agency and find the only team for iOS and Android development if you utilize the same codebase for both. Having a single team for both Android and iOS app development reduces testing time, which means QA practices are substantially simplified and take less work.


Native App 

Rather than building different codebases for Android and iOS apps, hire Flutter development company in the USA and our developers will design a single one that works for both. This saves approximately half the time required to construct both applications natively.


Flutter App 

Apps developed in flutter can assist your business in providing users with the greatest app experience possible. We can develop stunning and easy-to-use designs thanks to a comprehensive collection of Material Design, Cupertino, and custom widgets produced using Flutter's framework.


Advantages of Flutter App

Fast App Development

Among the main benefits is unnecessity to do separate custom Flutter development for iOS and Android. You can hire Flutter software development team to create a sophisticated cross-platform project that will work on various mobile platforms. A unified codebase enables speedier development as opposed to two independent apps.

Minor Outlays

Flutter is the undisputed champion of mobile app development. It is simple to use and has no obvious or hidden expenses. This framework is used by many firms, ranging from huge enterprises to startups, and it assists in saving cost to develop a Flutter app.

Unique functions

Flutter connects with mobile phone cameras and location services. During the process of mobile app development with Flutter you may use the API to make purchases, process registrations, and set up integrations.


Because Flutter is a Google open-source development framework, its significance and scope are unrivaled, owing to the strength of the community. We can absolutely construct it in any way you want and develop a cross-platform application with Flutter.

Cool Features

Flutter includes a Hot Reload tool that boosts application productivity. For example, it lets developers examine previously made modifications on the fly, allowing for more rapid and precise development. This feature ensures that user interfaces can be built quickly and simply.

We Develop Apps
with Flutter for Verticals

Ecommerce app
Enterprise app Enterprise app
Blockchain app
Delivery app Delivery app
Healthcare app
Wallet app Wallet app
Real estate
Real estate apps
Taxi apps Taxi apps
Streaming apps
Booking apps Booking apps
Fitness applications
Marketplace apps
Fintech app Fintech app
Banking app Banking app
Travel applications
Insurance apps

Flutter App Development

Data collection

On this stage DashDevs, Flutter mobile application development company, entails gathering and analyzing statistical information, such as data on the intended audience, risks, clients' needs, opponents, trend analysis, and so on.

Strategy Development

The requirements document specifies the application functionalities, UI and security requirements, method of implementation, and financing.

Designing Stage

A prototype of the apps developed on Flutter is constructed in the form of independent functional blocks, followed by the creation of a unique design.

Development Process

Flutter is a programming language that is utilized throughout the whole creation stage. It allows the development of applications for many OS at the same time.

Final Testing

Professionals begin testing the program and its functionalities after the development stage and, if required, enhance the app and solve errors.

Product Launch

When the frontend and backend development stages are completed, the app is released to the market.

Constant Support

Since you hire a flutter development firm of experts, DashDevs provides technicians' help once the program is released on the market and starts being utilized.


Examples of Apps Developed
by Flutter

More than 150 organisations in 50+ countries trust our expertise

Technologies for Flutter
App Development

intellij Android Studio & IntelliJ
vscode Visual Studio Code
devtools DevTools
flutter Flutter SDK
flutter Flutter and the pubspec file
flutter Hot reload
flutter Code formatting
flutter Flutter Fix
intellij Android Studio & IntelliJ
vscode Visual Studio Code
devtools DevTools
flutter Flutter SDK
flutter Flutter and the pubspec file
flutter Hot reload
flutter Code formatting
flutter Flutter Fix

Why Hire a Dashdevs Flutter App
Development Company in the USA?

Adaptive Strategy

Find and hire a team that is best suited for you. Whether you select a specialized expert or a complete team, we will help you in every choice.

Critical Thinking

We think outside the box and look for methods both to deliver the desired outcomes and to significantly improve them.

Committed PMs

When you hire Flutter application development services you get a competent project manager, you will stay on top of the project without trying to delve into the details.

Top Developers

To design cutting-edge applications, our engineers keep a close watch on the latest technology.

Focused on Quality

Across every project we participate in, DashDevs team uses best methods, proven guidelines, and knowledgeable solutions.

Excellent Service

Our software development agency communicates with clients on a regular and truthful basis, establishing strong and long-term connections with them.

How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost?
The price of an app is determined by the amount of functionality or modifications required, the timeframe of developing Flutter apps, and the hired team expertise you choose. Based on these factors, Flutter app development can range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars for a fully tailored corporate solution. It is usually a great idea to request a quotation from the firm you work with so that you can evaluate the many alternatives available in terms of both price and quality.
So, if you desire to create an excellent flutter app, your goal is to select the ideal team that can meet your objectives and financial constraints. To do this, many entrepreneurs seek to outsource to Eastern Europe. And almost all businesses choose to outsource to Ukraine, not least because of its favorable quality-price ratio.
Is Flutter Good for App Development?
Flutter is a cross-platform technology, which means that a single codebase may operate on either Android or iOS. The app development process is therefore sped up. Obviously, it will not be cut in half, but designing a single codebase for both systems will take approximately 50% less effort than developing it individually for both platforms.
When your apps are finished and released, you may concentrate on growing your user base. This frequently entails switching the software into maintenance mode, when addressing issues takes precedence over adding new features. Many startups consider forming their own teams during this stage. It may be easier with Flutter because you just need to employ one mobile engineer for iOS and one for Android.
Utilizing Flutter is more akin to creating a game than it is to developing a mobile app. It provides a blank canvas, and the application draws all UI components. The Flutter team worked hard to properly reproduce Material UI components and Apple Design System elements. Furthermore, Flutter is a fantastic tool for you to develop your own elements as well. It is quite simple to create attractive custom UI components that will function on both Android and iOS. As a result, Flutter is an excellent solution for mobile apps with complex, unique UI designs.
What is Flutter App Development?
Google’s Flutter is a UI toolkit for creating cross-platform apps that can be compatible with iOS , Android, Windows, Linux, and so on. Flutter is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is an open-source and free toolkit for creating aesthetically attractive applications.
Flutter apps are created using Dart, a basic object-oriented programming language. Flutter’s fundamental concept is based around widgets. The complete UI is composed of several widgets, each of which specifies a structural element (such as a button), an aesthetic element (such as a font), a layout component, and so on.
Flutter has the potential to transform the market and dramatically cut costs. Aside from its capabilities, the application’s minimal manufacturing cost is a significant asset. This means that, increasingly, even modest internet retailers may make such an investment.
Why Should I Choose Flutter for App Development?
If you want to build native applications, you should understand that they can only operate on the specific platform for which they were designed, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and so on. But when you choose Flutter app development to create an app, you don’t have to think about such issues since it can operate on any device and platform. As a result, with a given development effort, you can create an app that can be utilized on numerous platforms and on gadgets with varying screen sizes.