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You're about to hire iOS app development company in USA for making, integrating, and maintaining software programs. We help you with every step of making a mobile app, from coming up with ideas to putting it on the market. Hire a mobile app development company in the U.S. to make software that will change the game.

DashDevs is a well-known provider of mobile apps

We can help you make the best iOS solution

skilled developers

Our dedicated team of experts spreads high-quality profit vision all over the world using the best iOS design techniques.

months rapid MVP DELIVERY

DashDevs can help you get your iOS app up and running quickly. We provide on-time releases and high-quality results.

years of experience

We spent more than a decade getting better at what we do as a company that makes custom software products for a wide range of industries. You can trust our experience.

Custom iOS App Development

iPad App 

DashDevs iOS app development agency can help you to give them something fresh and new that goes above and beyond what they're accustomed to, and make it easy to use on iPads

iPhone App 

Apple customers have come to expect that all of their devices will work together well. Hiring an iOS outsource development company could help with outstanding apps for iPhone.

iWatch App 

iWatch applications are a perfect solution to follow your customers everywhere they go. Create applications that will help them make payments and stay in touch 24/7.

Apple TV App 

Modern times need modern solutions, and Apple TV apps are the new black. Our iOS team will help you at creating cutting-edge applications.

Why Hire a Dashdevs iOS App
Development Agency in the USA?

Scientific approach

Our custom iPhone application development services are delivered with your company in our mind and a clear path to completion in mind. We do this by combining our deep knowledge of your business with our expertise in the latest technology and analytical methods.

Agile management

Using the tried-and-true principles of Agile software development, we can guarantee on-time delivery of high-quality technical services, make communication with clients easier, and ultimately increase sales and market share.

Comprehensive reports

DashDevs is a company that makes outstanding products for the United States, Europe and Asia, and makes sure that the whole process of making a new app is clear and consistent. Every month, we look at how the project is going and make changes as needed. We will also give you reports that are very detailed.

Fintech expertise

We have several US case studies of successful fintech solutions because we know a lot about the current industry standards, as well as the laws, regulations, and cutting-edge technology that surround the development of blockchain. We offer technical help, skilled execution, fast delivery, and service that never stops.

iOS Application Solutions
for Verticals

Ecommerce app

iOS development services could help e-commerce businesses a lot. Hire iPhone mobile app development company in USA and we’ll help your company increase sales, keep customers, build brand loyalty, and get the word out about itself.

Enterprise app

Use an enterprise-level app to improve productivity at work and in the business as a whole. With Big Data and analytics our custom iOS mobile app development services company in USA can create tools to do field employees’ jobs well, and the company as a whole can benefit from them.

Blockchain App

If you can develop iOS apps for iPhone that users like, you'll be ahead of the competition. Think about how securing your users' or customers' connections to the IoT will make them unable to find a better brand than yours.

Delivery app

Developing iOS apps for iPhone will give your customers tools with cutting-edge features, as well as geolocation, email communication, payment processing, and data analytics.

Healthcare app

DashDevs iOS mobile application development company can help your medical business to automate routine tasks through mobile app development. This is especially true since patients can get medical treatment and tools for self-monitoring from a distance.

Wallet app

Our custom iPhone app development services will help you accept payments from customers in-app, online, or at the register using a digital wallet that talks to the customer's bank account and stores the customer's debit and credit card information.

Real Estate apps

Having a professionally made iOS app for the real estate business could make it easier to buy, rent, sell, and lease homes and businesses.

Taxi apps

Our iPhone mobile application development company in USA develops apps with map APIs, payment gateways, and the ability to call from within the iOS app, on-demand taxi apps often have two separate apps for the Driver and the Passenger.

Streaming apps

Our media streaming iOS apps are built on strong infrastructures for handling media, and we guarantee that content will always be delivered.

Booking apps

To get and keep customers, booking services on Apple devices need to have a lot of features and be based on data. We provide app development for iOS to connect to different search engines and payment gateways.

Fintech app

In this age of fierce competition, our iOS app development experts use cutting-edge technology to make apps with a better user experience that help banks and other financial institutions keep their current customers and gain new ones.

Marketplace apps

Develop an iOS app for your marketplace business to bring together people who want to buy or sell with people who want to buy or sell.


We can make any kind of fitness app for iOS you can think of, from diet trackers to mobile games that encourage you to move around. Along with the system's main features, integrated health services, geolocation, website, and other things may work together.


If you need a travel app for iOS, our team can make you a custom one with detailed plans, up-to-date schedule information, user reviews, and a way to buy tickets.


Because insurance agents, patients, and doctors in the US and Europe are always talking to each other, it's important to develop an iPhone app for each stakeholder group.

Banking app

With the help of our custom iOS mobile application development services, you can create a successful case study for your business by giving your customers easy access to their accounts, transactions, investments, customer service, and content like promotions and news.

iOS App Development

Discovery Phase

Our iOS app development team from Ukraine discusses your product, gathers requirements, makes a schedule and rough designs, and plans how to work together in the future.

Business Analysis

Our studio's experts will make a list of all your needs, explain the project's scope and main business goals, and give you an estimate of how much it will cost and how long it will take.

UI/UX Design

DashDevs' designers will look at the industry and its competitors to make polished iOS app examples that stands out from the rest.

Architecture Design

Our iOS app development firm will choose the best architectural approach and technology stack (both for the backend and for mobile) to build the application's foundation.


During the iOS app development consulting and process, we use project management and quality assurance to make sure the end product is delivered on time and under budget.


When everything is ready, we send the app to production and then to the AppStore.


We offer a professional service to help keep the product up-to-date and add new features after it has been released.


Client Reviews

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Bahrain flag Bahrain
Project summary

Personal Financial Manager system for the GCC region. The system provides users with the ability to access and manage bank accounts from all open-banking integrated commercial banks as well as make payments and transfers through the Open Banking platform 24/7 using a mobile application.

Industry FINTECH
Team size 12 specialists
Duration 1 years
Budget $ 0.5M+
Technologies .NET Core / Kotlin / Swift / React / AWS

DashDevs delivered smoothly and on time with the app which continues to bring more value over time. Their profound fintech expertise and creative solutions added additional value.

CCO Tarabut Gateway — Alan Walsh avatar
CCO Tarabut Gateway — Alan Walsh LinkedIn
Bahrain flag Bahrain
UK flag UK
Project summary

Dozens app is a branchless financial institution that comes with a full line of banking products and services to help every individual: invest, manage, spend, and earn more efficiently and wisely. It's set to transform the global financial industry and make financial services transparent and affordable to everyone.

Industry FINTECH
Team size 65 specialists
Duration 2 years
Budget $ 4M+
Technologies .NET Core / Kotlin / Swift / React / AWS

From the very early days I was struck by DashDevs pragmatic approach of balancing between development and business needs. It's really rare to find a company that not only does tech for the sake of tech, but takes grounded decisions taking into account business considerations. We built together a pretty complicated platform with 40 vendors in less than 18 month. Dashdevs is much more than a technical agency, it gives you one team feeling.

CEO and founder of Dozens - Aritra Chakravarty avatar
CEO and founder of Dozens - Aritra Chakravarty LinkedIn
UK flag UK
Bahrain flag Bahrain
Project summary

Unique platform that allows to split large sovereign bonds into smaller units in order to lower the starting investment amount. Thus, INABLR enables individual investors to come into sovereign bond market, which is hardly achievable otherwise.

Industry FINTECH
Team size 15 specialists
Duration 6 month
Budget $ 400K
Technologies .NET / iOS / Swift / React.js

Our stakeholders and investors are fully satisfied with the platform DashDevs has built for us. The team was incredibly attentive to our expectations and requirements, which resulted in a completely functioning product ready for any market challenge.

CEO Inablr — Anver Jalaldeen avatar
CEO Inablr — Anver Jalaldeen
Bahrain flag Bahrain

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How Long to Develop an IPhone App?
The development cycle for the smallest app could be finished in two months, for the medium app in three to three and a half months, and for the biggest app in five to six months. All of these things are necessary: technical planning, user interface design, preparing the infrastructure, implementing features, integrating features, testing, and so on.
What are the benefits of customised fintech software for business owners?
Custom software development gives you the unique opportunity to get the functionality that fits the exact needs of your business. As a result, choosing this option decreases the cost of development and simultaneously increases your ROI, so the only thing you need is not to be in a hurry while creating the product.