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What is the true cost of neglecting the Discovery Phase?

Product discovery is a roadmap for business stability and online peogress. Without a clear roadmap, you risk navigating blind spots that could jeopardize your project's success. Opting for product discovery services means investing in a sturdy foundation for your project. DashDevs team specializes in identifying and addressing potential risks early on, enhancing efficiency, and driving down costs. By prioritizing this phase, we minimize delays and pave a smoother path toward achieving your objectives, ultimately saving you valuable time and resources in the long term.


of startups fail because their product is not demanded by the market


of project rework costs are consumed by finding and correcting errors in requirements


is the extent by which the average project exceeds the planned time


of projects will cost 189% of the initially estimated value


of projects will not be completed on time and within budget


of projects will be canceled before completion

When Product Discovery
is a must?

starting your business

Building a Product from Scratch

New Feature Development

Creating Innovative Products

Exploring New Markets

Clarifying Uncertain Goals

Venturing into New Industries

Navigating high Competition

Managing High-Risk Ventures

Solving Complex Challenges

managing Large-Scale Projects

Validating Product Ideas

Updating Existing Products

Solving customer pain points

Improving User Experience

Expanding Your Business Reach

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Product management lifecycle


The process begins by identifying a problem that needs solving and a solution worth creating. This step helps us grasp the purpose and significance of your product.



Next, we prioritize tasks based on their importance and create a plan. This involves developing a roadmap and ensuring that each team member understands their responsibilities and the desired outcome.



Once the plan is in place, we commence the product development phase. This includes QA testing to ensure optimal functionality and ongoing monitoring of its performance in the market.



After the product launch, we conduct a thorough analysis of its performance to guide decision-making for improvements. This process guarantees continuous refinement and results in a superior final product for your users.

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Level Up Your Strategy with DashDevs Discovery phase

Our team

overcome ChALLENGES with product discovery services

Invest in Product Discovery to build a solid foundation for your business


Manage Risk

We spot potential challenges early on, which lets us solve problems before they become big issues. This helps us keep risks low and make sure the project runs smoothly.


save Time and money

When we plan and research thoroughly upfront, it prevents the need for costly changes and delays later on. With Product Discovery, you can manage time and resources efficiently throughout the project.


create User-Centric Design

Create products people love. With Product Discovery, we avoid wasting resources on products that won't appeal to users. This phase helps us understand user desires and tailor products accordingly


Optimize Efficiency

Product discovery makes development easier by setting clear goals and efficient workflows. This helps us stay on track and lets your teams deliver great results quickly and effectively.


product discovery results

We perform sorrow research in discovery phase to mitigate feasibility, viability and desirability risks.

clear product vision
market validation

Product Discovery is a solid foundation for your project that shapes a clear product vision. Our collaborative efforts help to define your goals, objectives, and user needs, ensuring everyone is aligned on the project’s direction.

To mitigate risks and ensure market success, we validate your product’s potential by analyzing market trends, competition, and customer demand. This step guides your project toward a viable and lucrative market.

Minimize risks
Problem Validation

Product discovery identifies feasibility, viability and desirability risks early in the process. We analyze risks and develop strategies to mitigate them, ensuring a smoother path to project success and reducing costly setbacks.

We help you validate that the problem you aim to solve is significant and pressing for your target customers. This step prevents the development of solutions for non-existent or insignificant issues, saving time and resources.

Cost optimization

Product discovery provides the groundwork for accurate planning and estimation. With well-defined requirements and a clear roadmap, you can plan your project effectively, make informed decisions, and optimize costs throughout development.

Optimize your product launch with Dashdevs!

Product Discovery



DashDevs experts research to confirm the viability of your product idea and its place in the market. Our team validates assumptions to ensure that your product addresses a significant and pressing need for your target customers. Consequently, we guarantee your product will find a place in the market from the beginning.



At this stage, our experts ensure that there's genuine interest in your product and work collaboratively with you to shape its vision. They evaluate the market, understand customer preferences, and collect user feedback to refine your product concept, aligning it with your envisioned goals and objectives before moving forward with development.



By delving into market trends, industry dynamics, and market volume calculations, the PM assists you in understanding how the industry works, its growth potential, and the available opportunities for your product. This stage facilitates grasping the current state of affairs within the sector and identifying pathways to position your product effectively.



Our experts will assist you in studying competitors, their features, market positioning, target audience, and more. This valuable insight will enable you to learn from their strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to enter the market with a more refined product, increasing your chances of success.



User research helps understand the business, who your users are, and what they value. Persona development is a collaborative effort that ensures these personas are grounded in accurate data by identifying user characteristics from research. Relying on these personas, our team will further build the interface and marketing strategies.


Hypothesis validation

As we collect sufficient client data, we will naturally develop hypotheses. DashDevs' team records these ideas and then collaboratively refines and selects the most suitable ones with you. We validate all assumptions and hypotheses thoroughly, taking into account Business Analysis, UX, and IT Architecture perspectives. This step is crucial because a product built on unverified assumptions is likely to fail.


Product feasibility testing

Successful discoveries ensure that solution that client wants can be built with the available technologies. Our mission is to check if your idea can become reality. The experts determine whether it's technically possible and what steps are required to make it happen.



Our team creates a functional product prototype. It can be simple or complex as long as it demonstrates the core features effectively. This step is crucial for thorough hypothesis testing and improvement before committing significant resources. The prototype can be used for more sufficient fund raising.


Proof of concept creation

Proof-of-concept helps to prove that solution you want to build could actually be build. Development PoC helps to check the technical aspects and provides potential investors with reliable proof of product progress and feasibility. The prototype helps us to prove the concept works technically and identifies potential technical issues.


requirements gathering & prioritisation

We kickstart the requirements-gathering process with collaborative workshops, where we dive into your vision and goals. Then, we communicate with users to understand their needs, meticulously document requirements, prioritize them, and construct a comprehensive project roadmap to guide the development journey.


product design

At this stage, we offer different levels of detail depending on your needs, including low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity wireframes, and design systems tailored to your preferences. We use data, not guesses, to make design choices, aiming to create a user-centric design that provides a great experience.


technology assessment

A thorough assessment includes performance, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness evaluation. Based on this analysis, we suggest a technology stack tailored to your project's needs, encompassing frameworks, databases, etc. We also consider future growth, ensuring that the technologies seamlessly support scalability as your user base expands.


product architecture development

At DashDevs, we build a strong project foundation through product architecture development. Our flexible design supports growth and ensures long-term success. Efficiency, performance, and security are our priorities, guaranteeing seamless operation even during heavy usage. With us, your project is on solid ground for success.


estimation & roadmap creation

DashDevs offers project estimation and roadmap creation. We conduct thorough analyses, define project scope, and allocate resources efficiently. This results in a structured timeline that ensures your project progresses smoothly and meets its goals. Our process prevents scope creep, making your project efficient and successful.


strategic consulting

Our experienced consultants become an extension of your team, offering insights and expertise to ensure your project's success. The team identifies your business's key opportunities, challenges, and growth areas. We can act as technical consultants at pitches to investors, providing valuable insights and expertise to enhance your project's success.


Benefits of discovery phase

With DashDev's expert assistance during Product Discovery, you can ensure a smooth project journey, cost-effectiveness, and a reduced risk of unwanted outcomes.

scope of work & roadmap

A comprehensive roadmap ensures a faster project launch and helps you save resources, reducing costs along the way. You will have a strategic plan with well-defined project boundaries that won’t stretch the development timeline.

estimation & cost optimisation

The discovery phase enables cost savings down the road. You will enjoy saving in the long run. We examine all risks to assess profit potential and ensure revenue exceeds your expenses.

clear product requirements

Undefined requirements can trigger shifts in project direction and drive up expenses. With us, you will gain precise product requirements and minimize project shifts and costs, delivering value to your users.

tested hypothesis & lower risks

The hypothesis validation process potentially saves you money by preventing investment in an unwanted solution. It assists in timely decision pivots and pinpointing risks before they undermine a product or business.

Next stepS

When the product discovery is complete, an exciting journey lies ahead of you!

assemble a team of experts

After product discovery, we assemble an ideal team of designers, developers, and strategists tailored to your project's needs and aligned with your vision.

mvp creation & launch

After understanding the scope of work, it's time to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test your idea in the real world. We'll develop a simplified version of your product, launch it, and gather user feedback.

investment gathering

With a roadmap, cost estimates, and a validated proof of concept, you're well-prepared to seek funding to scale your project. We'll assist you in preparing a compelling pitch to find potential investors.

product development

You can proceed with full-scale product development with the MVP validated and investment secured. Our team will bring your concept to life, ensuring it meets user needs and market demands.

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Methods and Techniques
of product discovery

processes evaluation & optimization

function breakdown for clarity

Interface Assessment for usability

prototype creation

Understand clients with User Stories

market research

Generate creative Ideas

brainstorm & idea generation

Document Review & analysis

Focus Groups Feedback Gathering

Interviews with stakeholders

mind mapping to visualize concepts

Behavior Observation

modelling workflows for optimization

Collaborative Workshops

Usability Testing

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Product Discovery
Vision and Goals Setting

Together, we align your product's vision and objectives with your business goals for clear direction.

User Needs Identification

Our experts conduct in-depth analysis to understand your users' needs and effectively address their pain points

Market Analysis and Competitor Research

We conduct comprehensive market analysis and competitor research to gain insights into industry trends, competitor strategies, and market opportunities. This step helps make informed decisions and develop a competitive product for you.

Stakeholder Identification

We work closely with key stakeholders to understand their roles and interests, ensuring alignment and collaboration throughout the project. By involving stakeholders early on, we incorporate their input into the development process. The final result is the product that meets their expectations and needs.

Revenue Streams Understanding

Our team explores various revenue streams and business models to identify potential sources of income and establish a strategy for sustainable growth and profitability. Through this process, we help you diversify your revenue streams and optimize your business model to maximize profitability and long-term success.

Assessing Risks & Limitations

We carefully examine risks and limitations in the project and take proactive steps to reduce them. By tackling risks early, we minimize setbacks and delays, keeping the project on track and schedule.

Exploring Solution Options

DashDevs team engages in brainstorming sessions and explore multiple solution options to creatively address identified needs and challenges. Leveraging our expertise, we develop innovative solutions that meet your objectives and exceed your expectations

Feature Scope Definition

By defining the scope of features and functionalities based on user needs and business goals, we make sure that the product meets the most critical requirements, optimizing resources and maximizing value. As a result, you will receive a roadmap for developing a product that delivers exceptional user experiences and drives business success.

Optimize your product launch with Dashdevs!
What is the Product Discovery phase?
Product Discovery is the initial phase where we lay the groundwork for your project’s success. Think of it as the phase where we thoroughly investigate your idea, analyze market trends, understand your target audience, and determine the feasibility of your project. This phase helps us define the goals and scope of your project, ensuring that we’re on the right track from the very beginning. It’s like creating a detailed roadmap that guides us from idea to execution, ultimately setting the stage for a successful product launch.
Why is the Product Discovery phase important?
The Product Discovery phase is important because it helps your business avoid common pitfalls. Doing research on market demand at the beginning helps prevent the failure of 42% of startups that struggle due to low customer interest. It also saves costs by catching errors early, reducing 70-85% of rework expenses. Thorough planning during the Product Discovery phase prevents projects from exceeding time by 120% and costs by 189%. This phase ensures projects stay on track and within budget, minimizing the risk of cancellation, which is seen in 30% of cases.
What are the key goals of the Product Discovery phase?
In the Product Discovery phase, our main goals are to set clear project objectives, understand what users need, assess market demand, and outline the project’s scope. By achieving these goals, we ensure that the final product meets users’ needs and fits your business goals. Product Discovery is like laying the groundwork for your project. Without it, there would be a lack of clarity and direction, hindering the project’s success and your business growth.
How long does the Product Discovery phase typically take?
The duration of the Product Discovery phase can vary depending on actors like how complex the project is and how much details is required. On average, the Product Discovery phase typically takes anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months to complete. This phase is all about doing careful research and planning to make sure the project starts off on the right foot. Thus, the duration may vary based on the specific needs and requirements of each project.
What are the outputs of a Product Discovery?

The outputs of a Product Discovery phase include a variety of valuable insights and documents that serve as the foundation for the project. For example:

  1. Clear project objectives and goals.
  2. User personas.
  3. Market insights and competitor analysis.
  4. Prioritized list of key features.
  5. Project scope document.
  6. Risk assessment and mitigation strategies.
  7. Initial design concepts or prototypes.
  8. Project timeline or roadmap.
What does Product Discovery include?

Product Discovery services include:

  1. Market research and analysis.
  2. User research and persona development.
  3. Competitor analysis.
  4. Identification and prioritization of project goals and objectives.
  5. Defining the scope of the project.
  6. Risk assessment and mitigation strategies.
  7. Ideation and brainstorming sessions.
  8. Prototyping and wireframing.
  9. Stakeholder interviews and workshops.
  10. Creation of a project roadmap or timeline.
What is Product Discovery vs Delivery?
Product Discovery involves planning and understanding project goals and requirements, while Product Delivery focuses on building and delivering the product to users.
What happens after the Product Discovery phase?
After the Product Discovery phase, we transition into planning, execution, and evaluation. This involves prioritizing tasks, creating a roadmap, and immersing ourselves in product development. We conduct thorough testing and closely monitor the product’s market performance. Using this data, we make informed decisions to enhance the product, ensuring continuous refinement and delivering optimal value to your users.