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finding talent taking forever and slowing things down?

Simplify your IT recruitment challenges with DashDevs. We excel in recruitment services and can find talent for any type of business, from small startups to big enterprises.
Choose DashDevs to ensure a seamless hiring process from start to finish. Whether tech or non-tech roles, we've got you covered – saving you time and delivering top-notch talent for your project or company.


vacancy types coverage

Our team can fill almost 100% of diverse vacancy types. We always find the ones and meet a wide range of staffing needs across various industries and roles.


candidate assessment

Our recruiters carefully evaluate over 20 essential soft skills during interviews to ensure a thorough understanding of each candidate's capabilities and suitability for your team.


candidates accept our offers

We make the hiring process fast by carefully interviewing and selecting top-notch candidates. Our expertise ensures you receive skilled professionals perfectly suited for your needs.


of clients reccomend us

We have a strong history of positive reviews and successful cases, showing our dedication to finding the best talent for your projects.

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Services by DashDevs


Team augmentation

DashDevs seamlessly integrates additional professionals into your team through our outstaffing services, enhancing skills and project efficiency. With flexible time-based charges, we ensure a customized approach, while our IT job recruiter guarantees the right fit for your project needs.


Talent Aquisition

We help you discover skilled individuals efficiently and affordably. Our IT recruiter specialists utilize their extensive networks to uncover and connect you with high-caliber talent nationwide, all while allowing you to maintain control over the interview proceedings.


Candidate Assessment

Our company streamlines the IT recruiting process, allowing recruiters to assess numerous candidates within minutes, devoid of visual biases. It marks a shift from struggling to fill positions to building a robust talent pipeline, ensuring efficiency in your recruitment endeavors.



Supervise and manage each new team member or role throughout the entire hiring journey, extending from the complete onboarding process and beyond. Leverage the comprehensive capabilities of DashDev's IT recruitment agency by customizing the integration stages according to your specific strategy.


market analysis

We collaborate to discern your recruitment objectives and strategies, providing essential data for informed decision-making. Our technology recruiters specialize in translating market analysis into actionable recruitment strategies to empower your processes to efficiently connect with top-tier talent.


technical screening

DashDevs it recruiters take the hassle out of organizing and conducting interviews, allowing your team to focus on quickly reviewing and comparing candidates' responses. This ensures a swift response and streamlined selection of the most promising individuals.


Recruting Consulting

Our experienced IT recruiting agency is ready to assess your existing recruitment program and provide guidance on addressing any shortcomings. Whether you're building a new recruitment framework or improving an inefficient process, we offer valuable advice to enhance your approach.


Why Choose DashDevs
it recruitment services

Our IT headhunters guide your success in hiring top talents!

Extensive Talent Pool

DashDevs offers a vast and diverse candidate pool, ensuring that our clients have access to top-tier professionals with the precise skills and expertise needed for their unique requirements. Moreover, our IT recruiters specialize in identifying experts who deliver exceptional performance at competitive rates

Agile and Personalized Approach

Our IT recruiter agency is characterized by a nimble and personalized approach. Dedicated account managers tailor strategies to seamlessly integrate with our clients' day-to-day operations, providing an efficient and flexible workflow. We pride ourselves on finding reliable experts who align perfectly with our clients' needs.

Speed and Efficiency

DashDevs is synonymous with high-speed IT job recruiters capabilities, ensuring swift and effective results from the initial stages of a vacancy to the entire recruitment process. Our procedures save valuable time for our clients, offering a quick turnaround without compromising quality.

Versatility Across Business Types

Whether a small startup or a large enterprise, DashDevs is your strategic partner for talent acquisition. Our IT recruiting company is tailored to cater to businesses of all sizes, providing customized solutions to support growth plans efficiently. We excel in finding talents for any type of business, ensuring a perfect match for your unique organizational needs.

it recruitment services:
Diverse Expertise



We search for candidates who not only boast technical prowess but also understanding of the continuously evolving trends in the marketing domain.



DashDevs helps to identify and securing highly skilled developers to ensure that your projects are in the hands of proficient and innovative coding experts.



We bringing in creative minds capable of translating visions into visually compelling and user-friendly digital experiences.


Operational Efficiency

We specialize in sourcing individuals who can optimize operations, streamlining processes, and enhancing overall efficiency within your IT infrastructure.


Tech Support

Only candidates who excel in providing timely and effective technical assistance and nothing less. Trust one of the best tech recruiting firms.



We connect you with IT professionals who possess a deep understanding of financial systems, regulations, and technology.



DashDevs experts can identify individuals who can bridge the gap, ensuring compliance and seamless integration.


Human Resources

Our recruitment services cater to finding individuals who understand both HR practices and the technological tools that support them.



Our team of recruiters focus on identifying experts who can fortify your defenses against evolving cyber threats.


Data Science

We connect you with professionals who possess the analytical skills and expertise to derive actionable insights from complex datasets.


Quality Assurance

Our tech recruiting agency sources individuals with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality software solutions.

Section background Section background

TechnologY stack
we can help hire for

typescript TypeScript
angular Angular
javascript Javascript
vue Vue.js
react React
gatsby Gatsby
hugo Hugo
dot-net .Net
java Java
python Python
js Node.js
docker Docker
terraform Terraform
swift Swift
apple Objective-C
kotlin Kotlin
c-plusplus C++
dart Dart
html5 HTML5
css CSS
react React Native
flutter Flutter
microsoft-windows Microsoft Azure
ibm-cloud IBM cloud
heroku Heroku
postgresql-outline PostgreSQL
mysql-outline MySQL
redis-outline Redis
elasticsearch Elasticsearch
rabbitmq RabbitMQ
aws-2 AWS
azure Azure
google-cloud Google Cloud
kubernetes Kubernetes

Our clients

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Exploring the Vacancy

Our IT employment agency initiates an online meeting to delve into mutual expectations and intricacies of the vacancy. Collaboratively, we construct a comprehensive application for candidate selection.

Requirement Analysis

We conduct in-depth examination of your hiring needs to define essential skills, and understanding the intricacies of the role.

Market and Budget Assessment

At this step we do a comprehensive analysis of the current market trends and budget considerations to align recruitment strategies with your financial goals.

Crafting Market Offerings

Conducting a thorough market analysis, we curate an enticing package for potential candidates, encompassing remuneration details, hiring terms, and benefits. This proposal is meticulously coordinated with the client for alignment.

Launching the Search

Here we formalize the collaboration through a detailed contract and activate our extensive internal database, housing over 10,000 IT specialists. Simultaneously, we harness external sources like LinkedIn, Djinni, GitHub, Stackoverflow, and DOU. Additionally, we engage with the broader IT recruiting community locally and internationally.

Interview with HR

The first interaction involves our HR team getting to know the candidate, acquainting them with the projects, providing details about the vacancy, timelines, and other relevant information. At this step, we also assessing candidates' cultural fit, interpersonal skills, and overall compatibility with the organizational environment.

Optional: Software Interviews

For a preliminary assessment, we conduct software-based interviews to evaluate candidates' technical skills. This step is optional, depending on the specific requirements of the role.

Optional: Technical Interviews

Optionally, we arrange in-depth technical interviews conducted by our specialists to ensure a thorough evaluation of the candidates' specialized skills and expertise.

Client-Candidate Interviews

We introduce a candidate to ensure they align with the top talent you seek. After collating valuable feedback, we swiftly communicate it to you for further consideration.

Vacancy Refinement

Iterative refinement of the vacancy description based on feedback, market insights, and ongoing collaboration with you to enhance the candidate pool (optional).

Candidate Feedback

If needed, we coordinate the test task, ensuring clarity and understanding. Once completed by the candidate, we provide you with the results for your review.

Job Offer Process

Finalizing the process, we discuss the candidate's start date and issue an invoice for 50% of the service payment, with the remainder due after the successful trial period. In the event of professional inconsistencies during the initial two months, we actively search for a replacement without additional cost.


What is the Meaning of IT Recruiting?

IT recruiting, or Information Technology recruiting, is the process of identifying, attracting, and hiring individuals with the skills and expertise required for positions within Information Technology. IT recruiters specialize in understanding the unique demands of the IT industry, sourcing qualified candidates, and ensuring a seamless match between the candidate’s skills and the company’s needs.

What Do Recruiting Services Do?

Recruiting services are crucial in helping organizations find and hire the right talent. Specifically, IT recruiting services focus on sourcing, screening, and presenting candidates with specialized skills in information technology. These services streamline the hiring process, saving time and resources for companies while ensuring they secure the most qualified professionals for their IT positions.

Are IT Recruiters Worth It?

Absolutely. IT recruiters bring specialized knowledge of the technology industry, a vast network of potential candidates, and expertise in identifying the right skills for specific roles. By partnering with IT recruiters, companies can efficiently navigate the competitive IT job market, access a broader talent pool, and ultimately make well-informed hiring decisions that align with their business goals.

What is the Difference Between IT Recruiter and Technical Recruiter?

While both roles involve recruiting for technical positions, there is a subtle difference. An IT recruiter primarily focuses on Information Technology roles, including software development, system administration, cybersecurity, and more. On the other hand, a technical recruiter may have a broader scope, encompassing roles beyond IT, such as engineering or manufacturing. Choosing between the two depends on the specific technical needs of the hiring company.

What are the Stages of Recruitment?

The recruitment process typically involves several key stages:
1. Job Analysis: Define the job role, responsibilities, and qualifications.
2. Sourcing: Identify and attract potential candidates through various channels.
3. Screening: Evaluate resumes and applications to shortlist qualified candidates.
4. Interviewing: Conduct interviews to assess skills, experience, and cultural fit.
5. Selection: Choose the most suitable candidate and extend a job offer.
6. Onboarding: Welcome and integrate the new hire into the organization.
These stages may vary slightly depending on the company’s specific requirements, but they generally form the foundation of an effective recruitment process.