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Research & Development Services

In today’s world dominated by changes, success depends on how well you sway the disruption in your favor. To stay agile and relevant, you need to keep your core business running, all while discovering, investing, and applying the new.

DashDevs offers end-to-end Research and Development (R&D) services to support your software project during the conceptual and execution phases by investigating its feasibility, scalability, and marketability. We help you mitigate risks associated with innovation and operate confidently and quickly, shaping the industry future.


In-Depth Market Research

Gain insight into market performance and growth opportunities to create an application based on actual wants and needs of your potential users. We help you define a unique selling point, deliver disruptive apps, and enhance existing software portfolio to give you a competitive advantage.


Competitor Analysis Services

Identify your competitors, know their weaknesses and strengths, determine their customers’ pain points, and upgrade your product accordingly to eat their lunch. We support you with thorough competitor research and benchmarking to unveil new possibilities and ensure better targeting.


Software Product Definition

We work closely with you to bridge the gap between your business goals and technical feasibility. Except for the results that your app is expected to provide, we take into account use case scenarios, key functionality, as well as implicit risks to bring consistency and help you and your engineering team act confidently and quickly.


Software Development Strategy

We use proven tools and methodologies to create an end-to-end application strategy and help you get results faster. Partner with DashDevs to elicit and eliminate potential tech bottlenecks, gain maximum process transparency, accelerate time-to-market, and thus avoid unnecessary costs.


Proof of Concept Development

Reduce risks and uncertainty by validating the idea before you make a great investment. Hire our R&D team to verify even the most complex concepts, utilize early adopters’ usage data to refine the product, streamline the future development process, and minimize your financial exposure.


Product Architecture Design

Our software architecture services assist you with delivering a solid technology foundation to fuel performance and scalability. We apply long experience and trusted techniques to ensure easy maintenance, rapid adaptability, and seamless integration of your product with new IT capabilities.


Vendor Evaluation

Our team adopts a vendor-neutral approach to ensure that the selected provider will meet and fulfill your business needs. With our holistic vendor assessment and evaluation services, we help you make informed decisions faster, improve the security of IT products, and make the right choice amidst current market diversity.


Vendor Selection by Business Needs

DashDevs conducts a rigorous vendor audit with due regard to your business- and project-specific requirements, as well as our selection criteria, to ensure unbiased and cost-efficient decisions. We make sure that the selected solutions align with your culture and support strategic objectives — today and tomorrow.


Software Project Implementation

We cover product lifecycle from start to successful release and further inclusive support. We take over full responsibility for technical implementation, leveraging best-in-class engineering tools, proven methodologies, and collaboration frameworks. Our team possesses all the necessary expertise and skills for you to build reliable and successful software assets.

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