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Staff Augmentation Services by DashDevs: experts focused on achieving results

DashDevs transforms staff augmentation, providing a cost-effective solution for the swift integration of industry experts. Save on recruitment challenges, benefits, and taxes while accessing our professionals. You can choose an expert from any field among our 10 diverse industries. Elevate your projects with our streamlined IT staff augmentation services.

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13 years experience
80+ delivered apps
200+ experts

staff augmentation
services we provide


dedicated team

Discover IT staffing augmentation with skilled professionals precisely tailored to your project, whether it's a single expert or an entire team. Experience their commitment and expertise seamlessly integrated into your distinctive development endeavors.


Web Development

Enhance your team with experts tailored to your unique web development needs. With staff augmentation solutions, you can achieve responsive, fast-loading sites that match your project's distinct requirements.


Mobile Development

Augment your team with software development staffing in crafting intuitive, robust mobile apps. Whether for iOS, Android, or cross-platform, we provide experts aligned with your project's specific goals.


Seamless Vendor Transition

Our staff augmentation company ensures effortless transition to a new technology provider. We facilitate a smooth handover mid-project, ensuring continuity and success in your development journey.


Software Architecture

Craft adaptable software architectures for sustainable growth. Our experts, aligned with technology staff augmentation principles, tailor solutions to your unique project needs.


User Experience Design

Ensure user satisfaction and loyalty through your UX design with DashDevs IT team augmentation services. Our experts are ready to meet your specific project requirements and work for results.


Immediate Short-Term Hiring

Address urgent tech talent needs swiftly. Access our ready-to-deploy teams or tap into our pool of top talent, capable of taking on tasks within a week.


High Tech Consulting

Access seasoned consultants from one of the best It staff augmentation companies. Navigate the tech market, making informed decisions tailored to your project needs with DashDevs experienced professionals.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Optimize operations with DashDevs IT staff augmentation company. We provide you with RPA experts who are the extension of your team to help you automate tasks for unparalleled efficiency in your unique workflows.


Long-Term Extended Collaboration

We provide tailored recruitment for stable collaboration. Secure a developer with the required skills. Supervise tasks while we manage the rest, ensuring seamless project progression.


Support and Maintenance

Partner with us for comprehensive IT resource augmentation services support to keep your software updated and bug-free. Our staff augmentation model ensures dedicated experts focus on your project's unique requirements.


team boost

Augment your existing team to ensure timely project delivery with added expertise. Utilize our IT staff augmentation service for tailored skill sets meeting diverse business needs.


SaaS Development

Our staff augmentation service and model provide end-to-end SaaS development solutions from ideation to launch. Ensure scalability, security, and user-centricity for your software with our dedicated experts.


Cloud & DevOps Services

When choosing among staff augmentation companies, embrace collaborative DevOps practices with our experts, functioning seamlessly as an extension of your team through staff augmentation. Ensure rapid, reliable software releases in line with your project goals.


Quality Assurance

Our QA specialists, following the staff augmentation process, can quickly join your team to meticulously test for functionality, compatibility, performance, and security. Guarantee a flawless user experience tailored to your unique software needs.


find out what fits you best: outsource vs outstaff?

DashDevs offers both outsourcing and outstaffing services. Each model comes with unique advantages, but the decision should be guided by your project's specific requirements and characteristics.




OutsourcingBest for situations where you require a full team of experts working on a project from idea to launch. Assign all tasks to a software agency for optimal results.

OutstaffingIdeal when you already have a team but require extra professionals for a short/ extended period to enhance skills or capacity and complete tasks efficiently.


OutsourcingThe work period is set from the beginning with a specific end date. Collaboration can end once the project is completed and the product is launched.

OutstaffingThis approach allows for both long and short-term commitments, as outstaffing professionals become part of your team indefinitely, enabling direct collaboration as needed.


OutsourcingYou don’t have to control the working process, as your outsourcing team manages it independently. You have full access to the processes and progress at a higher level.

OutstaffingYou can directly manage the software agency staff, whether it’s one person or more. You assign tasks and oversee their work, similar to managing your own employees.


OutsourcingCosts are determined by the project scope, tasks to be completed, and the level of expertise required. If changes arise, the budget might need to be reassessed.

OutstaffingInvolves time-based charges, such as hourly or monthly rates, and expenses can be adjusted based on how long you need the additional staff. It’s akin to managing an internal team but with a bit more flexibility.


No matter your industry, DashDevs is ready to navigate its unique challenges and deliver remarkable software solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Building robust platforms that prioritize security, efficiency, and user experience, ensuring seamless financial transactions and operations.

Crafting engaging digital platforms that captivate audiences, from streaming services to interactive media applications.

travel & hospitality
healthcare & fitness

From hotel booking platforms to virtual tour applications, we deliver tools that drive efficiency and elevate guest satisfaction.

Crafting compliant, secure, and user-friendly applications to streamline medical processes and patient care.


We understand the unique challenges faced by startups and offer solutions that boost growth, streamline operations, and ensure market relevance.

our development process


Requirement gathering and analysis

Every successful project begins with understanding. We dive deep into your needs, expectations, and goals. By meticulously gathering and analyzing requirements, we ensure a roadmap that's aligned with your vision.


Design (system and software)

Beyond aesthetics – it's about functionality and efficiency. Our team crafts both system and software designs that are user-centric, ensuring a perfect blend of visual appeal and operational excellence.



Where ideas meet reality. With a robust strategy in place, our experts delve into coding, utilizing the latest technologies and methodologies. We ensure your software is built to the highest standards, ready to meet the demands of the real world.


Quality Assurance

No stone goes unturned. Rigorous testing ensures that every feature and function operates flawlessly. From unit tests to integration checks, we guarantee software that's ready for prime time.



Bringing your software to the world. Once thoroughly tested, we streamline the deployment process, ensuring your software seamlessly integrates with existing systems and is accessible to your users.



Your journey with us doesn’t end post-deployment. We stand by you, offering comprehensive maintenance services. From periodic updates to performance optimization and addressing any potential issues, we've got you covered.

Our cases

Pi-1 mobile app screen
Pi-1 is Award-Winning white label cloud platform
iOL Pay desktop payment methods screen
iOL Pay is Global hospitality payment solution supporting 250+ payment methods
iWTX desktop main page
Illusions World Travel eXchange (iWTX) is leading hospitality marketplace
MuchBetter mobile payment app interface
MuchBetter is a revolutionary award-winning Industry-leading e-wallet & payment app
TMZ mobile app screen
one of the leading news websites in the US
Keen mobile app screen
User-friendly and Responsive Life-Style Mobile App
Fitgrid mobile app screen
FitGrid is all-new fitness software that helps fitness studio owners
Downing mobile app screen
Downing is a Successful Investment Management Platform Focused On Creating Sustainable Future
Chip mobile app screen
Transforming Saving and Investment with Cutting-Edge CHIP Technology
Tarabut mobile app screen
Tarabut is MENA’s first regulated Open Banking platform
Aspiration mobile app screen
Aspiration is a comprehensive green solution banking app
Inablr mobile app screen
Innovative investment platform for sovereign bonds trading
Vlorish mobile app screen
Vlorish is all in one B2B2C Budgeting Solution for the Digital Economy
Hunkenmuller mobile app screen
The Application that Redefines Intimate Wear Shopping
NDA mobile app screen
Prime Athletic Platform: evaluate. Develop. perform.
Cameo mobile app screen
Application that turn every user into mobile video editing wizard

Our clients review

Client Success

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UK flag UK
Project summary

Pi-1 app is a neobank that sets to transform the global financial industry and make financial services transparent and affordable to everyone. It comes with a full line of banking products and services to help every individual: invest, manage, spend, and earn more efficiently and wisely.

Industry FINTECH
Team size 65 specialists
Duration 2 years
Budget $ 4M+
Technologies .NET Core / Kotlin / Swift / React / AWS
Aritra Chakravarty photo
Aritra Chakravarty photo

Aritra Chakravarty

CEO and founder Pi-1 Linkedin


Rate Stars

From the very early days I was struck by DashDevs pragmatic approach of balancing between development and business needs. It’s really rare to find a company that not only does tech for the sake of tech, but takes grounded decisions taking into account business considerations. We built together a pretty complicated platform with 40 vendors in less than 18 month.

Aritra Chakravarty

CEO and founder Pi-1 Linkedin
Bahrain flag Bahrain
Project summary

Personal Financial Manager system for the GCC region. The system provides users with the ability to access and manage bank accounts from all open-banking integrated commercial banks as well as make payments and transfers through the Open Banking platform 24/7 using a mobile application.

Industry FINTECH
Team size 12 specialists
Duration 1 years
Budget $ 0.5M
Technologies .NET Core / Kotlin / Swift / React / AWS
Alan Walsh photo
Alan Walsh photo

Alan Walsh

CCO Tarabut Linkedin


Rate Stars

DashDevs delivered smoothly and on time with the app which continues to bring more value over time. Their profound fintech expertise and creative solutions added additional value.

Alan Walsh

CCO Tarabut Linkedin
UK flag UK
Project summary

MuchBetter is a revolutionary award-winning payment app. Industry-leading e-wallet lets store, send and receive money securely and quickly. It is the preferred payment app of global gaming sites, providing an alternative to wallets like Neteller, Skrill, Entropay and Ecopayz.

Industry FINTECH
Team size 6 specialists
Duration 6 months
Budget $ 100K
Technologies Java / Google Cloud
Israel Rosenthal photo
Israel Rosenthal photo

Israel Rosenthal

CEO MuchBetter


Rate Stars

DashDevs has shown profound expertise in the field through their workers. Their outstaffing services proved a great tool for quick team augmentation. Each detail was handled precisely and professionally, enabling us to stay focused on other things.

Israel Rosenthal

CEO MuchBetter
Bahrain flag Bahrain
Project summary

Unique platform that allows to split large sovereign bonds into smaller units in order to lower the starting investment amount. Thus, INABLR enables individual investors to come into sovereign bond market, which is hardly achievable otherwise.

Industry FINTECH
Team size 15 specialists
Duration 6 month
Budget $ 400K
Technologies .NET / iOS / Swift / React.js
Anver Jalaldeen photo
Anver Jalaldeen photo

Anver Jalaldeen

CEO Inablr


Rate Stars

Our stakeholders and investors are fully satisfied with the platform DashDevs has built for us. The team was incredibly attentive to our expectations and requirements, which resulted in a completely functioning product ready for any market challenge.

Anver Jalaldeen

CEO Inablr
Turn your business idea into reality with DashDevs' outsource!

Why You should develop app
with DashDevs

Enhanced Flexibility

We foster direct communication, ensuring seamless project integration. Hire IT staff augmentation experts for specific tasks or ongoing projects without strict time constraints.

Access to the Top IT Talents

With 13 years of industry expertise and a vast talent pool, we provide experts at all levels. Build skilled staff augmentation teams—from junior to manager—covering roles from engineers to business analysts.

Cost-Effective Results

Pay for outcomes, not hours. Reduce expenses by eliminating office, equipment, and tax costs. Invest in IT augmentation services that add maximum value to your company.

Transparent Collaboration

In long/short term staff augmentation projects, we document all work, meet your requirements, and maintain control using corporate management tools for a transparent and attentive partnership.

Technologies We offer
Web Applications & API Development
python Python
js Node.js
net-core .Net & .Net Core
dot-net .Net
Frontend Development
angular Angular
react React
html5 HTML5
css CSS
Native Mobile Applications Development
ios iOS
android-w Android
swift Swift
apple Objective-C
kotlin Kotlin
java Java
Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development
xamarin Xamarin
react React Native
flutter Flutter
Development Tools
gitlab GitLab
jenkins Jenkins
teamcity TeamCity
kubernetes Kubernetes
docker Docker
ansible Ansible
terraform Terraform
mysql-outline MySQL
postgresql-outline PostgreSQL
mongoDB MongoDB
elasticsearch Elasticsearch
Cloud Providers
google-cloud Google Cloud
ibm-cloud IBM cloud
microsoft-windows Microsoft Azure
heroku Heroku


What is IT Staff Augmentation?
IT staff augmentation is a flexible outsourcing strategy. DashDevs provides skilled experts to seamlessly integrate into your team, enhancing your capabilities for specific projects or tasks.
What is the Staffing Model?
The staffing model at DashDevs is a client-centric approach. As one of the top IT staff augmentation companies, we offer a tailored solution, providing experts with the right skills and experience to meet your unique project requirements.
Can You Provide an Example of Staff Augmentation?
Certainly! Imagine needing an experienced mobile app developer for a short-term project. With our staff augmentation service, you can swiftly integrate a skilled professional into your team to meet the project’s demands. This model of collaboration can be applied to any kind of expert. We can provide you with a recruiter, designer, QA, frontend/backend engineer, and anyone else you may need for your project.
How Does Staff Augmentation Differ from Consulting?
Staff augmentation focuses on resource provision, offering skilled experts for your team. Consulting, on the other hand, provides advice and guidance. DashDevs excels in both team augmentation services and consulting services, tailoring solutions to your needs.
Why Do Companies Opt for Staff Augmentation?
Companies choose staff augmentation for flexibility and efficiency. DashDevs, a reliable partner and a trusted staff augmentation company in USA, allows you to scale your team as needed, minimizing recruitment hassles and providing immediate access to specialized expertise for your projects.