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IT Team Augmentation

Overcome the global shortage of tech talent and obtain the required skills and expertise just within a few weeks. With our IT staff augmentation services, you save time on recruiting and avoid the stress associated with interviewing, onboarding, work-bench setup, administration, motivation, and professional growth. With all that and even more — we have you covered.

Scale your engineering capacity, when needed with software experts, dedicated teams, or R&D center exclusively focused on your project. Retain full control over the application lifecycle, all while taking advantage of the facilitated management, transparent communication, and rapid time-to-market.

Skill Assessment

The DashDevs team has the experience to assess the suitability of candidates for the roles during the pre-employment stage. We exclude the least-competent applicants and collect a well-qualified pool to help you make better hires, reduce the attrition rate, and ensure better predictability.

Profile Matching

Skip time-consuming and costly training process, hiring engineers with the core competencies and unique skills vital for your industry and project role. We match your goals and expectations with the right people to ensure a prompt start, smooth operations, and faster implementation

Tech Interviews

Our team holds exhaustive technical interviews that drive top-level hires for innovative small and medium-sized companies. We encourage you to achieve hiring goals and easily bridge any skills gaps within your team, all while focusing on more revenue-generating tasks.

Dedicated Team Setup

Partner with DashDevs to get access to top engineering resources and gain a solid competitive advantage. We hire the best applicants to our internal team to develop their expertise, share knowledge, and bring them to your project, all while eliminating resourcing risks, cutting expenses and saving your time significantly.

Numbers We Are Proud Of

500+ Successfully delivered projects
9 Years, clients work with us
2 Weeks to staff your project